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My Favourite Autumn Dress!

french connection berrie dress Hurrah! The first Autumn post of this year! I’m probably jumping the gun and we’ll have some massive late heat-wave, but do you know what? I don’t care! I’m over summer and it’s crappy will-I-won’t-I attitude. Thinking that we should be grateful when it deigns to smile some sunshine down on us for ten minutes. No thank-you British Summertime! Sod off and let Autumn-Winter claim its rightful place. At least we can expect the worst with AW and pack an extra cardie in our bags!

Here’s my favourite Autumn dress – or should I say, summer to autumn transitional dress. Because it looks great with bare legs, but it’s going to look even better with black tights and a pair of killer boots! The above photo is poor, so here’s another one of even worse quality – sorry, I only paid about £470 for my iPhone so it would be too much to expect it to actually perform as a camera. I mean, it barely works as a phone, so asking it to take a clear picture is tantamount to asking for a miracle.

french connection berrie dress

I’ll tell you though, this dress is going to get a lot of wear – and considering that it was £67, I’m pretty pleased. I love the ‘kimono’ style of it, but it’s so easy to wear – there are no wrap-around bits, no zips or straps, you just pull it on and wear it. Try not to get the back caught in your pants (that’s this week’s top tip) but apart from that, it’s all plain-sailing. Oh – try not to bend over, either – I went to put my shoes on and Mr AMR very nearly choked to death on his cornflakes! On that note, I shall leave you to peruse French Connection, for that is where I bought it!

Berrie Jersey Dress, £67 from French Connection here: http://tidd.ly/3aeaa19a


  1. I love this type of dresses both summer and winter wearable:)

  2. I have that … err… dress, too. But I’d rather think of it as of a top or tunic, because it definitely won’t get an outing without a pair of trousers to keep it company. Since my upper body is quite long, this piece doesn’t even cover my bum properly :-)

    So, I absolutely see why you don’t like to bend over wearing it. Also, I find that sizing is on the small side, at least in the shoulders. I’m usually a 10 and had to size up. Littlewoods does still carry it, btw.

  3. I bought the dress and is gorgeous!! thank you.

    I have been looking for ‘easy slip-on dress’ for work which is not too wide or low at the neck, not too long (I am only 5 foot 2), and not too tight… And this is perfect.

    Please please please if you see more of these, post them so I don’t have to keep hunting for them every 5 mins.

  4. It looks SO cute! I really like it!


  5. I absolutely just adore you and your website and reviews. You make me laugh, and want everything you recommend. Keep up the great work you inspire us all and your reviews are very “real” and sometimes quite funny.

  6. I LOVE the dress! Very useful post too! I always get desperate in between seasons and don’t know what to wear so a dress like this one is definitely on my shopping list now!

  7. it looks lovely on you :) xox

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