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Dr Perricone’s SUPER Skincare

Dr Perricone's SUPER Skincare I am outrageously excited by new skincare range SUPER, which launched in the UK this week. It’s a diffusion line from longtime skin guru Dr Perricone, who is known for looking after the faces of Hollywood’s finest. His primary range (called Perricone MD) is pretty pricey, and though it’s packed full of amazing antioxidants and super-anti-ageing whatnots I have never got along with it. It smells, rather strongly, I think, of fish. In the name of research, I have tried to persevere with the products, but I simply can’t get past the smell!

So imagine my delight when I heard that Perricone had introduced a younger, cheaper, nice-smelling alternative! The range is called SUPER and it’s already a bit of a hit stateside. “Inspired by nature, backed by science” the range aims to be as natural as possible whilst remaining effective and results-driven. Perricone has tried to avoid the inclusion of controversial chemicals and instead pack the formulas with high concentrations of ‘superfood-derived’ antioxidants.

I’m seeing great things for this range; even on appearance alone I love it more than the original line! I have a few things to test out and so I’ll be reporting back with my findings, but I can tell you that the ‘Hyper Hydrator’ (made with coconut water) feels and smells amazing, and I already know that the ‘Sun Kissed’ Tinted Moisturiser is going to be a favourite!

The SUPER range is priced from £14-£37 and is available at Boots online here: http://tidd.ly/c42dbf92 and larger Boots stores.

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  1. These sound really good! As i was reading through for some reason i kept thinking this is good but it’ll probably just be a semi expensive counterpart to a super expensive range and then i saw that it ranges for 14 – 37 and i was pleasantly surprisef! I think im going to try some of this stuff out! X

  2. Let me at it, let me at it…

    I have disliked products from Dr Perricone’s range but these sound lovely.

    Can’t wait to read your review of the tinted moisturiser.

    Sarah x

  3. Thanks for this Ruth, I had not tried any Perricone products being a bit on the extortionate side for me, but I did do his 3 day skin diet which was very successful and enjoyable although one needs to be a fan of salmon! Glad that there is a range a bit more affordable and more easily available.

  4. These sound lovely, I need a new skin cleanser I may have to try one from this range!


  5. Obsessed as I am by shiny new skin care products that promise amazing and magical things..I have been waiting…and waiting for Boots to announce when Super would be in stores…and they didn’t- I saw something vague in ES magazine, but nothing else- so thankyou for the link!…
    now I have to get down to Boots pronto…

  6. I’ve been eyeing this line so I can’t wait to hear some reviews from you. Yay!

  7. Ruth I’m so glad you’re talking about this as I am so intrigued by the line! I have researched/read reviews on the products as well as trying several things out in store but don’t know which product I should jump in and buy first. Can’t wait to hear more feedback from you!


  8. Oh, I haven’t really took any notice of this brand before. Sounds interesting. Will look forward to your reviews.

  9. DMAE is responsible for the fishy whiff – provides rapid lift and tightening of skin xx

  10. Hee hee, is anyone else chuckling childishly at the thought of super Hollywood celeb types faces smelling of fish?

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