Liberty: The Ultimate Beauty Gift

Liberty: The Ultimate Beauty Gift Oh-ho-ho. This is how you do a ‘gift with purchase’! Granted, you have to spend over £90 on beauty – not ideal – but if you were thinking of buying your Christmas pressies early, then it’s something to consider! You’ll have a nice little ‘reward’ for your organised, conscientious spending!



  1. Ugh. It seems that this now an in-store purchase only?! Well, now, that is just what I get for being just a wee bit behind on Ruth’s posts. ! LOL!

  2. I just tried to order, but it seems their stock is already empty….buuuh buuuh

  3. I couldn’t resist this, so happy to have lots of new products to try. Also, I ordered on Wednesday and it arrived on Thursday which I was impressed by.

    • @Becky JEALOUS!!!!! I might have to cave in. I want that makeup bag despite the fact I have about a zillion already! Oh, the pull of the Gift with Purchase…

  4. 25 quid to deliver overseas? How heavy is foundation these days?

  5. Liberty did something similar last year.

    I divided mine between my two sisters and they made lovely little stocking fillers to supplement the main gifts.

    Sarah x

  6. OOH I LIKE THIS! I’m always buying makeup like a crazy person so I might as well get it from LIBERTY and get all that fabulosity as well! That’s quite a hefty gift with purchase too!

  7. That is indeed a great GWP. Come to think of it, even if you did go to Liberty just to get the usual stuff you get – foundation, concealer, etc..regular “supplies”, they might add up to 90 quid.

    You guys are so lucky to have stores like these. My one visit to Liberty left me smiling the whole day.