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My Summer Wedding Outfit

My Summer Wedding Outfit I got some photos back from my sister’s wedding in August and so thought I’d show you what I wore, specifically the Catherine Malandrino dress that I bought way back in May. Unbelievably, they still have them on The Outnet reduced from £380 to £152. I’m considering going back for a black version simply because the dress is so comfortable yet chic! It’s knitted with a nude-coloured full lining and the back has a sexy little cut-out. You can still just about wear a bra so long as the back of the bra doesn’t sit too low.

PS: it looks as though I have a little pot-belly going on, but I think it was the way the camera caught me. Honest guv. Other items shown in picture: Idina nude heels (I reviewed them here) which are my absolute favourite ever shoes; a brilliant jacket from Zara which is screwed up in my hand (!) and a little handbag from Gucci that I bought back in 2003 and have used about three times. Hair is by Aveda – what a beautiful job they did! Aveda Institute had its tenth birthday last week, by the way, a great bash with free manicures and lots of men banging big drums. That’s where I got my OPI Over-the-Taupe nails done – they’re still going strong, haven’t even chipped!

Catherine Malandrino Pointelle-Knit Dress, £152 from The Outnet here: MALANDRINO DRESS


  1. You look gorgeous ! Love the dress and your hair is amazing !! (mine is totally destroyed after many discolorations ! )

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but it’s the first time i leave a comment :)

    I wanted to ask you, even it’s it’s not the right place to do it: looks like you like Pai skincare products a lot ?
    But i was wondering if you’ve ever tried one of their moisturisers ?

    And also pardon my poor english: i’m french ! :)

  2. Oh lovely dress. Having probs deciding if it will be too long as I’m 5′ 4. Am 8-10 on top but 10, sometimes 12 over hips. Do you find it runs true to size?

  3. aww….you look so good! dam!

  4. Ruth, you look absolutely stunning. I love your style (have purchased the Uniqlo jumper you also featured) so please please continue to blog on fashion as well as everything else.

    I can’t afford £380 on a dress but £152 is more like it! I have itchy fingers hovering over the ‘add to bag’ icon. I am going to make a cup of tea whilst I deliberate and try to make a sensible choice …. wish me luck!

  5. You look gorgeous! I had a good laugh though because this post came right after your Bestival one – talk about a world of difference! :)

  6. gorgeous dress! totally out of my price range but gorgeous all the same xx

  7. Lovely outfit, lovely Ruth! What do you know, I also wore a navy blue dress at a wedding in August!

  8. Love this look. I might just have to steal it. And Aveda- Love the brand and the institute is well worth a visit if anyone is near. I just did a nice write up on their cosmetics range.

    I’m not sure if you find the same, but I find with Zara jackets I cant move my arms much. Beautiful pieces but just a little tight sometimes.
    Emma xx

  9. Ruth, do you mind sharing what size your dress is? I have similar measurements as you but am undecided between the XS and the small. Thank you! X

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