My Summer Wedding Outfit

My Summer Wedding Outfit I got some photos back from my sister’s wedding in August and so thought I’d show you what I wore, specifically the Catherine Malandrino dress that I bought way back in May. Unbelievably, they still have them on The Outnet reduced from £380 to £152. I’m considering going back for a black version simply because the dress is so comfortable yet chic! It’s knitted with a nude-coloured full lining and the back has a sexy little cut-out. You can still just about wear a bra so long as the back of the bra doesn’t sit too low.

PS: it looks as though I have a little pot-belly going on, but I think it was the way the camera caught me. Honest guv. Other items shown in picture: Idina nude heels (I reviewed them here) which are my absolute favourite ever shoes; a brilliant jacket from Zara which is screwed up in my hand (!) and a little handbag from Gucci that I bought back in 2003 and have used about three times. Hair is by Aveda – what a beautiful job they did! Aveda Institute had its tenth birthday last week, by the way, a great bash with free manicures and lots of men banging big drums. That’s where I got my OPI Over-the-Taupe nails done – they’re still going strong, haven’t even chipped!

Catherine Malandrino Pointelle-Knit Dress, £152 from The Outnet here: MALANDRINO DRESS


  1. Yes,you look amazing but I don’think the dress really worths the money…There are thousand of cheaper prettier dresses at Forever21 for example !!!But that’s just my opinion. :)

  2. For some reason I don’t like this dress much on you but maybe it’s like you said: that it was the way the camera caught you ;)
    You always are looking so good Ruth !!!!!! I wish to have you figure !!!!!!!

  3. Yup, it’s a classic xx

  4. Ruth, I love this dress! I have a back view of it somewhere. By the way I really love your Liv photos! Love your hair! Very classy! Love the outfits and very tempted by the Feckenham dress but I am not sure how clingy it is and whether it is thin and so shows all undergarments. That is why the wedding frock was good as it was very discreet!You look so lovely on the photos and I had forgotten completely how lovely you are! Well done babe!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Your Mum

  5. I adore this dress and would absolutely love one, though not sure that I could justify purchasing at this time of year. Hmmm… just remembered I’ll be spending Christmas somewhere warm… *sits on hands*

    Nic x

    • Ha! It’s a general hit with you all then? Is that a thumbs up for purchasing the black version too or should I sit pretty with the navy? x

  6. Hi Ruth
    Love the dress – can we please see the zara jacket too?

  7. This dress is so, so beautiful! I’ve always thought navy more chic than black.

    Sarah x

  8. A good quality black pointelle is a wardrobe basic must. You definitely should get the black! xx

  9. Aren’t there always hats involved in English weddings? Does that make me a silly american?

    • @Rachel there ARE often hats involved, but it’s not mandatory! I have never worn one personally, I would no doubt choose something hideously pricey but then sit on it/ lose it/ pour red wine onto it! xx

  10. Ruth, do you mind sharing what size your dress is? I have similar measurements as you but am undecided between the XS and the small. Thank you! X

  11. Love this look. I might just have to steal it. And Aveda- Love the brand and the institute is well worth a visit if anyone is near. I just did a nice write up on their cosmetics range.

    I’m not sure if you find the same, but I find with Zara jackets I cant move my arms much. Beautiful pieces but just a little tight sometimes.
    Emma xx

  12. Lovely outfit, lovely Ruth! What do you know, I also wore a navy blue dress at a wedding in August!

  13. gorgeous dress! totally out of my price range but gorgeous all the same xx

  14. You look gorgeous! I had a good laugh though because this post came right after your Bestival one – talk about a world of difference! :)

  15. Ruth, you look absolutely stunning. I love your style (have purchased the Uniqlo jumper you also featured) so please please continue to blog on fashion as well as everything else.

    I can’t afford £380 on a dress but £152 is more like it! I have itchy fingers hovering over the ‘add to bag’ icon. I am going to make a cup of tea whilst I deliberate and try to make a sensible choice …. wish me luck!

  16. aww….you look so good! dam!

  17. Oh lovely dress. Having probs deciding if it will be too long as I’m 5′ 4. Am 8-10 on top but 10, sometimes 12 over hips. Do you find it runs true to size?

  18. You look gorgeous ! Love the dress and your hair is amazing !! (mine is totally destroyed after many discolorations ! )

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but it’s the first time i leave a comment :)

    I wanted to ask you, even it’s it’s not the right place to do it: looks like you like Pai skincare products a lot ?
    But i was wondering if you’ve ever tried one of their moisturisers ?

    And also pardon my poor english: i’m french ! :)

  19. That is a lovely dress!

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