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Filorga Meso-C Review

Filorga Meso-C After the astonishing effects of using a regular overnight exfoliant (see my Liquid Gold review and my ‘skincare secrets’ video) I decided that I would try out all manner of different brighteners and chemical ‘resurfacers’. There are so many out there, so it is taking me a while, but the ‘serum du jour’ is Filorga’s Meso-C. You will see Filorga mentioned quite a lot in the Summer Skincare Video – they’re a brand that’s not very easily available in the UK (except online at House of Fraser or in the Apothecary at selected branches), but in France they are a top-selling, well-respected skincare laboratory. Their research is in specialist aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery, so it’s no surprise that the skincare is very hi-tech and high-performance. It’s the kind of skincare, to put it bluntly, that you really need to read the instructions for.

Meso-C is a 21-day intensive vitamin C treatment. There are three vials (one for each week) and once a vial has been opened (concentrated powder mixed with the liquid, lid replaced with pipette) it must be stored in the fridge to keep the serum stable and effective. Every morning, after cleansing, the (nice and cool!) serum is applied to face and neck. At night-time, normal service is resumed and you can use whatever it is that you’re into. Unless you have very sensitive skin, in which case it’s not advised to also use an overnight peel or exfoliant of any kind. (See the dangers of over-exfoliation!)  This intensive dose of vitamin C is supposed to fight wrinkles, even out the complexion and boost cellular activity. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, so I suppose you’d expect to see an overall increase in brightness and clarity too..

Do you know, I have only done eleven days and I’m in awe of the results? The little dark patch on my cheek (from where I squeezed a spot in May, tut-tut!) has almost completely faded! My skin looks as though it has had some kind of soft-focus powder dusted across it – it’s somehow paler and more luminous. The overnight glycolic no doubt has something to do with these results too, but I’ve been using some form of glycolic exfoliant since May and so I know that the Meso-C is having its own effect. And I’m only on day eleven! Of course I shall report back after 21 days (although it seems that there’s enough serum to last twice that amount of time) but…so far so good!

For those who have been asking for a great product for brightening skin and taking down dark spots, this could be your answer. It’s not cheap – £60.50 – but you only need to do this 21-day routine once or twice a year. (And I reckon you could get away with only using two vials in 21-days, thus always having one left over…you catch my drift?) Make sure you use an SPF if you’re going out into the big wide world, as the Meso-C is kick-starting cell-renewal and bringing new cells to the surface faster. Protect the new cells, or it’s all pointless!

Meso-C – £61, now at Marks and Spencer Beauty


  1. Oh Ruth! Thank you for this review! I’m soooo going to order it now!

  2. Ah, just about to try out the vitamin C thing myself! From the research I’ve been doing, it is the C that’s lightening and brightening your skin. It’s L-Ascorbic acid, specifically, and it’s good to know that it works! xx

  3. Should probably point out that vit C should be used as per instructions, as oxidised vit C is NOT good for your skin! xx

    • @Sue how long do you reckon it would last in the vial, in the firdge? I am still going strong on the first vial after thirteen days! Seems to still ‘feel’ the same and I don’t let much air get to it when I remove the top….

  4. Oooh i’m glad you reviewed this, I almost bought this a few months ago but ended up buying the decleor 7 day brightening cure, which is very good but this sounds amazing! I have tried the Liss and Go from this range which is very impressive so I can imagine this is very good. I think I may have to try this one now.

  5. I tried the regular filorga meso serum and wasn’t too impressed with it but i might give this a shot as I do want a few spots gone. It’s easy available here in belgium, so if you even need to be here just go to an IU or Iciparis store.

  6. This sounds like a gem. I wish I could get my hands on it, but I live in the US. Do you recommend other night treatments that can help with dark spots (thanks to the sun this summer and I wore SPF everyday, sigh!) that may be more accessible for me? Thanks:)

  7. You know, I actually purchased that alpha-H bundle that you had recommended (it came with the liquid gold, cleanser, a powder-cleanser thingy, eye cream and face cream) and now let me do some reporting back to you on my own!

    WOW! It took me a small while to figure out a routine that works for me (I only use liquid gold once a week, but the face cream that came with the kit daily, and my clarisonic every second day) and after some initial minor break outs the results are amazing! My skin quite literally feels like silk and I can’t see any pores. It’s almost creepy. After my 10 year old sister finally surpassed me in shoe size I’m expecting to start having nicer skin than her too if this keeps up. I have no problems with hyperpigmentaion and am, thanks to sun allergy, already creepy pale and “luminous” so I probably won’t be giving the above vitamin C treatment a go right now, but let me thank you for sharing your skincare, bodycare and make up adventures. Your website and advice made a big impact on my well-being!

  8. Absolutely, Ruth. I never had major concerns in the first place, but I’m at a point where my BECCA luminous skin colour provides all the coverage I need, and that’s always creepy :)

    As for vitamin C – I recently read this article that may answer your question indirectly: http://www.futurederm.com/2011/09/19/daily-question-when-a-vitamin-c-moisturizer-turns-brown-is-it-bad-for-your-skin/

  9. All Cs degrade – a month is max for L-Ascorbic acid, and longer for MAP, but it must be kept cold, dark and airtight. L-Ascorbic is the natural C, and MAP is a more stable, less potentially irritating, derivative. On application, it remains in the skin for a few days, gradually decreasing over that time. It stimulates collagen production, inhibits melanin synthesis, and promotes wound healing, so it’s an all round must have for skin. Body mechanisms prevent enough getting to the skin through food, but it can pass through the skin barrier. I’m planning to buy it dry, as L-Ascorbic crystals, and use it a body and face treatment, as the crystals + water method guarantees the freshest serum I can use. Oh, and have a shower first. The skin is more receptive to it when moist and warm. It’s cheap as crystals, but make sure you buy food/cosmetic grade, not industrial (it’s used in all sorts of things), and that it’s not buffered, non-acidic, apparently. As crystals it’ll keep for a year, if dark, cool and airtight. I think that’s everything I know so far.(Oxidised C would cause collagen breakdown, decrease it’s synthesis, deplete peptides, growth factors and antioxidant nutrients, cited from an article from Melbourne Dermatology.)Hope that’s useful, xx

  10. Hi Ruth, thanks again for an interesting review! I definetely need to try it. Any chance you’d be reviewing the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster also? 10% vitamin C, I just started testing it- in parallel with the Liquid Gold, would be nice to hear your experiences.

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