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NARS Autumn Winter 2011 Collection

NARS Autumn Winter 2011 Collection Next in line for the Autumn Winter Makeup Collections: NARS! I loved the ‘winged’ look in the campaign picture (shown in video) so I darkened down my brows a little, donned a sexy Vivienne Westwood number and got cracking with the eyeliner pencil! I haven’t gone anywhere near as dramatic as the campaign look, but I’m not really a dramatic kinda girl. What looks amazing in print sometimes looks a bit too OTT for ‘real life’ wear, so I have kept the eye simple and softened the line by layering a shadow over the top. How much do you love the lipstick in Pago Pago? Luscious. Take a look at the video – all of the product prices and so on can be viewed on HQHair here: http://tidd.ly/2792453a

All products from NARS with free delivery here: http://tidd.ly/2792453a

Sheer Glow in Deauville

Highlighter in Copacabana

Long-lasting Liner in Madison Avenue

Shadow Trio in Delphe

Blush in Sex Appeal

Nail polish: http://tidd.ly/9a8848c1


  1. I just loved your nail color :)

  2. great tutorial!

  3. I LOOOOOVE your blouse! Where did you get it? It’s absolutly perfect :) Suits you really well.

  4. I always felt like a full out black winged liner was a bit too much for me, but I really like this softer and contemporary version of it! I’ll give it a go with that pretty new fullsize BECCA palette that just came out of my Glossybox! (Yes, that was an elegant way of letting you know that I rekindled with this service. Since you asked in your last post, this month’s German Glossybox contained:

    – The Becca Velveteen palette (full size!! omg!! I LOVE Becca! I was so in awe that I sent the applicators flying half-way across the room when I opened it!)

    – a generous sample of the Julisis Silver Gel cleanser

    – a generous sample of the “Klapp X-Treme Hydra Complete” (whatever that is!)

    – a generous sample of the Schwarzkopf Professional Essensity Shampoo

    – a miniature (!!! not a tester!) of Vera Wang’s Princess (not my style of fragrance but a beautiful little gift for my beautiful little sister!)

    So yes, OVER the moon. I haven’t even made it past the “stare at the pallette in disbelief”-phase yet.

    (discl: I know I’ve been VERY enthusiastic in my comments here today as well as yesterday but no worries, I’m NOT doing drugs! haha)

    • @Liz that is incredible!!!! I am very in awe of your Glossybox! Thanks for letting us know – some Glossybox subscribers won’t be quite so happy with you. Box envy. xxx

  5. I already have the NARS Multiple in Copacabana. How is the Illuminator different? Do you think it is beneficial to have both the Illuminator and the Multiple? Thanks.

    • @Sarah just a different texture really – I’d say you’re fine with just the multiple. I’m guessing that it’s easy to use?! x

  6. Lovely to see the campaign adapted to the real life! I love the eyeliner, will check it out! Thank you, Ruth – gorgeous look!

  7. Holy crap, I’m lusting for Pago Pago – it looks the perfect, glossy nude.

    Sarah x

  8. This is a better look than the campaign – love the softened graphite/blue liner, really suits you xx

  9. @admin The Multiple is very easy to use, and you can bring it on the plane without worries.

  10. :D wow really nice one!
    aah don’t we just love Vivienne Westwood ;)
    I wish for me to owne one of those precious designes of hers myself… till that day I shall dwell in my dreams
    BTW: I like this look a lot
    and may I add: I absolutly adore your blogs and vlogs. Your website is the only one i religiously check everyday.
    Thank you for your amazing work and effort :)

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