Floris Private Collection: Sirena Eau de Parfum

Floris Private Collection: Sirena Eau de Parfum Floris have launched two new special edition fragrances into their Private Collection: Mahon Leather and Sirena. Mahon Leather is far too masculine for me to even consider wearing myself, but I love the light freshness of Sirena. If you tend to stay away from ‘mainstream’ mass-produced fragrances, then make a point of stopping in at Floris if you’re ever nearby. Apart from the fact that the shop itself is stunning and steeped in history, you’re bound to find a fragrance that’s unusual and fall in love with it! If you want something truly unique, I can’t sing the praises of the bespoke service highly enough – read my review here: Floris Bespoke Perfumery 

Sirena and Mahon Leather are £90 (you get a whopping 100ml) from Floris and can also be ordered online: http://www.florislondon.com

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