Model Not Anonymous

Model Not Anonymous Changes are afoot, my friends. Changes are afoot.

I wanted that to sound really mysterious but I’m not quite sure that it worked. Had I said it in person, from atop a black stallion, wearing a dark, hooded cloak then I think it may have taken on an ominous tone, but on a fine sunny morning such as this? It’s just a cliché. I’m rambling, which is exactly why I have created ‘Model Not Anonymous’ (the not-so-secret diary of a fashion model). To ramble away on A Model Recommends I have to be prepared to eventually end up talking about something of use, and find a relevant image so that the homepage still looks professional, and I have to spend an age tagging and linking and making sure that my SEO settings are correct and PHEW! See why I need a little informal ‘outlet’? That’s not to say that I will be changing my tone on here – I’ll still be writing about the same things and in the same way, but on Model Not Anonymous you’ll find bizarre ramblings and rantings that simply would never appear on this site.

So. There you go – enter at your own risk: the door to the diary room is open!

Update, 01/04/2012: this was very short-lived. I need four of me. Ramblings will continue on A Model Recommends as always – sorry!


  1. hi ruth! great website, i was thinking maybe you know about its very similar to yr blog were you inspired by it? thanks for answering xx H

  2. Wow, you have just ripped off the original blog ruth. is the best model blog around, sad that you have to promote the idea as your own ruth.

  3. I was at Model Not Anonymous, very very funny posts, very witty writing, I thoroughly enjoyed reading them.

  4. Hi Ruth,

    Just wondering whether the blog name is meant to have the extra ‘a’ in anonymous?

    • @Yvonne no, it’s not! It’s just a typo – I’ll fix that now! The actual blog doesn’t have the extra a! xx

  5. Hi Ruth,

    lovely idea! On a sidenote: the Stockists link appears to be broken.

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