The Slap book

The Slap, Christos Tsiolkas

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 Interesting, I think, that ‘The Slap’ has been adapted for television. It will be aired in a ten-part series from this Thursday on BBC4. If you’ve read ‘The Slap’, you’ll know that the subject matter is quite uneasy; a man slaps a misbehaving child (not his own, not that it should make a difference) at [...]

Rituals Calming Bed and Body Mist

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 I have only just read the bottle properly and realised that this calming mist can also be used on the body – what a bonus! I had wondered. One supposes that if something is gentle enough to spray onto bedlinen, it’s gentle enough to spray onto skin, but you can never be too sure and [...]

Aromatherapy Associates Mini Bath and Shower Oils

Aromatherapy Associates Mini Bath and Shower Oils

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 I love Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oils (see previous review here) and have worked my way through the Perfect Partners set and the Heavenly Oils set, both of which contain two mini-sized bottles of oil. The mini bottles are perfect for travelling with – you get just the right amount for one big, luxurious [...]

Vaishaly Signature Facial

Vaishaly Signature Facial

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 Last week I went for a ‘signature’ facial at Vaishaly Patel’s skin clinic in Marylebone. I hadn’t done my research whatsoever before attending my appointment (naughty!) and so I was quite surprised to find that the first part of the 55 minute treatment was taken up with mild microdermabrasion and extraction. I presumed (because of [...]

Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Lip Palette

Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Lip Palette

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 Spotted at Duty Free when I was en route to Oslo a few weeks ago, the Bobbi Brown Nude Pink Lip Palette. The range of shades in the palette are really appealing, I think! If you were in the market for a selection of quite neutral shades but didn’t know quite which shade to pick, [...]

white mulberry alexa

Payday P*rn

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No, not a typo – I just don’t want to start turning up on the wrong pages of the internet, if you know what I mean… It’s payday. Unless you’re freelance, like me, in which case payday could be on any day, but could also be on no day. So, as I have pretty much emptied [...]

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Radiance Renewer

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You’ll remember my recent review on the Overnight Radiance Moisturiser recently – a perfectly decent night cream with (I think) doubtful exfoliating properties. I mean, the ingredients are there, but I’m not sure that it will perform any great shakes overnight. However it did, over a period of time, keep my skin looking quite bright [...]

Dermablend Zombie Boy Video

Dermablend – The Best Demo Ever

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I wouldn’t usually love a video enough to embed it here on A Model Recommends (unless it’s one of my own, naturally! Hahaha…) but this just absolutely blew me away. Make sure you watch it, it’s quite an eyeopener! Just a few questions: 1) Is this is the bloke from the Lady Gaga video ‘Born [...]