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Aromatherapy Associates Little Star

Aromatherapy Associates Little Star How cute is this?! I know it’s a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but I have a desk full of sparkly, glittery, twinkly things all ready for my Bumper Christmas Video (it’s going to be a masterpiece, let me tell you. Cliff Richard’s already booked to croon in the background and Brian Blessed’s going to play Santa..) Aromatherapy Associate’s Little Star contains a travel sized ‘Relax’ bath and shower oil and can be hung up as a decoration. I think that it would be a beautiful gift to hang up on the spare bedroom door if you are having guests over the Christmas holidays, but it would also make a brilliant luxury stocking filler!

It’s on my 10% off list at HQHair until the 16th October: http://tidd.ly/bf1a2d67 – just enter MODEL10 at the checkout!


  1. Emma Computergirl

    I am a huge Aromatherapy associates fan. I will be asking santa for this to go on my tree this year! xx

  2. Ooh! How cute. Im already planning my Christmas and can’t wait to see your video!

  3. that’s so cute! It’s a perfect little back up last minute present in case you forgot someone! Since I refuse to purchase collectible porcelain dogs I always get my fiance’s mum a gift basket with lots of little packs of fancy candies, the annual swarovski ornament ect – this would be a lovely addition~

  4. Very cute! Is it too early? Nah! LOL! x

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