NUDE Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser – Giveaway!

NUDE Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser - Giveaway! An exciting new launch from NUDE skincare on the 20th October; the Advanced Cellular Renewal Moisturiser! Do you remember my review of NUDE’s serum? It had brilliant, almost overnight effects. I’m sincerely hoping that the moisturiser, which has been designed to follow the serum, gives even more spectacular results! Priced at £75 it promises to correct ageing for firm, smooth and luminous skin. Yes please!

I have two to give away (UK only this time, sorry peeps!) on the 20th of October, the very day that the moisturiser goes on sale, so if you’d like to get your hands on one then please follow the instructions below.

1) Take your left hand and pat your head.

2) Take your right hand and rub your tummy, clockwise direction.

3) If you passed that test then you should find the next steps easy.

4) Make sure that you are subscribed by email or following by Google Friend Connect. Subscribe here, or use the GFC ‘follow’ button in the sidebar.

5) Leave a comment confirming that you passed steps one and two (haha!) and telling me which way you follow.

Entries before noon on the 20th, please, at which time two winners will be picked by The Randomizer. I’ll announce the winners along with my initial thoughts about the moisturiser because I’ll have had a chance to play about with it by then!

May The Force Be With You.


  1. I did it hahah you are so lovely!!! wish to win this:D

  2. I think I’m ready!! It wasn’t easy I have to say… I already followed you. Thanks for your giveaways!!

  3. Hii !

    Completed steps one and two without any problem , now ready for another challenge! Follow by email , thanks for my daily dose of exercise , lol ! :)

  4. Hi there :)

    I religiously follow both of your blogs and sometimes even make my own mystery-helper-person (a.k.a. husband) read your entries! I follow via email and facebook. DO love the way you write, great give away!


  5. Of course I did 1 and 2 :D

    I follow via GFC as Atqa Beauty and via email.

  6. I can confirm I have completed steps 1 and 2 but it wasn’t easy. I’m sure some Nude skincare would help with my co-ordination :)

    I follow avidly by email. Thank you!

  7. Good Morning!

    I easily managed the first few steps :o)

    I follow via email.

    Thank you.

  8. Have done steps 1 & 2:) Thanks for doing this giveaway! Am a follower and subscriber x

  9. Confirm I passed steps 1) and 2). Am a follower of the blog via email. Great giveaway, thanks.

  10. Well managed it eventually, after quite abit of faffing about :-) fingers crossed x I follow you by email xxx

  11. Hi Ruth,
    What a fab giveaway!!! Would LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE to win this prize, have been wanting to try this after the press about it
    i followed the steps above and have passed, so please include me in this Fab competition
    i have been a subscriber to your youtube channel for very long and also email and via google friends too, follow on twitter too, oh dear sound like a stalker, am not though lol
    love your blog as this is so useful to me as we have the same skintype
    thank you

  12. Ha Ha – just about managed step 1…. I follow you on GFC too!

    Thanks for the entry.

    The doll on fashion

  13. Hi Ruth, really couldn’t manage it I’m afraid!! Ah well..
    I follow you via email, many thanks x

  14. Step 1 done,i did scratch my head too for any bonuses,step 2 made me hungry…I am an email subscriber and twitter follower,x

  15. I passed no worries. I follow via email.

  16. Done and Done. I follow by google friend connect

  17. ufff…. that’s a hard one! But I managed! Steps 1 and 2 passed! I’m following you via email. Also youtube and google reader subscriber! Thank you for the giveaway!

  18. Hi

    I passed stages one and two on second attempt (hope that counts)

    Ive subscribed via google and have all my fingers and toes crossed that the randomiser picks me. Great blog btw x

  19. Happily passed with flying colours and happily subscribed by email :-)


  20. I patted my tummy and rubbed my head… eeeerr other way around:P

    I follow via e-mail subscription and youtube.

  21. I am subscribed and i actually did the tummy rub and head pat in front of other people thats how much i want to win! lol x

  22. Being a Monday I just about managed steps 1 and 2 and follow by email! Thanks x

  23. I passed the test!
    I follow by email.

  24. The force is with me Ruth, I can pat my head, rub my tummy and read your blog and tweets at the same time!!

  25. p.s. can’t believe I actually did this, and then spent 5 mins worrying about which way is clockwise … doh!

  26. Yay I passed steps 1&2 and subscribe via e-mail

  27. I patted my head and rubbed my tummy! :D I follow you by e-mail :) x

  28. Patted my head, rub my tummy in a clockwise direction. Needless to say, i struggled, but think i passed. I’m hoping that the moisturiser will help me do this better next time.

    I subscribe via email and on facebook – thanks

  29. Head patted and tummy rubbed (must diet). I follow by email :-)

  30. I am subscribed via google email.

    Love to try Nude xx

  31. Passed steps 1 and 2. So easy.

  32. Although it was challenging, just about passed steps 1 and 2 ;). I’m subscribed to AMR via email :)

  33. Patted my head and rubbed my tummy. Initially tried to rub my head and pat my tummy, but we got that all worked out. I follow by email and enjoy reading your posts and watching videos in class when I’m especially bored.

  34. I passed step 1 and 2! My Kindergarten teacher would be so proud!
    I follow you by email!

  35. I passed all steps. Hehe :)
    I follow by GFC.

  36. Long-time reader, first time commenter!

    I managed to do #1 and #2 and do the reverse as well! I’ve followed you on GFC, and I’ve been following you on twitter and youtube for a while now.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  37. Passed steps one and two! I follow via email/youtube :)

  38. Followed all of the steps and I follow your blog via GFC. Thanks!

  39. Would’ve like to have seen you doing all those steps, while squiffy last night in Norwich :P.. Yes, my powers of co-ordinationg managed that, just don’t ask me to change the wheel on my car.. thats messy and tough! How do I follow you Ruth, usually wearing sunglasses, a raincoat & a newspaper to hide my face.. if that fails, then via all technological methods.. you name them, I’m on them.

  40. I just about managed the first two..
    I follow by email :)

  41. Step 1: Passed
    Step 2: Passed


    I follow by email

  42. Done 1 and 2 and follow by email. :)

  43. It took me a while but i passed steps one and two, and i’m subscribed via email :)

  44. Hi :)

    I managed both (with a little difficulty) -the last part was easy peasy as i already follow you on email. Love, Susie

  45. Thankfully, I passed steps one and two!

    And, I follow through email subscription and also through YouTube (username LucyLilyPad).

  46. Hello Ruth
    Steps 1&2 passed…whilst standing still. I follow by email, twitter etc. I’ve tried the serum – very nice on oily skin.

    PS the Liquid Gold is working a treat – no alcohol effects on the skin so far.

  47. i passed the tests with flying colours.
    another great prize you have for us.
    i follow by email.

  48. patted and rubbed :D
    i am following your lovely website by GFC

  49. steps 1 and 2 completed, and just subscribed to your daily e-mails too! love your blog

  50. passed steps 1 and two with great difficulties hehe, i follow by email subscription!:) xx

  51. Passed steps 1 & 2, after a few tries ;-)
    I follow via email x

  52. I passed steps one and two ha ha!! I used to do that when I was little to impress my brother. I follow avidly via email :) Thanks for a lovely giveaway!

  53. Hi

    I follow by email – and successfully managed both tests, even whilst slightly hungover!

    Thanks :-)

  54. Hi, I follow on youtube and by email, and just about passed steps 1 and 2! Would absolutly love this mousteriser, really wanted to try it but its so expensive!

  55. I follow by email and I sort of passed the test.

  56. ive done 1 and 2, and im following via email:) and dont laugh at the email, i made it years ago..hahaa

  57. I passed easy peasy! i follow on your blog and on youtube x

  58. Completed steps 1 and 2 with flying colours! I subscribe by email x

  59. I passed steps one and two and I follow you by email.

  60. Hey Ruth….I’m pleased to report, that head is now patted & tummy rubbed… it feels quite soothing actually, might have to remember this method for stress relief! That and massaging in this delicious sounding moisturiser! I follow you by email by the way x

  61. Haha steps 1 & 2 were kind if tricky but I managed to pass them! I follow the site by Google Friend Connect, I’m suscribed by email and I follow you also on Twitter and YouTube! :)

  62. I follow via GFC and yes I passed steps one and two! Ruth you are incredibly funny!

  63. I am rubbing my tummy, patting my head and typing this all at the same time………clever huh!!x
    I follow via email and gfc.

  64. I have been subscribed to your e-mails for months now and always look forward to around 8:00am reading what you’ve reviwed :)
    This particular giveaway I would giveaway to my Mum as I’m hoping I won’t age dramatically on the 20th which just so happens to be my birthday, YEY for me :)
    If I don’t win then atleast I still have the knowledge I can pass steps 1 and 2 (with a lot of concentration) x

  65. Hi Ruth!
    Done and done)
    follow by email x

  66. I passed the test lol! I follow by email :-) x

  67. I have completed all 5 of the tasks! Fingers crossed!

  68. took me a few seconds to coordinate with success, not gonna lie, haha! subscribed/following via email, thank you!

  69. haha! I laughed so much with this post! I follow every way possible (email and gfc)

  70. Hi Ruth!

    Done both steps :)
    I follow you via Google Friend Connect. xxx

  71. Hello – I passed steps one annd two, and follow by email. Thanks for another great giveaway! xx

  72. Haha, I passed step one and two! I follow via GFC :)

  73. just about managed your first two hurdles although for a moment there it looked like I was going to have to put in some serious practise. In other news, I subscribe to the email and on youtube as well as following on twitter, keep up the good work!

  74. Complete lack of coordination as always…! follow via email/twitter

  75. I passed steps one and too with slight difficulty and am subscribed by email – read your posts every day in bed! :)

  76. Hi Ruth!

    I’ve the passed the test!

    I subscribe via email.


  77. Sure I passed the test, but now my hair is a mess lol…I follow by email.

  78. I passed steps 1 and 2 and I can also switch hands and rub my tummy anti-clockwise (because I’m that good. ha.). I follow you via email and I’m also a subscriber on youtube.

  79. Woohoo I passed the test!:) Following by e-mail:)

  80. Patted and rubbed and ready for cream … lol! Follow by email, xx

  81. Passed steps 1 & 2 !! I subscribe via e-mail x

  82. haha I passed the test and I follow via google friend connect! Thanks for the giveaway.

  83. I have completed steps 1 and 2, only just mind, and I also managed to subscribe to your daily emails. I already follow you on twitter and facebook. Hope I have done this right. xx

  84. I struggled with steps 1 & 2 but made it through to subscribe by email…

  85. Hahaha! Hey Ruth…

    I’m pleased to say I passed both tests lol!!

    I subscribe through email xxx

  86. Steps 1 and 2 successfully completed! I follow through GFC:)

  87. I subscribe via email and was somewhat successful at coordinating my patting/rubbing!

  88. I confirm that I have the co-ordination required to enter this giveaway competition! Can do it standing on one leg too if that gets me extra brownie points ;)

    I follow via email – would be amazing if I won as I’ve wanted to try out Nude products for a while but the price always makes the sensible part of my brain tell me off for even thinking about it!

  89. i did not pass step 1 or 2 ive never been able to do that ha.ha & i didnt know what you ment by which way do you follow …did i not pass the test so i followed with a cup of tea to perk my self up he.he or that i follow you by your website im not very good at this as you can see im new to the computer world (yous have your own little language)my 15 year old daughter is shakeing her head (think it reminds her of when i bought her the new BLUEBERRY PHONE need i say more) ..yes the point of this was can you put me in the prize draw thank you dawn x

  90. I can rub my head and pat my tummy! And subscribe to you by email :) also I don’t live in the UK, but I’m here until nov. 18. Does that count?

  91. I managed to pass steps one and two! I subscribe by email (what a lovely thing to receive every day!) and would love to be entered in the competition :)

    Thank you.x

    Twitter: @EternalLife_

  92. I pass the test lol and I subscribed your blog by email.
    thanks for the awesome giveaway Ruth!
    good luck everyone! x

  93. I subscribe via email and facebook.

    Aha i actually did those things, my flatmate was in the room asking what the hell i was doing!! (thought if i didn’t you may find out!)

    Great giveaway! X

  94. I passed, it wasn’t my first time. Follow via email. Wish me luck x

  95. Hooray! I passes the test and I love NUDE skincare!

  96. I totally passed 1 and 2, and then even went for a little bit of “anti-clockwise” action just to test out my co-ordination. Success.

    Perfect giveaway, i do like a bit of NUDE skincare.

    I follow with GFC :)

    Thank you!

  97. I really did pass steps one and two haha! Ive been subscribed by email for months, hope I win, my mum needs this! x

  98. i gave it a good try…I think I passed! Although my 9 month old thought I was looking a bit weird ;-).

    Love your posts

  99. Hiya! I passed steps 1 and 2 :-) and I follow by email.

  100. Hi I followed steps 1 & 2 and went a step further by skipping on one leg whist doing 1&2! I follow via email. Love you ruth. Your product recommendations r my holy Grail.

  101. Lol…I have passes both step as described.. wasn’t that easy initially…

  102. Hi Ruth! thanks for the giveaway…I follow you by email and I rubbed my tummy with my left foot, is that ok? hahaha x

  103. Sophie Alice Holland

    I passed :D ha and i follow by email! xoxo

  104. I passed steps one and two! ;) I follow by email subscription. Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. Passed steps one and two!
    I’m following you by google friend connect (and RSS, which is so convenient!) :)

  106. Hello. I’ve successfully passed test 1 and 2!! Yeah for me! lol I follow through GFC. M.

  107. I passed steps one and two first time – unlike my driving test! I follow using Google Friend Connect.

  108. I passed! Those 3 years at university, preceded by learning to read, were not wasted! I follow via email, youtube, and twitter. I’m also sitting outside your house right now ;)

  109. ups…i am not from the UK……………:(((((

  110. i have passed steps one and two…:))

    lovely giveaway!

  111. What a great prize!
    I follow by email x

  112. Hi Ruth, I follow by email. EASILY passed the test! ;-)

  113. I’ve subscribed, gripped to my daily fix every morning and now the chance to win a mosturiser that would make my blokes eyes water as I handed over the counter £75!
    I’m not so sure I would get that close to the counter as he dragged me by the arm down the street!

  114. patted head and rubbed tummy :) i follow you all ways :) hugs xoxo

  115. HeeHee :D Pass-ssss-ed steps #1 & #2 , and ((YES!!)) to the contest giveaway.
    What great way to start sunny Saturday 9 a.m. w/ a FAB beauty giveaway!

    As always, you are the best ( and v hilarious! ) …

    Dave :D Xx
    ( Follower via Email/Twitter/Forum )

  116. Didn’t do so well with steps 1 & 2 but would love to try the moisturiser!
    (Follow via GFC)

  117. Hi Ruth – great giveaway! I passed steps 1 & 2 (on second attempt!) and I am an email subscriber. Fingers crossed I am one of the lucky winners.

    P.S. About time you did your sept vid!

  118. Patted and rubbed! I follow via email.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. Hi! I managed to pat my head and rub my tummy so I should find rubbing in this cream pretty easy if I won it! I follow via email.

  120. I passed the first 2 steps! and follow with gfc as mummy24! please include me


  121. Am rubbing my ears and patting my toes! Follower via email/twitter/youtube. xx

  122. i passed the test and i follow by email…and i love it that way because i don’t have to do a thing but wait and there you are in my inbox without my having to move anything except an eye and a finger. :)

    i also subscribe to your youtube ever since you had like hardly any subscribers! :)

  123. LOL, am incapable of steps one and two, have tried many times!
    Subscribed by email to this and your new blog and love having updates arrive and reading of your exploits and honest reviews :-)

  124. After a couple of attempts I am pleased to say I successfully completed steps 1 and 2! I am an email subscriber.

  125. Of course I passed steps 1 & 2 *cough*

    I follow by email

  126. Hello :)

    I follow via Email.
    Steps 1 & 2 were passes with ease. Clearly it gets easier with age! :)

  127. I patted my head, rubbed my tummy and the rest of it. :-)