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Handbag Beauty Awards

handbag beauty awards If you’re a bit of a beauty obsessive and love filling in forms, then get yourself over to Handbag.com where they are holding their 2011 Beauty Awards. These awards are truly voted for by readers and without any pressure from advertisers, so it’s a good one to do if you want your voice to be heard! Extra reason to have a look: I’m an expert judge! To begin voting for your can’t-live-without products, click the link below! (I’ve just seen that there’s also a category for best beauty blog, which no doubt I won’t be allowed to enter, but, y’know, feel free to put my name down!)

Handbag Beauty Awards

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  1. It was a pleasure to vote for my fav beauty blogger…..the only one whom I will check still sleepy eyed and with cornflakes in my hair! Fingers crossed for you! xx

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