Dermablend – The Best Demo Ever

Dermablend Zombie Boy Video

skeleton tattoo man gaga dermablendI wouldn’t usually love a video enough to embed it here on A Model Recommends (unless it’s one of my own, naturally! Hahaha…) but this just absolutely blew me away. Make sure you watch it, it’s quite an eyeopener! Just a few questions:

1) Is this is the bloke from the Lady Gaga video ‘Born this Way’

2) Is it wrong that I find him incredibly hot

3) If you ended up going out with him, how would you introduce him to your dad? (Er, Dad – meet skeletor. Skeletor, dad. Cue terrible dad joke such as “you want to get some meat on those bones, lad!”)

Thanks to Micky (@MickyAZ on Twitter) for the tip-off!

Ruth CrillyDermablend – The Best Demo Ever

24 Comments on “Dermablend – The Best Demo Ever”

  1. Sabrina

    Yep, he is the bloke from lady gaga’s video! and well, i find him quite hot too. for the last question….. i don’t know LMAO

  2. leah

    the music’s cool, but I think tattoos are a sign of weakness (i.e. want to look tough, but can’t without the ink). This guy should be the official representative of paganism (I guess he kind of is). Love your vids Ruth, but, uhhh not feelin’ this one! (thank God, Lol). I’m with the girl who said this should work well on my bags though, so I guess the ad campaign is a success.

    1. Ruth

      @Leah I’m not a huge ‘tat’ fan myself (Mr AMR has none) but there is something that I find strangely arousing about Goblin Boy. Ghoul Man – what’s his name again?!!!! Zombie Boy!! Brain is going today… xx

    2. Asuncion

      he actually had cancer and wasnt sure if he would survive so went and got all these tattoos and basically kicked cancers ass and now hes doing big things for himself like lady gagas video this Makeup ad etc obviously you wouldnt have known this but you shouldnt judge a book by its cover ;)

  3. Jessica

    He is mega hot. My jaw dropped at the end. When I first clicked on the video, I thought the *opposite* was going to happen….that they were going to paint that death face onto him. But holy shiz, this is one fascinating slam dunk of a commercial by Dermablend. I bet their sales see some serious increases this quarter. ;-)

  4. Daphne

    Well, if this stuff can’t conceal the zit on my chin, then I don’t know what will!

    God, he is hot! Why are we attracted to weird and freaky? Lol

  5. joanna

    1) yep that’s him
    2) OMG I think he is sooo hot (so glad I’m not the only one). I told my friends and they were totally shocked.
    3) yyyy….. not sure how my dad would take it!

    Love the video – full coverage foundation, hey?? ;-)

  6. love in a mist

    Lordy that’s incredible! Both the coverage by dermabend and his tattoos, not a fan of tattoos in this extreme anyway but I admire his courage to cover his body in this way, he must get all the invites on Halloween !

  7. Liz

    I’m going to be doing my sister’s “death” (aka, skull) make up in a few days, how convenient!!

  8. Daniela

    Yes, it’s the guy from the Lady Gaga video. His name is Rick Genest :

    He is from Montreal (yay! I’m a fellow Canadian and feel the need to rejoice at other Canadians…lol) and has become a sought after model apparently.

    Love the video!! It’s really been going viral very hard, but it’s awesome so it makes sense. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Vivian

    Yup, he was in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video, he’s from Montreal. Canada-pride in full effect, check out the behind-the-scenes video on youtube too. It’s amazing!

  10. Emma Frankel-Thorin

    He is indeed the guy from “Born this way” he’s called Rico Genest or aptly nick-named “Zombie boy”. I find him absolutely irresistible…

  11. EmmaB

    Same guy from the ‘Born this Way’ video, and he recently walked the Mugler runway too. I have been sharing this ad with everyone I know, very cool.

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