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Payday P*rn

No, not a typo – I just don’t want to start turning up on the wrong pages of the internet, if you know what I mean…

It’s payday. Unless you’re freelance, like me, in which case payday could be on any day, but could also be on no day. So, as I have pretty much emptied out my bank account until Christmas, here’s my little bit of fantasy shopping – or Payday P*rn.

1) Aubin & Wills Quilted Cotton-Jersey Sweater, £45 Net-a-Porter. Now this is one that I may actually have to give in to. In fact, by the time you read this, I probably will have bought it. I’m a sucker for grey marl, and I love the quilting. And it’s about the same price as something from Zara – definitely cheaper than Reiss and Whistles. Hopefully the man in the little van from N-a-P will deliver it too….

Aubin & Wills Quilted Cotton-Jersey Sweater2) J.Crew Metallic Knitted Sweater, £80 at Net-a-Porter. More sweater love – I may have to buy this one too. P*rn meets reality, here – I want this to jazz up my jeans, and it will also look fab on Christmas day! (Thinking ahead, as you should always do…)

 J.Crew Metallic Knitted Sweater3) Mulberry Alexa Croc Satchel, £885 from Selfridges. I’ll be honest with myself: this one ain’t ever gonna happen. Uh-uh. I’m still working my way around to using the ‘sparkle tweed Tillie’, possibly the most impractical bag ever designed, so I can’t imagine that a croc bag in off-white will fare any better. Still, we can but dream..

mulberry croc winter white4) A British Shorthair Cat (blue, please). See below – there are many more videos I could embed, I have spent hours cooing over them. If anyone has, or knows of a blue shorthair for sale, do tell! (By the way, yes I do know a cat’s for life and not just payday..)

5) Actually, just the cat will do. I want one sooooooooooooo much.


  1. I got Mulberry Alexa in Watermelon aka red one, so far I really like it :D I want the white one too T_T

    I want a British short hair too and thinking about get a kitty from a breeder, love that big fat angry face haha

  2. A million times yes to the cat, oodles of purs and softness every single day. I think i hear the pitter patter of little feet. I love brittish shorthairs and the idea that the cheshire cat was a bsh makes them even lovelier. I cannot wait til I live in a house again and have my own small menagerie.

  3. Hi… I’m a cat lover, too. After craving for a cat 3 years in Hawaii, we finally got our cat in mainland USA. We got a Blue Russian from a breeder which is little bit expensive but definitely worth it. I had another cats before but I can easily say Blue Russians are very smart and and very lovely cats. They are also half-hypoalergic and very rarely shred.If somebody is alergic to cat hait, vets suggest this breed and let’s say we don’t do any roll cleaning on our black clothes. I suggest, you should consider this breed too.They lookver similar to British short hair, allso Whatever breed you get, cats are lovely addition to family, giving you love and laugh all the time. I want to sent our cat’s picture but I don’t know how to attach but you can look at Blue Russians pictures in this web site http://www.russianbluecattery.com/bluemeadowscats.html

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