Payday P*rn

No, not a typo – I just don’t want to start turning up on the wrong pages of the internet, if you know what I mean…

It’s payday. Unless you’re freelance, like me, in which case payday could be on any day, but could also be on no day. So, as I have pretty much emptied out my bank account until Christmas, here’s my little bit of fantasy shopping – or Payday P*rn.

1) Aubin & Wills Quilted Cotton-Jersey Sweater, £45 Net-a-Porter. Now this is one that I may actually have to give in to. In fact, by the time you read this, I probably will have bought it. I’m a sucker for grey marl, and I love the quilting. And it’s about the same price as something from Zara – definitely cheaper than Reiss and Whistles. Hopefully the man in the little van from N-a-P will deliver it too….

Aubin & Wills Quilted Cotton-Jersey Sweater2) J.Crew Metallic Knitted Sweater, £80 at Net-a-Porter. More sweater love – I may have to buy this one too. P*rn meets reality, here – I want this to jazz up my jeans, and it will also look fab on Christmas day! (Thinking ahead, as you should always do…)

 J.Crew Metallic Knitted Sweater3) Mulberry Alexa Croc Satchel, £885 from Selfridges. I’ll be honest with myself: this one ain’t ever gonna happen. Uh-uh. I’m still working my way around to using the ‘sparkle tweed Tillie’, possibly the most impractical bag ever designed, so I can’t imagine that a croc bag in off-white will fare any better. Still, we can but dream..

mulberry croc winter white4) A British Shorthair Cat (blue, please). See below – there are many more videos I could embed, I have spent hours cooing over them. If anyone has, or knows of a blue shorthair for sale, do tell! (By the way, yes I do know a cat’s for life and not just payday..)

5) Actually, just the cat will do. I want one sooooooooooooo much.


  1. I got Mulberry Alexa in Watermelon aka red one, so far I really like it :D I want the white one too T_T

    I want a British short hair too and thinking about get a kitty from a breeder, love that big fat angry face haha

  2. A million times yes to the cat, oodles of purs and softness every single day. I think i hear the pitter patter of little feet. I love brittish shorthairs and the idea that the cheshire cat was a bsh makes them even lovelier. I cannot wait til I live in a house again and have my own small menagerie.

  3. Hi… I’m a cat lover, too. After craving for a cat 3 years in Hawaii, we finally got our cat in mainland USA. We got a Blue Russian from a breeder which is little bit expensive but definitely worth it. I had another cats before but I can easily say Blue Russians are very smart and and very lovely cats. They are also half-hypoalergic and very rarely shred.If somebody is alergic to cat hait, vets suggest this breed and let’s say we don’t do any roll cleaning on our black clothes. I suggest, you should consider this breed too.They lookver similar to British short hair, allso Whatever breed you get, cats are lovely addition to family, giving you love and laugh all the time. I want to sent our cat’s picture but I don’t know how to attach but you can look at Blue Russians pictures in this web site

  4. I am a freelancer too, so I do get what you mean with the Payday p*rn. I am saving money for presents so I am just going to look at pretty things til January and let´s hope my friends will actually check my wishlist this year ;)

  5. We have a British Blue, and she’s a rescue cat. So it’s like finding your Alexa croc in the local Sue Ryder shop. She came with the name Velvet which just had to go: she’s now Betty. She’s a close friend of BOTD, so this kitty has it all…

  6. I love how the bag, cat and sweaters are all so nicely color coordinated – I’d take the cat first, but I’d like to carry him home in the bag:)

  7. Thanks Lizziee, I love your cat story, you’ve a very fiesty and enrgetic old lady there.

    @the Bristol beauty blogger, I run the ikea roller over my cat about twice a week and that cuts down on a lot of cat hair, she loves it – she thinks it’s as a treat, oh the deception !

  8. I’m all for the cat! the British Blues are stunning! their coat has a velvet-like and like they’ve rolled in chalk dust appearance. And their eyes….

    Anyway irrespective of the type you get I can thoroughly recommend a feline friend. Should add that I’m typing this with my 22 year old white (hence my username!) moggie perched next to me.

  9. I too have a grey (blue) and white cat we’ve had her since six weeks old and she’s a poppett, I did look into British blue pedigree cats but quite a few people say although they are very loyal to their owners they are not lap cats so won’t like alot of fussing unless it’s on their terms it’s just the way they are, i know all any cat can be contrary lol but I like a good fuss and cuddle so I decided against it in the end. Interestingly I did go to two well known national animal rescue’s who both said that because We both work for more than four hours a day we couldn’t have a cat from them, very frustrating and ridiculous imo as we could have offered a loving home to a cat,

  10. @Ireland – if that’s what your cat looks like – gorgeous! And I totally agree on the character. My 18-year-old was boxing next door’s dog the other day! She’s an old moggie who I got for 2.50 in 1993 and has made me laugh every day. Her and her sister.

    I’m kinda torn. I always tell people to get rescue cats, like I did. But a pedigree needs a loving home too. It’s like a boyfriend, I suppose – we all want the millionaire but you’ll take the dustman if you love him.

    Seriously adore that quilted jumper. Wonder if it’ll attract cat hair?

  11. Amazing items! Especially love JCrew sweater!! You should def get a cat, they bring so much joy into your life! I don’t know what I would do without mine))

  12. ahhh you have to watch ‘cat vs printer’! It’s the most adorable british cat hah
    http:// com/watch?v=CSK1D3bZhRs

  13. There really is some stunning pieces on Net a Porter, isn’t there. I must take a look, but I don’t think my bank balance would thank me for it x

  14. thebristolbeautyblog

    I have two lovely cats who started off as a litter of farm cats. Whenever they’re naughty, we say we’ll take them back to the barn! The only problem with my cats is the amount of hair they shed – they’re short haired cats, but one is white and her hair gets everywhere! I almost never wear black clothes as they just get ruined by cat hair – I stock up on those Ikea clothes roller things – I think I’ve got about 10 in the cupboard! Love both those jumpers, and they’d be white cat friendly too! x

  15. You should email Lisa Eldridge to find out which breeder “Queen Betty” came from. She is in a couple of her videos and is a stunningly beautiful cat.

  16. I just love the music in the cat video. So very appropriate.

    And the J. Crew sweater is killing me right now. But alas, today is not payday so I must be content with gazing.

  17. OOh I wanted one,my old neighbor had a gorgeous fatty British blue and I was in love with it,I even “kidnapped”him for 2 minutes and the love faded as he had a very bad temper, they are bloody expensive too,think about it well you travel a lot and they need attention,x

  18. I have three cats Ruth. Two siblings from a rescue shelter and one purebred Bengal. I don’t regret any of them, and honestly, get the cat you want, regardless of what is “right” or expected. If you want a rescue cat, get a rescue, if you want a British Blue, put your name on a wait list. I knew when my Bengal cat was a kitten and when she would be released and saved up for her by putting aside money every month, I would also suggest you get two, if you can- not necessary two purebreds but two cats so they can play together. It puts a ton of fun in the house, and they have each other for company. Either way, a cat, any cat is a lovely addition to any household. Good luck! xo

  19. I’m not a huge fan of cats but this one is really cute! :)

  20. In 2007, I really really wanted a British Blue Cat and did loads of research on the breed. I was even prepared to pay the mega bucks price to buy one but my husband said “no way! You’re not spending that much, it’ll be nicked” and “you wouldn’t leave a 650 euro handbag on our back wall, would you?” Well I suppose he did have a point.

    I then looked at the animal rescue websites at the kittens. I never had a cat before but he always had cats and said no to the kitten as it’s hard to judge what the personality will be like and its father could have been the wildest cat in the neighbourhood.

    He suggested we look for a cat, he even rang our local rescue centre and explained the breed of cat that I wanted (I know, like some hope), the lady said that there was no British blue but come down and have a look we have cats coming in all the time.

    She had kept my husband’s number and we got a call that Saturday morning and she said a grey and white cat came in with a lovely temperament and to come down. Well he jumped at the chance and said I think you have your blue cat, ok, she wasn’t a British Blue but she has a lovely temperament, loves playing games and for an adult cat she is still very playful.

    My advice would be perhaps you will get lucky but the most important thing with an animal is personality, so go look and see what’s out there and like me perhaps the moggy will win out over the designer cat.

    She would look almost identical to this picture I found on the net.

    P.S. really loving the metalic jumper, you’d get loads of wear out of that one !

    • @Ireland yes I do keep checking rescue places online. I know there are loads out there to be rescued! xx

  21. As gorgeous as the jumpers and bag are I’d go for the cat too!

  22. That jumper looks really warm- have you heard of people knitting jumpers out of cat fur? I think they’d be really cosy and soft xx