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Leather Jacket Lust

I am in the market for a new leather jacket. (I’m not actually in the market, as in ‘down Walford’, I’m ‘looking to buy’.) I live in leather jackets (again, don’t take that literally – I live in a house, not in a pile of leather garments!) and I buy a new one almost every year. So far I have never had to throw one out because I always buy superb quality little numbers that last an absolute age! (Best buy ever was a Joseph jacket reduced from £1050 to £250 in the Harrods sale, 2005!) Anyway, here are a few that are on my list for consideration at the moment. As soon as I actually buy one, I shall let you know!

1) MuuBaa Jadene Army Grey JacketMuuBaa Jadene Army Grey Jacket

Just bloody lovely. I like a shearling collar, except that they can get a bit grubby. £520 from here:  Coggles

2) Jil Sander Shearling Aviator Jacket

Jil Sander Shearling Aviator JacketSigh. Sigh. Sigh. I want it SO much, but it’s the same price as my MA course fees for the year, so….no, then. £3110 – yes, £3110, from here:  Net-a-Porter (Check it out on the model, I am SO in love with this coat!)

3) MIH Jeans Distressed Leather Biker Jacket

MIH Jeans Distressed Leather Biker JacketI like the lining. And the jacket, too, obviously. I love a bit of distressed leather! (Cue little jacket squealing help! Help me! Oh please do help, I’m in such a leathery pickle!) This one is £685 from here:  Net-a-Porter

A little note about less expensive leathers; there are some very good ones out there, but I have found, through trial and error, that spending a little extra on coats and jackets is well worth it in the long run. My Jil Sander wool coat, bought in 2003 for £800, is still wheeled out every winter and it still looks incredible. I have probably worn it about 400 times, making the cost-per-wear approximately £2. Compare that to the H&M coat I bought the same year which didn’t last quite so well – cost per wear £8. Swings and roundabouts, people, swings and roundabouts.


  1. Sarah @BEskincareful

    I have an old leather Celine handbag which is sooo gorgeous, tan leather and suede lined, but is FILTHY! I have wanted to find a way to clean it for ages because I can’t really use it now it’s so bad but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it either. A ‘how to wash leather’ post would be extremely welcome! Please please please. xx

  2. The leather jackets are lovely, but your “sidenotes” made me laugh in this post, especially the distressed leather. So nice to read!! Xx

  3. @emjay I feel your pain (from emptied pockets, grrr), as this has happened to me. I’ve never done this,and the couple of girls I know who have, have used suede shoe dye. The result is terrible – stiff, and streaky, even after multiple applications, so don’t use that! If people are interested, I will look for some cheap victims from a charity shop to experiment on, and get back to Ruth (and you) with the results! xx

  4. MIH Jeans Distressed Leather Biker Jacket is beautiful!

  5. Thank you Ruth I will have a look. Out of your chosen three the Jill sander is lovely. Loving all your tutorials. Keep up the good work.

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