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What I Wore: The Coterie Event

coterie a model recommends ruth crillyme in my ‘speaker’s chair’

Last week I was very honoured to be asked along to The Coterie as a guest speaker to talk about social media. The Coterie (see previous link) is a networking club for hair and fashion professionals and it was great (but extremely nerve-wracking) to talk to so many individuals at the same time – there were some brilliant questions ‘from the floor’ after I had finished, and a few people told me that they felt so inspired they were going straight home to start blogging!

coterie october 2011 ruth crillythe lovely audience just before I was introduced

I decided to stay casual for the event, so stuck to my trusty black high-waisted J-Brand jeans (now in their second year and still going strong!) and my Uniqlo Argyle jumper. My boots are from Belstaff, I have had them since 2005 and they are simply amazing. So hard-wearing! If you have little feet (size 38 and under) then you can try here: The Outnet/Belstaff for half-price boots. Otherwise, My-Wardrobe (here) have the exact same boots for £382. Pricey, I know, but they will last for most of your adult life, I would expect! I think that Uniqlo have now sold out of the Argyle, which is a massive shame as I wanted to try the cardigan versions out, but they have got the cashmere roll-necks in the sale (or they have as of this second, which is 5pm on Friday 4th Nov). I have just bought another two – so now I have five of them! http://tinyurl.com/6zyxna5

Thanks so much to The Coterie for inviting me to speak last week, it was really an honour.


  1. Hi Ruth!

    I´m about to buy one of those great cashmere roll-necks and I was wondering in which size did you buy yours? Just to give me an idea…

    Thanks so much!! =)

  2. Why does the Uniqlo there seem much better than the ones here? :(

  3. Hi Ruth, may I ask what size you wear in the French Connection tea dress you posted about earlier? Thanks!

  4. Beautiful! I’m actually in the market for a pair of black trousers like those by J Brand. Where can you get them from? (I think selfridges do them but im not sure). And do they survive the tumble dryer?

  5. p.s. You look great xx

  6. I have serious boot lust whenever I see those Belstaffs! xx

  7. Your skin is glowing! What makeup were you wearing? Love your boots ;)

  8. Well, if somebody knows about a version that delivers abroad just let me know. I could only find the British one.

    But I would prefer an European version, because if it comes from the US (for example) I will have to pay the customs fees, etc. etc. and it’s a pain.

  9. But Ruth, Uniqlo website is only shiping to the UK, right? Because everytime I try to insert another European postal code it does not accept. Also, the shipping descriptions sound to be only national…
    Such a shame! I wanted it so much :(

  10. You look so glowy!

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