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It’s Not Terry’s, It’s Mine.

by terry sheer expert

Hands off, Terry – your sheer-expert foundation might be ‘by’ you, but now it’s all mine!

Absolutely stonking beauty product of the week prize must go to By Terry’s Sheer-Expert Foundation. It’s so ridiculously glowy, but it has no shimmer in it at all. Wearing it is like being lit from within – look at my photograph! I must have dribbled some onto my neck (such was my excitement!) and can you see how it quite literally glows against my skin! Amazing, and I most thoroughly recommend. It applies beautifully, leaves no residue or ‘dewiness’, yet makes skin look radiant and bright. If you want a foundation that leaves a healthy glow, but have always been put off by richer or oilier textures, then this one will be perfect for you.

by terry sheer expert ruth crilly review

There’s a heavier version, called Cover-Expert, that has more coverage, (the name gives that away, possibly…) but the sheer version is just utterly right for me – it has that no make-up look that we all strive for, but with added mega-watt glow! The foundations have only just been released (I think that they are only in the UK at the moment!) but I can see them becoming cult beauty products.

As with all By Terry cosmetics, the foundations are impressively hi-tech, with all-new formulas that do various magical things to the skin. 35ml costs £44, so this may be one to have for special occasions or ’emergency’ days, but it really is worth the investment. Try it out next time you’re passing SpaceNK!

You can see (or order) it here at SpaceNK online:  BY TERRY  (For your reference, I wear shade 9, but could also get away with an 8.)


  1. I love the byTerry skin make-up! Everything is wonderful. I believe she was the brains behind the touche eclat from YSL as well.

    Must try this out :D

  2. Interesting titbit sugarcoated! This looks fab, I usually use Bobbie Brown Moisture Rich for my dry skin which I love, but after going make up-less for a week recently, have realised it makes my skin a bit oily, so maybe worth a try. I was thinking about your recent points on frequent deep cleansing, Ruth, amazing how much more glowy the skin looks when its left to its own devices in the fresh air. Doesn’t quite have the same effect in the city though…

  3. I love this range but not the price, but I do have a few pieces.. .. woops ;) xx

  4. This is available in America. You can get it at Barney’s for $65.00.

  5. why are the cosmetic’s u use are so expensive ..?? can u suggest something in everyone’s budget pls

    • @Raggs so I take it you didn’t see “Budget Bonfire Beauty?” The cosmetics I use are expensive because I’m a thirty year old fashion model with a disposable income, I like nice things. Not ALL are expensive, there are loads of really affordable things that I rave about. : )

  6. I can vouch for Ruth on that… she does do cheaper brands too.. I also recommend spending more on a foundation and less on eyeshadow, blush, lipsticks etc.. its worth having a good foundation on your skin, as it gives a better finish. This brand is a good one. Its also nice to know which of the more expensive brands is good. This brand is also used by quite a few make-up artists.

  7. Your skin looks stunning, you have an absolutely gorgeous face! I don’t really use foundations, but I’ll keep this one in mind!

  8. I am curious about this foundation. I have the by Terry plumping fluid foundation and it is one of my all time favorites. Thanks.

  9. “The cosmetics I use are expensive because I’m a thirty year old fashion model with a disposable income”
    I was curious to ask for a long time how old are you exactly? Because you have such a gorgeous skin, of a 20 year old but I suspected you’re older as you’re more mature in the good way. Good genes but also good habits, so that’s why I was curious and hopeful to be never aging also :-)

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