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Egyptian Magic – Backstage Beauty Buy!

Egyptian Magic - Backstage Beauty Buy!  I keep seeing this cropping up in various ‘backstage beauty secret’ articles so I thought I’d give it a whirl. You know how I like my balms! First point to note: this says it’s a cream, but it’s most definitely a balm. Anything that is almost solid but then melts down to an oily consistency is, in my opinion, a balm. If something is creamy, then it’s a cream. These days oils are serums and balms are creams, creams are lotions, glosses are balms – it’s all terribly, terribly confusing!

So, Egyptian Magic, backstage beauty secret. Used on the dry patches of all of the world’s runway models – a fact that I have just semi-made-up and one that I can’t verify, not being a runway model. I’ll ask around.

Some at home uses: scaly shins, dry hands, brittle cuticles, chapped lips, grazed skin. It’s quite a basic formula with an olive oil and beeswax base, but there’s added bee pollen, Royal Jelly and honey and it’s free from added fragrances and colourings. It’s a good option for those wanting a very plain balm, but at £22.95 I would expect the packaging to be a little more sophisticated! I suppose that this type of design does have its charms, but it feels a little bit ‘drugstore’ or ‘wholesale warehouse’ for my liking. I’d quite like it to be in a heavy gold and black pyramid pot! (Egyptian Magic – if you’d like to collaborate on this re-design, you can contact me any day! Can we have it play a tune when the lid comes off? Walk like an Egyptian perhaps?)

I’m working through lots of balms at the moment – quite literally ’embalming’ myself, so I’m getting quite au fait with the various textures and blends. This one is one of the simplest so far, but for many people that’ll be a bonus – lots of people are sensitive to essential oils and added fragrances, and Egyptian Magic has neither of these in the formula. I have been using it all week as a base for my matte lipstick – it absorbs just enough to allow for good lipstick application but it still provides quite long-lasting moisture. Used as a lip balm, this pot would last into the next millennium!

You can buy Egyptian Magic at Beauty Bay here for £22.95


  1. Hi Ruth, love your blog… Have you ever tried Moa green balm? I keep hearing people rave about it and I’m curious to know what you think?

  2. Thank you Ruth, everyone has been raving about this for removing make up.

    Good to know It is not that amazing!!!
    Looking forward for your balm reviews


    • @Konstantina hmm, removing makeup?! That’s quite a good idea!! I must try that! Please don’t get the impression that I don’t like the balm, I just think that it’s nice and simple! xx

  3. From your description, could you say it’s similar to Elisabeth Arden Eight Hours Cream? The seem to have similar textures, as EA is claim to be a cream but from what i’ve seen it seems a balm.

    • @Maria Jose no, EA in the tube is quite soft and stickyish, the Eg Magic is solid and then oily when melted! xx EA 8 hr STINKS! x

  4. Is it possible to apply it over makeup when you have dry patches? Or does it ruin your foundation?

  5. I’ve used this for a while, and love it! It is quite popular at Wholefoods in the US. I really only use it during the winter and the tub does last a very long time, even using it on the legs. It is really healing on chapped lips as well. The lack of scent and taste is a huge bonus.

  6. Hmm interesting! Would think it was quite cheap judging from its packaging. Is it about as made in Morrocco as Morroccanoil? I am looking for a dupe, actually. Even despite my love affair with it. But it has got silicone in it, and that is very taboo, so.

    I totally agree on pimping this with heavy gold pyramid details. How about a sarcophagus applicator?! Some holy cats, perhaps? When the sphinx is pushed – Egyption Magic comes oozing out of the mummified crocodiles! … Let’s not get carried away.

    • @Tora HAHA!!!!!!! Let’s make our own version in a pyramid! RE Moroccanoil, have you tried Phyto products? They do a serum and a hair cream that are both silicon free. And v nice.. x

  7. I love Egyptian Magic! I use it every night as an eye cream and rub it on my lashes and brows as a conditioner. In the middle of winter, when it gets very dry, I use it as a face moisturizer and hand cream. It is somewhat similar to EA eight hour cream without the horrid smell. It lasts forever. With all my uses it has lasted close to a year. In the US it has a huge following, started when Madonna hailed it as her go to moisturizer.

  8. Ruth, I agree with you on the price and the packaging needing to be more lux. Listen up Eg Magic! Any thoughts on if it would be good on oily/combination skin prone to acne (ie: me). I’m starting to get the wintery dry patches in spots and my regular moisturizer is just not cutting it.

  9. @Ruth, a cheap American drugstore brand Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer Oil-Free. Definitely looking to upgrade.

    • @Katie hmmmm. It’s probably drying out the top layer of your skin whilst underneath it’s actually combo/oily? That happened a lot with mine at one point. Have a look at Alpha-H’s range and also Paula’s Choice, it sounds like you need to rebalance your skin so don’t use ultra-harsh cleansers etc. Take a look at my skincare routine video (type into search box) and see if anything I say sounds familiar for your skin! xx

  10. We’ve been using this for about 15 years in my family and I can tell you that it works quite well at preventing & fading scars. Although, I think that it costs more than I think it should or would like it to.

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