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ortigia bath oil New brand on my radar, Ortigia – how had I not heard of it before? The packaging is absolutely gorgeous! I shall report back when I have had a good scrub-a-dub with something from the range, but my beady little shopper’s eye is telling me that I’m going to love it..

The soaps are perfect stocking-filler fodder and it looks as though they do great gift sets too. I’m getting a little spine-chill looking at all of their goodies. (True Beauty Addict or Shopping Obsessive? You decide.)

Ambra Nero Bath Oil, £26, Single soap, £4, and Geranium Shower Gel, £20. All with free worldwide delivery from Beauty Expert here: http://tidd.ly/b8cdce04 and directly from Ortigia’s website here: http://goo.gl/cRJ6Y


ortigia shower geranium


  1. Beautiful packaging and very unique will have to check out this range, thanks for the heads up!

  2. So glad you have discovered Ortigia! I only came across the brand while traveling and was immediately attracted by their packaging in a store. Ortigia soap are lovely to use and not too drying, and changed my mind on using soap again. I have bought several in the past as gifts/souvenirs since the packaging is gorgeous and it smells divine! My favourites are Almond and Fico D’India. I hope you enjoy the brand!

  3. Lovely packaging xxx oh, nominated, of course! xxx

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