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Discounts for the Organised

Just a quick one; two little discount codes have come my way. Perfect for those organised people who have started their shopping – or perhaps already finished it and wanting more!

molecule 01

The first is for wonderful beauty site Cult Beauty. They stock some insanely amazing things including Jouer Cosmetics and my new discovery, Molecule 01, the best fragrance ever invented. (More on that next week!) The code is only valid until midnight tomorrow (Friday 25th) and the details are:

£5 off £50 – Offer Code TREAT05

£10 off £75 – Offer Code TREAT10

£20 off £100 – Offer Code TREAT20

and you can find the website here: CULT BEAUTY

The second is 20% off at Selfridges (apart from beauty, fragrance and wines which have 10% off). What a nice little discount to kick off this year’s festivities! I am (naughtily) eyeing up a few items of clothing that I fancy but I MUST NOT CAVE IN.

The codes for Selfridges are SELF10 and SELF20, you can use online at Selfridges until Sunday 27th – click here: SELFRIDGES


  1. This new perfume’s description sounds amazing.
    I have several heavy perfumes that smell so much better the next day because you only get the hearty (woody) drydown and hint of musk.. If this new perfume gives me that instantly I’m sold!

  2. I use molecule 01 for years now. Will not change it. ever.

  3. Babe I tried the CB promo codes. They don’t work. Please advise.

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