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November "Beauty" Round-Up

ruth crilly a model recommends

(Yes, you have seen that photo before. I’m wearing the Pixi Lip Blush! I was too lazy to find another ‘featured image’ for the post…)

OK, so this month’s ‘beauty’ round-up includes a bag and a cat, but hey! It’s my round-up and I can put bags and cats in if I please…can’t I? All of the video info is below the video pane – for those wanting more details on the fabulous Pai Skincare offer, you can read more about that here: Pai Luxury Gift Sets

Not long, now, until kitty arrives. I’m frantically trying to schedule Christmas Gift Guides and December posts, just in case I go completely soft and forget how to type! So excited, as you will see in the video! People with a tendency to scream at kitten videos, brace yourselves:

Pixi Lip Blush in ‘Love’; http://tidd.ly/9ab4c87e

Jemma Kidd Cream Blush in PawPaw

Pai Gift Collections with free lip balms:

UK and EU readers click here: http://tidd.ly/226caf17

US and Canada, click here:  http://tidd.ly/7a02f8c9

All other International (eg Australia, HK), click here: http://tidd.ly/c60548fd

Ted the kitten is a British Blue Shorthair!

Mulberry Lily Bag was from Lux in Bath, http://www.luxshoes.co.uk/ and you can find online too, they are £495


  1. Kittens are the best – he will mentalise your life!

  2. Aaaaw, kitten so cute, and – loving the hot Mulberry bag. Checked out the men’s range for Mulberry, and it’s pretty bad. U ladies are soooo lucky!! Need my man bag fix too (Lol) xx :D

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