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My Christmas Tree Trinkets

I’m really rather pleased with my M&S tree – it’s artificial! I’ve never had a fake tree before, but by God is it less hassle! I have no lacerations/burst eyeballs from the needles and I won’t have to spend about three weeks hoovering once Christmas is over! Mr AMR and I are usually so lazy when it comes to getting a tree – we start our hunt about two days before Christmas and end up with some spindly thing that looks as though it has been dead for about a decade. Not so this year! The tree looks lush and green, a prime specimen.

I have got a little carried away with my tree decorations, too – I have hung up about a trillion hand cream samples that I had and a few other little prize trinkets. It has become the ‘Tree of Beauty’! You may wonder why I’m doing all this now when it’s not even December, and I shall just say one word: Kitten. Yes, Ted the kitten arrives on Tuesday and from that day forth, no work shall be done. So I’m filming Christmas Gift Guides and Festive Makeup Guides and all sorts of things so that come Kittenday I can just concentrate on trying to preserve Mr AMR’s bespoke Natuzzi chair and the vintage sofa. (Tips?)

The video below shows a few of the tree trinkets and some nice little beauty Christmas crackers – enjoy! All of the stockist links are posted below the video.

Paul & Joe Ornament £12 http://tidd.ly/dba0b474

AA Little Star, £10 http://tidd.ly/bf1a2d67

Harajuku Lovers Decor: £11.50: http://tidd.ly/d0dc4b06

This Works cracker, £9 http://tidd.ly/dc94ccc4

Jo Malone Cracker: check your local Jo Malone counter!

l’Occitane Shea Butters, samples inside gift with purchases but you can get 30ml larger sizes here: http://goo.gl/pyvqH

 Nail Polish is Ciaté Fit for a Queen

 Tree and decorations all from Marks & Spencer here: http://tidd.ly/f7d2c6fc


  1. Apparently a spray mixture of water & lemon near or on the furniture (or anything else scratch-worthy) works. I myself have 2 cats and I never bothered to find out beforehand about any handy tricks so we have a scratched TV shelf, scratched wooden chairs & scratched sofas. Oh and cats *love* Christmas tree and sparkly things so you might wanna keep Ted away from the exciting lights!

  2. Good luck with the arrival of Ted and Happy Birthday! My beautiful, blue-eyed Birman kitty is 6 months old now. To stop your sofa being wrecked, try putting double-sided sticky tape on the areas where he attempts to scratch. Apparently, if they get their claws stuck once, they won’t repeat (so my sister-in-law, a vet, tells me). Bazia scratch post by Trixie is great as it has a lovely bed too (trust me, I spent ages researching). Vet Essentials dry food is the best healthwise, mixed with Whiskas kitten pouches. Don’t get him used to eating human food. Love cats so much, more than shopping?

  3. I don’t know if you have these available in the UK, but there is a product called Soft Paws. They are coverings that go over the claws, so Ted can’t do damage when he scratches. They are completely safe. You can either have a groomer put them on or you can yourself.


  4. I love the Harajuku fragrance. The G of the original line is one of my faves, it actually reminds me of Marc Jacobs Daisy, but a lot more affordable.

  5. p.s. the tree is lovely! xxx

  6. I also kept the litter tray in the bathroom, so that it was easy to clean up, and there was no confusion about where it’s ok to poo! xxx

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