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Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday today! I’m going to be conspicuously absent, however, as I have to go to uni and talk about literary theory and other such wonderful things. Later I’m going for a meal and then tomorrow is KITTEN DAY! I couldn’t really ask for anything more brilliant than a kitten, but I thought that it might be fun to do a bit of a fantasy wishlist. Of course, as we all know, the best gift is our good health and I am thankful that on my twenty-second birthday (hahaaaaaa) I am fit and ailment-free. Thanks in advance for all of your lengthy, tear-jerkingly moving birthday messages – it’s tough turning twenty-four twenty-six twenty, so your continued support is really appreciated.


1) Anything by Fornasetti. What superb design. Check out these babies!

FornasettiBacio Candle, £95

FornasettiScent Sphere, £195

FornasettiPistola Incense, £145

Fornasetti can be found at Selfridges here: http://tidd.ly/5c2f57c3

2) Mulberry Bayswater Calfskin Bag, £2000. Just because. It’s animal print, say no more.

mulberry bayswater leopard From Net-a-Porter here: http://goo.gl/quUyo – please note: if anyone actually buys this I shall hate them forever.

3) Cropped Faux-Fur coat from Anna Sui. I really want a glamtastic little jacket and this is just the ticket. Unfortunately I can not spend any more money until at least…hold on! Isn’t it Christmas soon?!

£455 from Net-a-Porter here: http://goo.gl/EnINd

4) Two more hours in every day. Just two – that’s all I’m asking for. That would be the best birthday present ever!


  1. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and I bet your getting more excited about your kitten!!! x

  2. Dear Ruth,

    let’s get the party started: Happy Birthday! All the best to you and have a fantastic day! :)

  3. Those candles are to die for! Too bad I live stateside. :(

    Happy Birthday! I hope you get what you wish for!

  4. Happy Birthday Ruth! Hope you have a fabulous day – looking forward to seeing more of Ted the kitten!

  5. Ha! ppy B’day!!! Just had mine last Wed! Anover Sag! xxx

  6. Happy birthday Ruth! :)

  7. Hope your next year is filled with love, laughter and Ted (?)-ilicious good times hun. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY B’day. xx

  8. Happy birthday Ruth! Hope you have a lovely day. but wait, i thought you turned 60 last year haha

  9. Happy birthday! Have a lovely day, and a fantastic kitten day!
    …Oh-so-tough turning twenty… ;)

  10. A really happy birthday!!!! Fornasetti was a great designer indeed!

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