Birthday Wishlist

It’s my birthday today! I’m going to be conspicuously absent, however, as I have to go to uni and talk about literary theory and other such wonderful things. Later I’m going for a meal and then tomorrow is KITTEN DAY! I couldn’t really ask for anything more brilliant than a kitten, but I thought that it might be fun to do a bit of a fantasy wishlist. Of course, as we all know, the best gift is our good health and I am thankful that on my twenty-second birthday (hahaaaaaa) I am fit and ailment-free. Thanks in advance for all of your lengthy, tear-jerkingly moving birthday messages – it’s tough turning twenty-four twenty-six twenty, so your continued support is really appreciated.


1) Anything by Fornasetti. What superb design. Check out these babies!

FornasettiBacio Candle, £95

FornasettiScent Sphere, £195

FornasettiPistola Incense, £145

Fornasetti can be found at Selfridges here:

2) Mulberry Bayswater Calfskin Bag, £2000. Just because. It’s animal print, say no more.

mulberry bayswater leopard From Net-a-Porter here: – please note: if anyone actually buys this I shall hate them forever.

3) Cropped Faux-Fur coat from Anna Sui. I really want a glamtastic little jacket and this is just the ticket. Unfortunately I can not spend any more money until at least…hold on! Isn’t it Christmas soon?!

£455 from Net-a-Porter here:

4) Two more hours in every day. Just two – that’s all I’m asking for. That would be the best birthday present ever!


  1. Happy belated birthday Ruth! You look fab! I turned 29 on the 21st 2 stone heavier than when I turned 28 (post baby blubber) that’s depressing hopefully I’ll turn 30 much slimmer ;-) xxx

  2. Oops, too much work means I am a bit behind on posts – happy belated birthday Ruth! I think Ted’s the best present anyone could wish for!

  3. Happy belated birthday! I’m in the midst of planning my wedding and was wondering if you would do a post on your wedding tips and advice?
    I would very much appreciate it!

  4. Many happy returns!! Cant wait to see the cat when he finally arrives. Hide all your good shoes! They do like to nibble things…bless them :S

  5. Happy Birthday, Ruth! Hope you have a lovely day … cant wait to meet Ted!

  6. Happy Birthday! I can’t wait to see the little kitten, I bet he will be such a popstar here on AMR, seeing as he will get so many requests for special appearances… ;).

  7. Happy birthday Ruth hope u had a really lovely day :-) xxxx

  8. happy birthday ruth!

  9. Happy birthday! I hope it’s a lovely day! Can’t wait to see lots of photos/videos featuring Ted the kitten! (but hopefully not wearing one of these:!!!

  10. Happy Birthday! Did you know that there is a sale on some of MuuBaa jackets at cocosa? Maybe you could get another lovely gift for yourself from there?!? Have a lovely day!

  11. Ruth this is a belated Birthday Wish. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday week. Thanks for sharing your life with us. I have enjoyed youR
    videos and website so much. You are an inspiration to us all and I hope you enjoy all your family and friends on your special Birthday week. Love and Peace, MA from the USA

  12. Happy Birthday!! You should “accidentally” leave the computer screen on your wishlist so the Mr. can see it…. :P

  13. Ruth! Have an amazing birthday, so jealous of your kitten it’s beautiful! Happy 20th/24th/26th birthday! xxx

  14. :D I wish you all and only the best! You truly are my idol :-*
    I can only pray for having such grace and beauty and of course charming humour as you have when I’m turning 24 ;) (and at any point in my life for that matter)
    <3 enjoy your day

  15. Happy Birthday!! You’re a Sag! That explains a lot….. ;-) My Mom’s a Sag too and she’s as bright, well-spoken & quick-witted as you are. I hope today is magical for you!

  16. Happy belated birthday! I hope it was wonderful. (^_~)v

  17. Happy Birthday Ruth, I’m sure there will be lots of goodies and surprises in store for you, nothing as fab as Ted though. Have a wonderful day xx

  18. Happy birthday!!

  19. Happy birthday!!!!! If I may do a little request…. please please do a uni-makeup video! Most days I go to uni bare faced anyway but you know, for the days that I actually bother it would be nice if you could make a video to inspire us uni-students. Best wishes!! Keep being beautiful, intelligent, classy, funny, humble and very inspiring xxx

  20. Ruthie, you want the MULBERRY, I’ll get it for you! XX

  21. Happy Birthday Ruth!

  22. Oh Ruth! We share the same birthday! I’ve been lurking on your site for ages but had to comment when I saw this. Have a wonderful day! And may I suggest finishing off the day by going out for a martini. Or three.

  23. Ruth,

    Happy Birthday!!!

    I hope you have a marvellous day!

    I am also a sagittarius! Best sign ;)

    Are you taking a literature course at university?


  24. Happy Birthday Ruth!!! Hope you have a fab birthday and can’t wait to meet Ted tomorrow!

  25. Happy birthday to the very best blogger in the business!
    May all your wishlist come true. xx

  26. Happy Birthday, Ruth. Hope you have a great time xx

  27. A really happy birthday!!!! Fornasetti was a great designer indeed!

  28. Happy birthday! Have a lovely day, and a fantastic kitten day!
    …Oh-so-tough turning twenty… ;)

  29. Happy birthday Ruth! Hope you have a lovely day. but wait, i thought you turned 60 last year haha

  30. Hope your next year is filled with love, laughter and Ted (?)-ilicious good times hun. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY B’day. xx

  31. Happy birthday Ruth! :)

  32. Ha! ppy B’day!!! Just had mine last Wed! Anover Sag! xxx

  33. Happy Birthday Ruth! Hope you have a fabulous day – looking forward to seeing more of Ted the kitten!

  34. Those candles are to die for! Too bad I live stateside. :(

    Happy Birthday! I hope you get what you wish for!

  35. Dear Ruth,

    let’s get the party started: Happy Birthday! All the best to you and have a fantastic day! :)

  36. Happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day and I bet your getting more excited about your kitten!!! x