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India Hicks Spider Lily Vanity Case

India Hicks Spider Lily Vanity Case I was looking forward to the ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ when I showed this Crabtree & Evelyn set off in the upcoming Gift Guide videos, but then I saw that it was on offer at Escentual so I have quickly cobbled together a post! I have taken a quick snapshot of the vanity case with a paperback inside the lid (weirdly!) so that you can see how big it is – I think that this would make a really chic present.

india hicks spider lilyThe case has a lovely linen finish and the inside is lined in pretty paper. There’s a full-size shower gel and body lotion as well as a fragrance and a smaller size body cream. The products are beautifully scented and I love the name; Island Living. I’d be happy to use the case to store precious things in once the products had run out, too – special lingerie or makeup items that I wanted to keep safe. Top marks for this one!

UPDATE: You’d get a free 100ml Noel Room Spray with the order, too, as it’s over £30!

The vanity case is £55 but on offer at £35 at the moment of posting, the page you need is here: http://tidd.ly/8858cde1


  1. I was given one of these (in a different design) as a gift a few months ago, I use it for storing nail polish in now.

  2. Dubliners! Very nice paperback.

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