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Molecule 01 – My Favourite Fragrance

escentric_molecules_molecule_01 I have been trawling through a whole load of fragrances, wondering what to suggest people buy for Christmas or put on their wish-lists, and I have realised that the main problem with fragrance – the biggest reason for it sometimes feeling like a bit of a ‘cop out’ present – is that it’s so mainstream. Most fragrances that we can pick up in Harrods beauty hall we can also find in Debenhams, John Lewis, our local Superdrug. If you scanned a whole load of people’s bathroom shelves, we’d probably all have a few bottles of scent in common, at least.

Take my (former) favourite, Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. Also the favourite perfume of: my Mum, two of my close friends, two of my Mum’s friends, one of the girls who works in Topshop Oxford Street. I smell it everywhere. The fact that it’s so popular tells you that it must be pretty appealing (and bloody well marketed!) but I’m not sure whether I’m a little over wearing the same scent as everyone else.

Which is why I am extremely hesitant to tell you all about my new-found fragrance love. And I’m being entirely serious about that – I really do want to keep it a secret! The last fragrance I fell for, I’m not even allowed to tell you about – makeup artist Alex Byrnes would only tell me what she was wearing if I promised not to write about it on here! So I can’t. Which is why I’m giving you this one – which is far more amazing at any rate. (Sorry Alex – but at least your secret is safe!)

Escentrics Molecule o1 is quite simply one of the very best scents that I have ever tried. If I had to stop searching for a fragrance, right this minute, then I’d stop the wheel on this one. It’s made up of just one molecule (hence the name) rather than the thousand that go into a regular perfume. Just one molecule! It’s actually the aroma-chemical that gets added to a perfume to create ‘allure’ – it’s quite deep and woody and so, so sexy. It reminds me of ‘fig’ based scents, a little, so perhaps this is what traditionally gets popped into those, but on its own the molecule just kind of blends in with your natural scent. After a few minutes you can’t really smell it on yourself – but my God can others! I have had a number of comments and so far declined to spill the beans…better to tell the whole world, obviously!

Right. I’ve told you my secret now you tell me yours!

Escentrics Molecule 01 is from Cult Beauty here: http://goo.gl/1gSrd – or the 30ml special boxed version is just £38, which I find astonishing! http://goo.gl/LrShX

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  1. I’m glad you love it! I have heard good things about it for sure.

    Two of my favorite favorite fragrance are Etat Libre d’Orange Tilda Swinton Like This (what a mouthful!) and L’Artisan Parfumer Tea for Two. And I feel very little concern that I will ever smell them on anyone around me : ) There is actually lot of amazing niche fragrances out there at prices comparable to department store faire… you just have to look : )

  2. Oh, I love this one too. But I have never received any comments. :( Maybe I am just not using enough? How many sprays do you use? x Beccala

  3. I tend to veer away from mainstream perfumes because I don’t want to smell like everybody else. This is the reason I either go for indie and niche perfumes. My secret perfume isn’t really a secret it’s just hard to get and costs around $450. You can only buy it at Colette in Paris for a limited time only, Le Labo Vanille 44 which is part of their City Exclusive line. I feel as if I’m bathed in a fragile halo of this sensual and warm scent. Vanille 44 is so austere and delicate. So beautiful and sexy!

  4. Aah, you’ve spilled the beans! I’ve kept this fragrance a secret too – it’s so addictive. I’ve had people stop me in the streets asking about it. Apparently it’s not a ‘perfume’ exactly but works with your natural pheromones so does smell different on each individual.My favourite all time perfume.

    The doll on fashion

  5. Hey Ruth I have been wearing this perfume for years now, I absolutely love it. It appears to smell differen on everyone, so you might not ealize, many people are also addicted ;-) One strange thing, it’s always women who love it on me even to the extent of chasing me down the street so they can ask what am I wearing. Very mysterious scent it reminds me of the smell of skin on the sun ;-) Just a little correction the brand is called Escentric Molecules and this one is Molecule 01.There is also an Escentric 01 and now we are up to 03 in the series.

  6. Paris hiltons Can Can : ) Shhhh..!!

  7. Hi! I bought this fragrance fm Cult Beauty last year, without having tried it, just bcs i was curious of the concept. I have to say it is amazing! I get asked all the time what fragrance i am wearing!

  8. I’ve heard such interesting things about this perfume, I love the fig reference, very appealing to me.

    My two standards are Penhaligon’s Bluebell – I wear it pretty much every day – and Guerlain L’Heure Bleue for anything a little more formal/sexy. There’s clearly a blue theme:)

  9. Wow, thank you for sharing your secret!! This scent sounds really interesting. I don’t think that I have heard of it before, might have to google some reviews!

  10. I wear Chanel Mademoiselle lol! I love it but smell it everywhere I go which I don’t like coz I like to smell a bit more unique :-)

    Thanks for sharing, I’ve never heard of this perfume

    Hope u enjoyed your birthday yesterday xx

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