Molecule 01 – My Favourite Fragrance

escentric_molecules_molecule_01 I have been trawling through a whole load of fragrances, wondering what to suggest people buy for Christmas or put on their wish-lists, and I have realised that the main problem with fragrance – the biggest reason for it sometimes feeling like a bit of a ‘cop out’ present – is that it’s so mainstream. Most fragrances that we can pick up in Harrods beauty hall we can also find in Debenhams, John Lewis, our local Superdrug. If you scanned a whole load of people’s bathroom shelves, we’d probably all have a few bottles of scent in common, at least.

Take my (former) favourite, Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. Also the favourite perfume of: my Mum, two of my close friends, two of my Mum’s friends, one of the girls who works in Topshop Oxford Street. I smell it everywhere. The fact that it’s so popular tells you that it must be pretty appealing (and bloody well marketed!) but I’m not sure whether I’m a little over wearing the same scent as everyone else.

Which is why I am extremely hesitant to tell you all about my new-found fragrance love. And I’m being entirely serious about that – I really do want to keep it a secret! The last fragrance I fell for, I’m not even allowed to tell you about – makeup artist Alex Byrnes would only tell me what she was wearing if I promised not to write about it on here! So I can’t. Which is why I’m giving you this one – which is far more amazing at any rate. (Sorry Alex – but at least your secret is safe!)

Escentrics Molecule o1 is quite simply one of the very best scents that I have ever tried. If I had to stop searching for a fragrance, right this minute, then I’d stop the wheel on this one. It’s made up of just one molecule (hence the name) rather than the thousand that go into a regular perfume. Just one molecule! It’s actually the aroma-chemical that gets added to a perfume to create ‘allure’ – it’s quite deep and woody and so, so sexy. It reminds me of ‘fig’ based scents, a little, so perhaps this is what traditionally gets popped into those, but on its own the molecule just kind of blends in with your natural scent. After a few minutes you can’t really smell it on yourself – but my God can others! I have had a number of comments and so far declined to spill the beans…better to tell the whole world, obviously!

Right. I’ve told you my secret now you tell me yours!

Escentrics Molecule 01 is from Cult Beauty here: – or the 30ml special boxed version is just £38, which I find astonishing!


  1. My boyfriend wear molecule 01 & boy…its the main reason he has become my boyfriend. the first time i met him, i swear i try to get nearer to him so i can get a sniff. :D
    the scent is woody, sexy & too fresh on him, like he jz step outta shower and it feels like home. Hope he’ll never stop wearing it!! <3

  2. Adriana Tužinská

    Hi Ruth, I ordered a sample of this on Luckyscent, literally from the other side of the world… :) It came on Friday, I sniffed it and I felt sheer joy. On Saturday I thought “so controversial”. On Sunday I felt “nothing so special”. On Monday: “mhmm, it’s so clean, pure and deep”. On Tuesday -“that’s SEXY!” On Wednesday – “something holy, sacred”
    Today is Thursday and I know already, that I have never smelled something like it before and never met a girl or woman wearing even similar fragrance. By now I have become addicted to it… :) It’s still the same fragrance, very simple, but evokes so many feelings!
    I thank you Ruth, for sharing this information. In my country, Slovakia, the Escentric Molecules brand is totally unknown. And as I have read all the information about Escentric Molecules fragrances, I am going to try the other samples, too. I feel I will like them.
    Greetings from Middle Europe :)

  3. molecules 01 has been my favorite scent 4 or 5 years now. i have 03 also but 01 is the best!

  4. well i smelt this on someone and it was gorgeous so i sent for some, cannot smell a thing neither could my daughter or friend but i went out in it and people commented , my dressing gown smells lovely, i just cant accept not being able to smell it myself

  5. Definitely trying out Molecule 01, thanks! I currently wear Jennifer Aniston (the perfume) which I LOVE. It’s not too strong with base of jasmine and smells incredible, just so light. It is one of those that smell different on every one. I also wear Stella McCartney, lots of compliments on that one. I also use Korres Japanese Rose shower gel and lotion. :)

  6. LIES! Not you, Ruth, I meant the lady in the shop. She was trying to explain what this smelt like, going on and on, and all the while, I was thinking, “No, that’s not how this one works. Ms. Crilly has already sold me on it.” Didn’t want to be rude, so I just went along with it and bought it. Thanks for the review, though, and I can’t wait to use it to pump up the ALLURE (as defined by Miranda Hart).

    As for my secrets, you’re already familiar with Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino. Can’t get enough of this one! Using the body oil for a light scent all over, the parfum if I want more. Once in a while, though, I think it smells like my SPF. No, I love it. Also in love with Tom Ford’s Lavender Palm, more for the evening. And then there’s Penhaligon’s Blenheim Bouquet. Must visit Floris the next time I’m in London!

    Sorry, I’ve written a novel.

  7. i Love silver rain from la prairie x

  8. OK well, the sample is still going strong, I layered it with philosykos and it really added depth to it. I’ve decided I do like the clean incense smell of molecule 01 but as I can’t smell it all the time the figgy scent of philosykos is really nice as it remains with me, but doesn’t clash with the smell of molecule 01 (when I do smell it). I agree that molecule 01 does linger on clothing more!

  9. Exactly, it’s so weird that it smells so different from moment to moment when it’s just the one molecule (I’m in day 2 of the “experience”). I have diptyque philosykos which is very figgy, so I’ll see how that layers when I get home tonight. That’s quite an earthy version of a fruity scent, but I don’t think molecule 01 would layer with super ozoney or fresh scents …

    • Flick do let me know how the experiment goes! I have put a jumper on this morning and it carries trace of the scent, I think it’s just amazing! LOVE IT!

  10. @flick- you said something about fig.perhaps like Diptoque – Philosykos? it has a strong fig scent but it also smells very fresh to me. like fresh green fig tree branches. some say its on the sweet side. anyways, that is my secret scent, not many people wear it. not i am hoping to find Molecule 01 here in Romania

  11. quick update, not that I’m obsessed … much … I got a sample off ebay (some kind soul decanting their own perfumes into 1ml samples). Anyway, I’ve been wearing molecule 01 all day and it is more of an experience than a fragrance. I am used to wearing light citrus clean fragrances, so this is very different to me and I’m not sure if this is too masculine on me. I do get waves of powder, incense and then pine, but I don’t know how others will perceive it on me.

    I like this idea of layering it … perhaps with a fig fragrance?

    • @Flick oooh! What a good idea from the eBayer! Yes, an experience, that is quite a good description. I think that because it IS just one molecule instead of the thousands that make up a usual fragrance, it’s even more black&white as to whether or not you love it.. Interesting! Let me know how it layers with fig – essentially, as it’s a chemical ‘note’, it should layer with anything. No? Let me know! xx

  12. @style souk thanks! hmmm, am wondering if I’ll smell like a Magic Tree air freshener. Looking at the reviews there seems to be a consensus that there’s a weird peekaboo quality to this fragrance!
    Perhaps your fiance can’t smell this particular molecule, apparently some people can’t smell it (the molecule is quite large apparently?).

  13. This sounds just like my favourite perfume, Narciso Rodriguez Eau De Parfum Intense. It’s amazing, it smells like warm sunkissed skin mixed with cashmere when I wear it (if that makes any sense at all?!)
    I’m so tempted to blindly order this on Cult Beauty now as I’ve never seen Escentric fragrances in stores before. Fingers crossed it works on my skin!
    Your blog is very bad for my bank balance ;) xx

  14. @Flick

    I hope you don’t mind my joining your conversation.

    On me, this fragrance smells masculine, velvety and woody. It is not floral. The scent waxes and wanes during the day – it is mostly impossible to discern – and is, at turns, warm and sexy, then redolent of ‘Alpine Fresh’ toilet cleaner!

    Ruth, I forgot to ask… how much do you wear?

    My fiancé has never been able to smell this on me and it makes me wonder whether I apply too little.

  15. Omg Ruth, I went to Liberty and tried this solely on your recommendation because you pretty much sold it to me!. I was with a friend, and at first I couldnt smell anything so I kept spraying it on. After about 20 mins my friend was like ‘you smell really strong!’. The problem is, I cant smell it at all on me but everyone else can! I would say its quite a masculine scent though, very woody. Im on the fence about this one,it does smell a bit too ‘manly’ on me. But I sprayed it on my friend and it smelt deep and musky on her so it must smell differently on different people! Thanks for telling us about it Ruth xxx

  16. Haha! Loved Flick’s comment! “Adrenaline and fear” lol xx.

  17. @LilyM what does it smell like on you? (if you don’t mind me asking?) I’ve currently got it in my shopping basket but have commitment phobia.

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