Norwegian Day-Trip

I did a funny old trip to Oslo in October – landed at 1pm and was back on the plane by 8pm! We literally had about four hours to do three pictures – each with full hair and makeup. It was for Stella magazine – I have posted one of the shots below. It makes me wish that I had really long princess hair, but then I can foresee that it would be a nightmare to maintain! Can you imagine how often the drains would get clogged up? Mr AMR would spend his entire life poking the deconstructed wire coathanger down the plug hole! Bless him…

ruth crilly stella magazine


  1. Beautiful! That hair :O Stunning! (from what I can see of your makeup it looks really nice as well! Love the bronzer color).

  2. so beautiful Picture!!!! the hair is like that of the original Charlie’s Angels :D

  3. Do you have any idea the specifics of the tools and products used to style your hair here? Its too beautiful :)

  4. You look amazing!!!!!! I wish I had hair like that!!

  5. You look beautiful! Do you remember what they used on your eyes? Love the eyeshadow colour!

    • So sorry everyone – I cannot remember a single thing about what they used on my face or hair! If anyone in Norway has this mag and can translate, then that would be amazing!! xxx

  6. The hair is totally stunning. Every little girls dream but not particularly practical though unless you have a couple of spare hours every morning to style it!

  7. I have that magazine, you look amazing in it !

  8. Gimme that hairrrr!!! Gorgeous!

  9. LOVE the nude-y makeup look! Do you happen to know what products were used on your lips & eyes?

  10. Kitty pics please? xxx

  11. Ah, I love your hair like this, it looks so luxe! Really suits you.
    And I’ve got to find a strainer that fits the plughole properly, it’s driving me mad! xxx

  12. Oh Ruth you look so amazing!! I’m currently in that “long hair or not long hair” dilema! My hair is currently medium length (gone just past the shoulders) but I want to grow it long, however, it’s now getting really tangly, a nightmare to brush and the only way to make my hair less annoying is to have a chop :( Feels like there is no way I’ll ever be able to have long, princess like long hair :/

    • @Helen I know, I keep considering having a bob again, but that’s just as much of a pain – you have to actually style it! x

  13. You look absolutely gorgeous in this picture! Love your blog. x

  14. Stunning!

    Pleased with your new modeling agency? (:

  15. you are stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Hair Shmair….You are beautiful the hair is just an add on. I love your hair as it is now. Great picture!

  17. You are so so beautiful!
    Perhaps this is irrelevant but please may you do a teen skincare video or post or something, thank you in advance have a nice day :)

  18. Bloody hell, you look AMAZING xxx

  19. Wow, really a beautiful picture! And nice make-up.

  20. Ruth, this is a gorgeous picture !
    As for long hair,you have to like it to enjoy the high maintenance process. I´ve always had long hair and taking care of it feels like extra pampering to me :-)

  21. I’m curious! Is it just wig and nothing else? It’s gorgeous!

  22. You look fantastic! And just think what fun Ted could have with all that hair :)

  23. wow – that’s true princess hair alright! that reminds me of my wedding when I grew my hair long and had it styled with loose soft curls….directly after the honeymoon I chopped it back to shoulder length!
    how did they do it? extensions or a wig?

  24. you look amazing here! I do love that hair! x

  25. Wow! You look incredible! I love the hair! You’re right, it’s so ‘princessy’….. but yes long hair requires maintenance and my plug holes are certainly not thanking me for it….

  26. This is a beautiful shot! My hair is like this: long, thick and blonde, and I can indeed confirm that most of my life is spent on my knees in the shower (no water running, of course) with coathanger/plunger firmly in hand. However, if you have a man to do the dirty job for you, then go for the grow!

  27. You look stunning as usual. Bit of a stupid question: so that’s not your real hair? Or is it just completely textured and volumized? Or did they add extensions? I’m curious :)

  28. Ooh, the text is in Norwegian too!!
    And such a beautiful picture of you!

    Having long hair is a real pain, truly. Just sleeping is difficult.

  29. You look beautiful!