Festive Fendi

Fan di Fendi Limited Edition

 Fendi have released two limited edition versions of their fragrance Fan di Fendi, and they are both quite bonkers. The first, priced at £120, is a 50ml bottle that zips into its very own patent leather case, like a little leather jacket! You can see more details on that here: FAN DI FENDI, ESCENTUAL The second is strictly one for … Read More

Ruth CrillyFestive Fendi

A Final Word on Glossybox.

Glossybox press image

Well, perhaps not the final word, but unless somebody really really objects, then this will be the last post dedicated to subscription boxes. (Unless something truly spectacular and/or exciting happens!) There are plenty of people out there in the world wide web describing the contents of their Glossybox every month – one very fine example is Mushaboom, who ‘battles’ the … Read More

Ruth CrillyA Final Word on Glossybox.


Ortigia Product Range

 New brand on my radar, Ortigia – how had I not heard of it before? The packaging is absolutely gorgeous! I shall report back when I have had a good scrub-a-dub with something from the range, but my beady little shopper’s eye is telling me that I’m going to love it.. The soaps are perfect stocking-filler fodder and it looks … Read More

Ruth CrillyOrtigia

Festive Lip Love!

Pixi Lip Love

 Oh ho-ho! Experimenting with festive red lips, I came across this little beauty of a product: Pixi’s Lip Blush in ‘Love’. Check out the intense red pout above! This felt-tip pen lip stain is so easy to use – the fine tip outlines precisely whilst the edge can be used to fill in the gaps. The result is brilliant – … Read More

Ruth CrillyFestive Lip Love!

Your Christmas Beauty Gifts, Absolutely SORTED!

Pai Tranquility Body Gift Set

OK, I’m trying very hard not to scream with excitement about this. There are many levels to my excitement and I shall now attempt to tell you all about them without getting hysterical. 1) Pai, one of my most favourite beauty brands, has launched two gift sets. YES GIFT SETS! With body products. I am in my absolute element about … Read More

Ruth CrillyYour Christmas Beauty Gifts, Absolutely SORTED!

Stila Collectible Beach Palettes

Stila Collectible Beach Palettes

 I mentioned this little palette in my Bonfire Beauty video – it’s a gorgeous little selection of shadows and blushes called ‘Living the Life in Laguna‘. Stila have produced a number of these palettes (five, I think?) but this is my absolute favourite. It has a great pinkish coppery eye shade that’s spot-on for this autumn, and the blushes are … Read More

Ruth CrillyStila Collectible Beach Palettes

Decleor Life Radiance Scrub

Decleor Life Radiance Scrub

This post comes to you via a veritable wonder-woman, Lauren; model, landlady of an uber-pub, ex-PR of an extremely famous rock-star, general glamourpuss and NEW MUM! She has been trying out Decleor’s Life Radiance Scrub which contains Jojoba Beads, Cardamom Seeds and Egyptian Luffa Fibres. What in the name of God are Egyptian Luffa Fibres? I have no idea, but … Read More

Ruth CrillyDecleor Life Radiance Scrub

Gazelli at Urban Retreat

Gazelli at Urban Retreat

I went for a great facial at Urban Retreat last week – it was the signature facial for Gazelli, a luxurious skincare brand from Azerbaijan. All of their products contain a special ingredient, a ‘White Healing Oil’ which has been sourced in Azerbaijan and adapted for cosmetic use by extracting the active components. The oil reportedly has repairing and regenerating … Read More

Ruth CrillyGazelli at Urban Retreat

l’Occitane Festive Winter Collection

l'Occitane Festive Winter Collection

I was in l’Occitane yesterday (yes, again) looking at all of their gorgeous Christmas gift sets, and I spotted this piece of lushness: It’s a little set that you can buy if you spend over £40, and it costs £12.50. As well as a rather jolly wipe-clean cosmetics bag, you get a selection of bestsellers including travel-sized products from the … Read More

Ruth Crillyl’Occitane Festive Winter Collection

November Glowing Face – Current Essentials

ruth crilly model recommends

I seem to be relying on the same few makeup products at the moment, which is no bad thing! It cuts down deliberating time immensely, I just pull out these little beauties and get started! It’s a wonderful thing when you find a little routine that works well for you. I don’t see it as ‘getting stuck in a rut’ … Read More

Ruth CrillyNovember Glowing Face – Current Essentials