New Year's Eve Indulgent Makeup

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I have wheeled out lots of my all-time (and new) favourites to create a bit of an indulgent New Year’s makeup look. The irony here is that I am probably staying in – I have my sister and her husband coming to stay and we are going for a tres chic dinner on New Year’s [...]

Phyto Secret de Nuit

Hair Repair… Dans le Noir

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What with the whole horrible business with Ted the Kitten, I totally forgot to tell you about a brilliant experience I had before Christmas! I got taken to Dans le Noir by the haircare brand Phyto for a dinner in the dark! Dans le Noir is a restaurant in Farringdon, London, that is completely pitch [...]

Brinca Dada Emerson House

My New House (it’s tiny.)

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 I want to buy this house. It’s an open-plan, six-room mid-century modern house and I would happily live in it. The trouble is, it’s only about twenty inches tall! Don’t you just love it? Here’s the rear elevation: It’s the Brinca Dada Emerson House and I am totally obsessed with it. I have spent three [...]

ruth crilly model

Browsing the Bargains…

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Hello everyone! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas? Are we all busting out of our jeans? Greasy faces and a constant (though low-level) sense of nausea? Good, good… I have been a bit naughty (what’s new!) and had a rootle-tootle about in the sales. I have bought a couple of things and I [...]


Mama Mio Omega Wonder-Full Balm

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 OK, I really like this stuff. I have been on a balm-testing mission over the last year or so (it’s an ongoing thing!) and the Mama Mio Omega Wonder-Full Balm is one of the best yet. By balms, I’m not referring to ‘lip’ balms but treatments that are more multipurpose, that have been designed to [...]

l'Occitane Fig Tree Leaf Candle

l’Occitane Fig Tree Leaf Candle

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 This candle smells amazing! Out of all of the candles I shot for my Christmas Candle video, I think that this is one of my favourites. And, as a Brucie Bonus, it’s also probably the least expensive! Result. I’d highly recommend picking one up to get rid of all of those ‘festive smells’ – namely [...]

Damage Control: How To Survive a Hangover

Damage Control: How To Survive a Hangover

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Oh dear oh dear oh dear. Banging headache? Greasy skin? A belly fit to burst? Can you still taste white wine in your mouth? That ‘special’ cider that you got in the hamper from Auntie Marge? That Duff beer that your other half was given by a work colleague? (Yes, it does exist outside of [...]

christmas candles

Merry Christmas!

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Just a very quick note to thank you all for your support and kind words this year – A Model Recommends wouldn’t exist if you didn’t read it! I appreciate all of your comments and messages, I look forward to them every day. I wish you and your families and friends an extremely happy Christmas [...]