Losing Ted?

It’s rather queer, isn’t it, that I held off writing about Ted the Kitten. I mean, why do you think that was? I was so excited about getting him and then so excited about him settling in…but something wasn’t quite right. I knew it from the start, even though I’m a first-time cat owner. First of all, I had hundreds of ‘he’ll be swinging from the Christmas Tree’ comments on Youtube and here on A Model Recommends, but Ted wasn’t remotely interested in the tree. Or anything, really, for that matter. He didn’t eat properly either – perhaps he’s just settling in? Noooooo. Perhaps he has a potentially fatal infection and/or virus? Yeeeeees. I think that I must have sensed it, because I just didn’t feel inclined to show him to the world. He seemed quiet and shy and I felt I needed to protect him.

I don’t usually write personal posts – yes, every now and then I include a choice morsel of juicy detail, usually about Mr AMR and his penchant for long baths, but I try to keep things just a little bit separated. For ease, if nothing else – it gets complicated trying to work out what you’ve told people and what you haven’t, so my rule of thumb is to keep things jolly but ever-so-slightly-distanced. So it’s a first for me, to be writing about something a bit raw and unedited – unless you count drunken Twitter sessions, which haven’t happened in a good while. (In fact I think it only happened once.)

Ted the Kitten is very poorly, and on Tuesday I will get the call from the vets to tell me whether or not he needs to be put down. Tuesday! That’s ages away. I have almost broken my eyes Googling kitten diseases and symptoms, trying to double-guess the diagnosis, beating myself up about not having taken Ted to the vet’s earlier… Tuesday seems like months away. In the meantime, Ted is in a pet hospital on a drip, having his little lungs drained of fluid and I find the thought quite unbearable.

I know that ‘worse things happen at sea’ and I used to be the worst cynic when it came to people and their pets (cats in pet-strollers, anyone?! Dogs in pyjamas?!) but I really am quite shattered by this week’s events. Exhausted. I didn’t think that I would get attached to Ted quite so quickly – but I did! And when I had to take him to the vet, he looked at me with his huge orange eyes and looked so scared, I just felt a little something die inside. (Obviously Mr AMR had to do the honours in the end as I was too upset, and off he went with the little carrier and Ted inside it, waving his little paw. I imagine.)

So all I can do now is to wait for Tuesday and the vet’s verdict. It’s pretty horrible – you’ll excuse me if I’m a little quiet on the internet-front? Posts will continue as normal (it would literally take a nuclear war for me not to get my posts out) but there may be a general lack of the sheer wit and humour that you have grown accustomed to receiving from me. (HA.)

Fingers crossed for Tuesday, if you would – and if you want them to be perfectly festive fingers, may I recommend a coat of red followed by an overcoat of LOOK Beauty’s red glitter polish in ‘Dorothy’?



  1. I just read this post, how awful, I do hope that Ted is able to come through this xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I have everything crossed for you and Ted for Tuesday.

  3. Oh Ruth I just read on Twitter that Ted is going to be put to sleep – it’s so sad, I’m really sorry!

  4. Oh Ruth x

    I hope everything will turn out fine for Teddy. it’s so sad. poor creature :( and i’m certain you did everything there was to do! you the best thing that ever happen to this cat:) Stop biting yourself!! Everything will be fine!!
    lots of love xoxo

  5. Oh no poor Ted!! Fingers crossed for Tuesday

  6. Sending you prayers and blessing… to give you strength during this difficult time. Remember…’all cats go to heaven’… They never leave us and he will be with you and guide you throughout your life. Our pets ARE angels in disguise… they come into our lives for reasons to guide us and when they are finished they move on.. to where they are needed and guide others…. Nothing is more special than our ‘best friends’… and to have them in our lives is a blessing beyond measure. God bless you and Mr. AMR for taking care of little Ted in his short time here~

  7. I don’t understand how the owners did not realise something was wrong before they sold him to you. I suspect foul play… More than likely they knew he was ill, but they wanted money for him anyway and to avoid costly vet bills. I hope you give them a piece of your mind!

  8. I hope Ted will be ok !

  9. I have 9 kitties and have lost some over the years of varying ages. They are like my children but…nicer because even though kitties can have a touch of attitude they still love you unconditionally…which I can’t say about my 3 children. I pray the vet is able to save him. With fluids and meds it could be possible. He looks like my Loki Slut. Yes, that is his name. He had been hit by a car and stunned..turred out the ferral little thing was a a monster but he quickly got used to us and became a love slut. Puddin Pie also was hit by a car and 3 hernia operations, broken legs, pelvis, hips and tail..she is a Siamese with the sweetest personality. Give Ted a fighting chance..he might surprise you and the vet. Prayers and hugs…

  10. Awe poor TED and poor you, its very hard to have a sick pet. They rely so solely on us and they look at us and don’t let us forget it. Keeping positive thoughts for you both.

  11. Hi Ruth, most probably your stress levels are increasing so just want to let you know my fingers are still crossed :D

  12. In Germany we don’t “cross fingers” but “press thumbs” ;) So I press all the thumbs I have for little Ted!
    I understand how you feel.. we have three cats and although it may sound silly to some people it is always very difficult if a pet is ill. So.. I am pressing thumbs – and cross fingers! ;)

  13. Oh no poor Ted! Hope you are both ok, fingers are crossed for you xx

  14. I’m so sorry I hope that all will go fine for Ted !!!!!!!!
    It’s so sad to hear about it…!!!!!!!!
    He is so cute !!!!!!!!!
    Poor you I wish for you all the best !!!!!!!

    xoxo Angelina from Texas

  15. Fingers crossed! I hope Ted is going to be okay! I wish you all the best!


  16. I am so sorry that your kitten is ill. I will be hoping for the best for both you and Ted. He is a beautiful cat, and I hope that he is back home with you soon.

  17. Hi Ruth

    I’m so so sorry to read about Ted, I really hope he pulls through, sending u lots of hugs & thinking of u, Mr AMR & Ted the Fighter

    Shelley xx

  18. Ooh Ruth my heart goes out to you. I went through the same thing with my kitten too. Thoughts and hugs flooding your way. It is not easy and there is that helplessness you feel. Like most I don’t know you but feel so connected to you when following your blog, videos and tweets. I think the amount of comments here show how much we all care about you and all that is dear to you. Love and Hugs x

  19. Oh Ruth, I just read this. So sorry to hear about poorly Ted – but fingers crossed and I am sure all us AMR’ers (sounds positively Wurzels this) are sending positive energy and thoughts to the lil’ one. You’re not silly for feeling this bad after a short while – you’ve wanted Ted for so long! Personally, I’ve gone through my fair share of pets passing away, cats, dog, iguanas, ferrets and budgies.I have now 8 fat and fluffy guinea pig girls. Doesnt matter what animal it is, they somehow manage to hold your hear hostage. This is why we spoil them..

  20. Thinking of you and Ted, fingers crossed the little boy is okay xxxxxx

  21. Fingers Crossed Ruth…Everything going to be fine :)

  22. Ruth, I’m so very sorry to hear Ted is so poorly. I just hope all goes well on Tuesday. I know that it isn’t a person, but pets are never “just” pets. I really feel for you. Please let us know what the news is.

  23. Hi Ruth.
    I´m very sorry about all this, I apologize for my english, I´m from Spain but I felt the need to tell you my experience with Wasabi my little kitten 7 months old now.
    It reminds my very much of your situation, my kitten was found on a motor of a car full of grease, somebody knowing that I wanted a cat gave him to me 5 months ago. In the begining he was very shy and quiet , I thought that maybe it was normal being so little and in a different place but day after day I started to think there was something wrong. He almost didn’t eat and started to vomit a lot so I toke him to the vet. They told me he had his temperature very low and that for cats is worst than fever, is a very bad symptom. He lived in the street so who knows what kind of infection or illness he could have. He looked so little and fragile I was very scare because just like you got really attached to him in very sort time. But after all everything went well he stayed for a week in cats hospital and when he came back he was all joy and games, now I´m full of scratches and so is my furniture, but I couldn´t care less. While wrighting this he is laying in my right hand, he´s always looking for attention.
    Wasabi and I wish you two the same luck. Kisses from Madrid.

  24. I have been so very sorry to hear this since the first time the bad news was tweeted. What rotten and heartbreaking luck to end up with such a sick kitten, no one should have to go through such heartbreak. I am so very sorry Ted is doing so poorly, best of luck, you are both in my thoughts. Poor Ted to be so young and so sick and poor you, for not getting the active happy kitten you should have. It happens and it truly is not fair. Hang in there xo

  25. Oooh, the poor little kitty! What a sad Christmas that would be, losing such a beautiful, darling creature. I SO hope all goes well for little Ted. Cats have nine lives, so hopefully he’ll ba back with you Tuesday and live a long and happy catlife.

    • Everyone thanks SO much for your lovely comments, they really do give me a lot of hope and comfort, I can’t tell you how much! Fingers crossed for Tuesday! xxxxxxx

  26. Dear Ruth,
    I think the hardest thing in the world is realising that sometimes we cannot control things or make them the way we want them to be, no matter how hard we try. Modern medicine is a truly amazing thing though and I hope you have good news on Tuesday. Try not to think of it in terms of days, but instead of little chunks of time, in which you will do small but manageable things. Thinking of you and poor Ted. xx

  27. Oh Ruth, I am so sorry to hear Ted is ill. I do, of course, have my fingers and toes crossed for you and I hope time doesn’t drag too horrendously til Tuesday (although, being a seasoned pet lover, I am sure it will. I hope that you get good results and some optimistic treatment plans. I’ll be back to check often to see if you’ve heard anything. Thinking of you, sending love and positive thoughts your way!

    Jess xoxoxo

  28. Very sad to hear this. I hope Ted gets well soon! Hope you’re ok, Ruth.

  29. Hey Ruth ,

    I Too like to keep personal things a little distance from othors so i can undestand were you are coming from.
    I am sorry to hear such a sad tale about such an adorable kitten.Best of wishes to Ted and my thoughts to you Ruth, the owner that clearly has alot of love for Ted.

  30. Fingers crossed !

  31. Oh God, Ruth, that is so desperately sad. You must be distraught. You’ve only had the poor little poppet for a few weeks. I really feel for you, it’s hard enough losing an elderly pet, never mind a kitten, that you thought had joined you in perfect health. Awful. But at least he is in the best veterinary hands possible now and you must feel secure in that.
    You must definitely contact the breeder though and investigate the origin of this awful illness?

    A Christmas wish is winging it’s way to you all x

  32. ruth, I hope tuesday arrives soon with good news about ted. keep positive thoughts, imagine him playing around the christmas tree, eating, being healthy.

    kisses from brazil.

  33. Hi ruth im so sorry to hear about ted. Just reading about him being so very poorly bought tears to my eyes. Animals have a way of getting embedded in your heart. Over the years i have lost many cats and have cried many tears over them :(
    I currently have a cat called vine,who is 1 and a half. He is most definatly part of my family I hope ted pulls through. Hugs to you both

  34. Hi, I’m so sorry to hear about Ted. I know taking a pet to the vet is always hard, it’s like losing control over a situation and letting someone else take your baby.
    I don’t have a cat myself at the moment (I use to have one though) I have pet house rabbits at the moment, crazy I know but I guess people fall for different things :)
    Anyway sending healing vibes to Ted and I hope the vets can help. XxX

  35. Sorry you’re in pain. I have a young cat who I found a few years ago as a stray after someone poured boiling water over him. He’s fine now – it’s amazing what they can recover from and I’m sure your vets will pull out all the stops. Don’t beat yourself up: you’ve done everything right. I hope he continues to improve.

  36. Oh honey, I’m sorry! I really hope that that little Ted makes it through. Will be thinking of you. x

  37. Dear Ruth

    There is little for me to say that hasnt already been said.

    I hope little Ted is okay. I have two cats myself.

    I’ll be thinking of you


  38. Oh NO! :( I remember being genuinely really worried when Tali from The Gloss Goss’s cat Mitzy was a poorly kitten, even though I’d clearly never met her, let alone her cat. Crossing my fingers for little Ted.

  39. Oh no. :( I’m so sorry. We had a kitten a few years back that suddenly went ill and passed away at about ten weeks old. Some kind of genetic cat disease. We only had her for about a week but oh how they wheedle their way into your hearts so quickly! I hope it’s a false alarm and Ted pulls through… Hang in there! Xoxo

  40. Oh Ruth, I’ll keep fingers, toes and everything else crossed, I’ll even paint them a shade of festive red. I’ll keep little Ted and you in my thoughts and prayers. Come on little guym hang in there and be strong, get better so you can go home to your mum.

  41. Aww poor little mite, and poor you guys. Really hope he is well enough on Tuesday. You can do it Ted! xx

  42. I hope all the best for little ted!!
    I know he will be ok!! He’s a little fighter!!

  43. I am so sorry! I was trying to catch a glimpse of Ted in your videos recently and sensed something when you have stopped mentioning his name..My cat passed away last year on Xmas day actually. I hope everything turns out fine in the end..You have all my prayers!

  44. Ruth, so sorry to hear about Ted! I just saw a comment about him following watching the luxury gifts vid and rushed straight on here. Stay positive and I will keep everthing crossed and hope to see some good news on Wednesday! Xx

  45. Oh my goodness, poor Ted :'( and poor you, missus, that is so sad. I hope he is ok and will keep everything crossed x

  46. How awful. I sincerely hope he’ll be okay.x

  47. C’mon Ted! Hang in there. You too, Ruth.

  48. So sorry to hear he’s sick. I just hope everything will be ok with your kitten and he’ll get better soon.

  49. I hope everything works out for you and Ted. My heart goes out to you. I’ll keep my finger’s crossed! X

  50. I’m so sorry to hear about this :( I really really hope it turns out okay. xx

  51. Having read your blog for what seems like forever, and as your videos are always the first I watch, I know this may sound really odd, as obviously you don’t know me at all, but I feel like I’ve just heard this from a friend!!! Hence, I genuinely mean it when I say that I have my (sparkly red talon-ed) fingers crossed for you and hope all is okay.xxx

  52. I’m really sorry to hear how poorly Ted is Ruth. I feel for you and for him, it’s a horrible horrible time. I will cross my fingers along with everyone on here!! THat’s a lot of fingers and I sincerely hope he pulls through and does get to climb that tree! What a little guy he is! Take care and know there is high hope in the air!
    p.s Thanks for sharing your troubles, its a difficult line to tread but I love your blog so much and that’s because you make it what it is. Don’t worry about what you do or don’t say for a while… It’ll be fine with us! :-)

  53. Fingers, toes, hair, everything crossed. My baby Teapot came thru some terrible times,and had the direst of diagnoses, yet lived to the grand age of 18, so don’t give up hope … I’ll pray for Ted and you like mad till Tuesday, and beyond xxxxx

  54. Aww Ruth I’m so sorry. I am a cat owner and and they become like your children so know how you must be feeling.. I have everything crossed for you and look forward to some good new on tues…. Big hugs x

  55. I’m so, so sorry that he’s so ill, what a terrible thing to happen to such a tiny little one and for you as a new owner. Sending well wishes from the States:)

  56. Will keep my fingers crossed for Ted xx

  57. Ruth I’m so sorry, it must be very hard. Hang in there

  58. Hi ruth, i hope ted gets better, I felt so sad when reading this post! All my fingers are crossed hopefully he’ll pull through!

  59. Ruth, I hope everything works out :) Ted knows how much you love him, so just keep giving him your energy and attention and it will mean so much. My thoughts are with you, and I sincerely hope he gets better! -Katie

  60. That’s really sad Ruth. I hope you’ll get good news on tuesday. Fingers crossed for sure! Massive hugs from France. xxx

  61. Oh Ruth, I’m so sorry to hear about Ted, that’s so sad :( I hope the vets can make him better, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you x

  62. Sending you all our love and all fingers our crossed from our very animally (thats not even a word i dont think) household….. i remember getting our first dog when we were 18 – nearly 11 years ago and everything was ‘new’and we didnt quite know what was ‘normal’ or not…. i remember we took him to the vets once beacause when he sat one of his legs shook and we thought there was something wrong- and the vet just looked at us like we were mad and just said ‘hes excited’ theres nothing wrong with him! I hope from the bottom of my heart ted pulls through and becomes the kitten you so deserve but what you have to remember is You did nothing wrong, and its not you fault – animals just sometimes get ill for no reason and its so hard as they cant tell you how they are feeling!! please keep us updated, as although you dont know ‘us’ as your followers/ subscribers, we feel like we know you and of course care about you and its horrible to think what a hard time your having at the moment. lots of hugs xxx

  63. I’m so sorry to hear about Ted. Last summer on holiday I found a tiny, starving black kitten living in the gutter, and looking after her over the course of that month made me fall in love. It broke my heart to leave. I know how easy it is to get attached to an animal, and I really hope he comes through this.

  64. This is such sad news. Crossing everything for good news on Tuesday. xx

  65. :( I hope Ted gets better and that you all have a Merry Christmas. Lots of love xx

  66. So sorry to hear that Ruth! It’s so horrible that something like that would happen to Ted, especially when you waited so long for him! Hardly feels fair does it… Fingers crossed and hoping for a Christmas miracle!

  67. I’m hoping Ted will be your little resilient Christmas kitty! Come home Ted!

  68. Ruth, I’m so sorry about Ted not doing well. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!!

  69. I am so very sorry. It is easy to get so attached to furry friends because they are, quite simply, perfect. It is not fair that poor little Ted is going through this. It is equally as unfair that you are going through this as well. There are no words that will make you feel better so I will leave it at I’m sorry. You will both be in my thoughts.

  70. Oh Ruth, I am so very sorry about little Ted.

    It is hard to understand about how people love their pets until you have one, and then you just get it.

    I will check your site on Tuesday with fingers crossed and hope hope hope that the news is that little Ted has made a speedy recovery.

    Hang in there sister – we are all rooting for you and little Ted. xx

  71. @Ruth Oh yes they are little horrors (both live in my living room and delight in climbing all over my sofa…and even up to the top of the bookshelf) – but I wouldn’t have them any other way.
    The tally so far is one macbook charger (eek!) and one modem cable (swiftly replaced with a multipack of pound shop ones!).

  72. Aahh Ruth, fingers crossed The Tedster will be ok! Please let us know how he is, try and have a nice weekend xxx

  73. really really hope its positive news about Ted, this is so sad. lots of love xxxx

  74. Dear Ruth,
    I will be willing all my good thoughts and strength towards you and Ted. The sadness for a hurting pet is so real and difficult. Just believe that he knows that YOU know he is hurting and you care and love him and are doing all you can to make him safe and well. Thank you to Mr. AMR for being your strong friend when we cannot give you a hug ourselves.

  75. I am getting upset reading this and its not even my cat! Wish him well, hope he pulls through for you… xx

  76. o my, i’m sorry. a pet is part of the family. festive fingers crossed.

  77. I have everything crossed for you Ruth. It’s so upsetting when a pet is ill, please don’t beat yourself up about not noticing something was wrong. It can be tricky to know with animals. I really hope that there is good news for Ted xx

  78. Fingers crossed for wee Ted! You’re clearly a doting owner and getting him the right care. My sister got a cat for Christmas just before I was born (to distract her from the new baby!) and it lived to 20 years of age! When the cat was 12 she was diagnosed with a tumor wrapped around her paw and they only gave her a few months but she pulled through for another 8 years. Cats are so wonderful and I truly hope he’s alright–no doubt you and Mr AMR are wonderful owners:-) Full respect as well for wanting to keep the matter private and take time for yourself–I hope you get good news soon!

  79. I’m so sorry to hear about little Teds illness. I really hope he gets better and will have all my fingers and toes crossed till Tuesday. Big hug. X

  80. O no! Makes me so so sad! I really hope that Ted will get better!!! My baby Nala is my dearest little one (she is not actually a kitten, she is around 13 years old, but she is MY baby). Nalas best friend and my darling Dennis died around 1 1/2 year ago and it still hurts so bad. He was such a sweetheart.. :-(

    I really do hope Ted will get better (of course he will)!!

  81. Oh, Ruth, I’m so sorry to read this, that’s just heartbreaking. We get attached to our pets so quickly and easily. I hope everything is going to be fine. Fingers crossed for you and for Ted.

  82. Awww Ruth. My heart goes out to you and Mr AMR and to Ted, of course. Keeping everything crossed for you. My husband left me a few months ago and it was my dog who kept me from tipping right over the edge, so I know how important pets are in one’s life, and so I wish Ted a speedy recovery xxx

  83. Trust me, Ted is going to be fine. Cat’s are fantastic creatures, my mum bought a kitten a few months ago and the vet was convinced the kitten wouldn’t last days but it’s a gigantic healthy cat now. Fingers and toes crossed for both of you!

  84. Oh no Ruth, this is heartbreaking. Now I understand why you seemed so sad in your last videos.:( I hope little Teddy will be fine and doesn`t have to suffer…..xx

  85. Aww, so sorry to hear Ted’s ill :( Sending happy ‘get well soon’ thoughts since that’s all I can do…

  86. My prayers are with you and Ted. I hope he is okay, he is beautiful and I am sure he is loved very much.

  87. Have everything and I do mean EVERYTHING crossed for Ted. As a girl who grew up in a family with 11 cats I know and get cat love. If you love your pets they are family and no one likes to see family in pain. Get well Ted.x x x

  88. Ruth, crossing everything I got and wishing you and Ted all the best and lots of strength to get through the next couple of days. I really appreciate you being so open and honest and truly can understand your current feelings having been a cat owner myself. xxx

  89. OK one more comment…

    @Georgina, You did NOT call a kitten pulled from a hedge, “Twiggy”, that is the best rescue kitty name ever! I love it.

  90. Oh Ruth, I’m so sorry!

    I don’t want to give you false hope, but vets these days can do amazing things with sick kitties. Many kittens bounce right back after treatment.

    And please don’t beat yourself up, cats by nature hide that they are sick otherwise the pride might move on. I had a cat hide she had a tumor by turning the other way when she saw us. But you know what, the vet saved her, too.

  91. I’m keeping fingers, toes, eyes and everything else that can be crossed, crossed. I have 2 cats (both extremely injury and drama-prone) and lost another little angel 3 years ago so I understand what you are going through. I hope Ted pulls through and so do you. Take care, lots of love and hugs.

  92. I hope he is ok and everything goes well. You poor love, take care.

  93. Dearest Ted and our friend Ruth,

    How blessed you were to have made his acquaintance. It sounds like you two were destined for each other; he was fortunate to have become adopted/owned by you, such a conscientious caring woman/person. We’re all glad that you posted this heartfelt piece, Ruth, and my prayers and thoughts are with you and Ted both. Tuesday does seen so far off … Beth in Pgh xo

  94. Just a thought – whatever happens: your love and care have already made a big difference in Ted’s life. All the best for both of you! Amaltée

  95. I’ll keep my fingers crossed too. I have two cats and would be in pieces if I found myself in a similar position. They look so helpless and feeble (they can reduce me to mush with their eyes and a small meow) but are surprisingly resilient.

  96. I am so sorry to hear about Ted being ill. I really hope he will recover.

  97. Oh Ruth. I saw your tweets yesterday and I really felt for you. I have everything crossed that it is the ‘fixable’ option for little Ted but please don’t let the guilt set in (as it often does with pets). We do everything we can for them and at the end of the day we can offer them a dignified escape from pain and suffering – something we can’t even offer humans at the moment.

    If it’s any consolation one of my rabbits was at death’s door a couple of months ago. He was barely 60% of his ideal bodyweight and his kidneys were failing. One vet told me to have him PTS but the diagnosis didn’t seem quite right to me (she suggested a birth defect…why hadn’t they presented before he got to 2 years old?!) so I sought a second opinion and was given a fairly simple diagnosis of a parasite. It was touch and go for a while and the waiting is unbearable (as I’m sure you know) but he slowly gained weight, his kidneys seemed to recover and he’s now very well. It is possible for them to get better sometimes, even when you’ve been given a bleak diagnosis.

    So don’t give up hope and look after yourself too. xx

    • @Meg oh that is a happy ending!! I used to have a huge giant houserabbit called Roxy, she was very funny. Rabbits are quite hard work, aren’t they?! I had no electrical wires left on anything! xx

  98. I totally understand what you are trying to say. I’ve lost two cats in the space of the last two years and it’s heartbreaking. One cat I had had 15 years – that’s nearly 3/4 of my life! And the other cat had only reached the age of 1 before he got hit by a car – absolutely devastating. But what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how long or how short of a time you’ve had a pet – it’s a terrible thing to go through.
    Also, as I said to you on Twitter, I now have 2 kittens who have pulled through after being very poorly (seriously underweight, worms which had lead to diarrhea and red raw furless skin as a result, cat flu and conjunctivitis!) and so I am optimistic for Ted…. positive thinking is the way forward :) my fingers are firmly crossed.

  99. Oh Ruth, I wish there is something I can do or say to make things better. Most of all please don’t blame yourself. No matter what happens Ted would definitely not want that (I remember a stray cat I had befriended that eventually fell critically ill + I felt utterly helpless + devastated only for the cat to end up comforting me! I know that sounds mad + Ted is very young but I’m sure he could not have had a happier past couple of wks). You are all in my thoughts.

  100. oh no, ruth! im so sorry for you and have my fingers crossed for ted. i can only imangine how you must feel, my sister has a young little chihuahua and its enough to be an aunt and get totally attached within days – they just catch your heart with their big eyes the cute paws. my deepest compassion for you! i was wondering why you wouldnt show ted in your videos, but it makes sense now :/ i wish you all the best, lets hope he will be fine again *xxx*

  101. As an animal lover my heart truly aches for you and for little Ted. I, of course, will have my fingers crossed that everything turns out o.k. Tuesday is too damn far away! (call me pathetic, but I actually have tears in my eyes) My best wishes are sent your way. xoxo

  102. I have my fingers and toes crossed that Ted pulls through x

  103. How awful :( fingers and toes crossed for poor Ted xx

  104. awww :( this sucks because you’ve only had ted for a few weeks :( crossing my fingers that he’ll get better soon! <3 x

  105. Ruth, I am reading this with tears in my eyes. Ted is beautiful and I really hope that he pulls through. I’ve always had pets so I know how hard these situations can be.

    I’m thinking of you both.

    Andrea x

  106. my heart really goes out to you… i love my cats to bits so van imagine how upset you are. Really, really hope he is okay x

  107. Oh dear, I am so very, very sorry! :( I have a cat myself, and the one time we had to hurry him to the vet’s because he was really ill I was SO SCARED I could not believe it. Fortunately, he made it, and I hope little Ted does as well!

    I mean, people sometimes say that they are “just pets”, but I beg to differ… The attachment you form with them can be incredibly strong.

    Best of luck to you and your little kitten! :)

  108. SO sorry to read this, this morning. I have two cats and can’t imagine how unbearable this is for you. My fingers are firmly crossed for you all that the outcome is positive. Hugs! x

  109. Best wishes to you and Ted. Hoping he will become well again. Simone

  110. Ruth thats terrible! you might remember I showed you a picture of my little shorthair and this post brought a tear to my eye! I’m so so sorry for you and I’ll say a little prayer for Ted :( such a cute name as well! wish you both all the best xxxx

  111. oh no :( there’s nothing worse than the thought of losing a pet (ok losing a person would possibly be worse) – they are essentially furry little expressive people and they are so easy to become attached to. I’m crossing my fingers you get a positive outcome on Tuesday x x x

  112. After scouring your posts for ages looking for talk of Ted, I was so saddened to see today’s news. Having a sick pet is so difficult at any time, I cant imagine how hard it must be with a tiny little kitten. I hope little Ted gets back on his feet.

  113. dear ruth and ted.
    I hope ted and you get good news on tuesday.
    Poor thing. Emma. x

  114. Oh Ruth, this is heartbreaking. :( I really really hope he’s okay. I’m thinking of you.


  115. Ted pls be strong. Keep thinking about you

  116. I’m so sorry Ruth. I feel like a complete internet bully because i wanted to see the little guy so much. I really hope Tuesday brings you good news. You’ve done your best for him and that’s all you can do. Fingers crossed for you and Ted – XXX

    • @Annette oh don’t be silly! Haha – I didn’t mind all of that whatsoever. Here’s hoping he gets better and I can make a feature length movie about him! Ha. xx

  117. How sad it makes me to read this, Ruth …
    I fully understand the way you feel, believe me (lived my childhood in a Siamese cats breeding – how cool is that !!! ;-) and still have 2 cats.)

    I will think of you and little Ted this weekend.
    Please keep us informed about how this painful situation evolves …
    And please, be assured all my kindest thoughts are with you !


  118. Hy Ruth,
    I feel so sorry for you and your kitten. It’s not fair that such an innocent being suffers. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart and hope you 3 will enjoy christmastime together.

  119. So sorry to hear about this, definitely keeping my fingers crossed for a positive outcome!

  120. Oh how awful for you, Ruth. I have everything crossed for Ted to be okay. xx

  121. Crossing fingers and toes for you:-) I don’t have a pet, but I can imagine it’s almost like having your kid getting ill.

  122. oh that’s really sad news. it’s good you got him to the vet when you did. i hope everything works out.

  123. This post almost made me cry- I am on a bus to work so had to hold back. What a sad/horrible situation- poor Ted :( I’ve got a puppy and it’s crazy how attached you become. I hope he is OK- at least if the worst happens he won’t be in pain xxx

  124. Aw – and I don’t often comment, but am definitely keeping my fingers (with Deborah Lippmann shiny Candy Shop on nails) crossed for you and Ted.

  125. Oh my, I am really sorry to hear that Ruth!
    I hope he will get better, and that it’s nothing wrong, or at least – nothing fatally wrong.

    Fingers crossed!!! Get better, Ted!

  126. Sending you a virtual hug, and hope whatever happens is best for Ted x

  127. you hang in there… keeping my fingers crossed for Ted, so cute little boy! we had to put down our cat once because of bad brain infection, and there was no cure from it and his life was very miserable(. So I almost cried my eyes out then. And now I think that we did the right thing taking a new kitten from pets-SOS-org afterwards, as we did not have time to be depressed, but had to raise a new “kid”)

  128. Dear Ruth,

    I’m SO sorry to hear about Ted. I really hope that you get good news on Tuesday. He looks like such a beautiful kitten. I can only tell you that I have my fingers crossed for you (painted with Deborah Lippman. Our eldest, much-loved cat has been missing for a week and we’re hoping against hope that she’ll find her way home (we’ve looked and looked and the not knowing where/how she is is terrible so I understand how far away Tuesday must feel).

    We once found a kitten stuffed in a hedge (awful, I know…). She was in a terrible state and was very young and weak (probably only four weeks old). She was a lovely grey like Ted though not with his amazing amber eyes. We think that a breeder dumped her as she didn’t have a ‘perfect’ coat. The vet wasn’t very hopeful about her but she recovered despite her very difficult start and with a lot of love and patience (and some luck) she had a long, happy life with us. We called her Twiggy! I hope that you have the same good luck with Ted. Xxx

  129. Oh, I’m so sorry. I know how you feel and please don’t give up hope! I found a 2-3 week old kitten, had him a few days, hand reared him, slept downstairs with him…one early morning he was so poorly, I kept having to rub him to get him breathing again. The vet asked me if I thought it was worth rushing him in at 6am as he thought he would die, but he pulled through! It was a very bad virus and he was so tiny, but he did it. Hope Ted can do the same! It’s amazing how quickly you get attached, fingers crossed for you and Ted x

  130. OK tears in the morning are not a good thing. I hope Ted gets better soon, vets are wonderful at doing that sort of thing..And he is soooo beautiful. Thinking of you, xx

  131. Hang in there. Hopefully they’ll be able to help your little lad. There is nothing worse than sick babies, even if they are furry!

  132. I am so sorry, I am a girl who has had her heart broken by loosing 2 dogs a cat and loads of chickens I really do sympathise. Vets are amazing and the fact that they are willing to try shows they think there is a possibility that Ted can pull through, they wouldn’t wait til Tuesday otherwise. I will be sending really positive thoughts all over the weekend xxx

  133. so sad,what a horrible thing to happen. Lots of luck little Ted

  134. Ruth, I am so sorry to hear about Ted being so poorly. Having been in your position in the past with a ill cat, I can only send you (and Ted) my positive thoughts, well wishes and support. Crossing my fingers for you all. xx

  135. Oh! Poor Ted! Poor you! Fingers (and paws) very firmly crossed for you. Xx

  136. I`m wishing your kitty well. Fingers crossed, yes.

  137. Oh Ruth I’m so sorry about your poorly kitten. I hope he is okay, don’t be upset with yourself about not taking him to the vet sooner, it’s so difficult with animals to understand when they need a vet when there’s something not quite right. Just keep those festive fingers crossed and take your time. Keep your eyes away from the Internet and that googling – you’ll just worry yourself even more. Thinking of you, Mr AMR and your beauty of a kitten. I really hope it’ll all be okay. xxx

  138. Oh Ruth how awful. Poor little Ted… I’ll be thinking of you and mr AMR this weekend xxx

  139. I’ll be praying for Ted. I remember taking my kitten to the vet waiting for news if she’s going to be fine. I cried a lot, and then it turns out she’s going to ok. She’s almost 3 now and is the boss of our household.

  140. This is so sad Ruth – I hope Ted gets better soon! xo

  141. I guess the strangest thing ever is that even though I have never met you or the beautiful Ted, I feel heartbroken too. In fact when I read your tweet yesterday I genuinely prayed for him. I sincerely hope that he pulls through and has an opportunity to enjoy his first Christmas with his family. I am reminded of Margery Williams’ “The Velveteen Rabbit”:

    “What is REAL?” asked the Rabbit one day, when they were lying side by side near the nursery fender, before Nana came to tidy the room. “Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?”

    “Real isn’t how you are made,” said the Skin Horse. “It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.”

    “Does it hurt?” asked the Rabbit.

    “Sometimes,” said the Skin Horse, for he was always truthful. “When you are Real you don’t mind being hurt.”

    “Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,” he asked, “or bit by bit?”

    “It doesn’t happen all at once,” said the Skin Horse. “You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.”

    We are all rooting for him hun. Be strong!
    Z x

  142. Ruth, very sorry to read about about Ted being ill. I’ve had a rescue dog for two years now and I know how much our pets mean to us, they’re part of the family! I do hope the vet comes back with positive news. My fingers are most definitely crossed. Best wishes, Rachael xx

  143. Ruth, I know exactly how you are feeling cause I lost my first cat Chloe when she was just two. I had adopted her when she was six months old as her original Mom was off to university and wasn’t allowed to keep her in halls of residence. I drive all the way from Essex to Birmingham to pick her up having only seen pictures on email. I was so excited all day long and then about an hour before going to see her, I started to panic I might not have a bond. I needn’t have worried as right away I feel in love and started to cry when I saw her.

    She was and is my first baby who was supposed to be a house cat. She was a pedigree Persian exotic and used to talk,run, play and was so loving and funny. She used to sleep with me (on me!) most nights and spend her days looking longingly out of the windows at the world.

    After we moved to the country, friends would say I was cruel not letting her have freedom. I caved and allowed her outside with my heart in my mouth.

    I can still remember the day she was run over and killed. It was a beautiful sunny day and I heard the garden gate go? My husband went to investigate and found her lying in the gravel. She had gone. I was hysterical.

    We drove her to a vets and I asked to keep her remains. People think this is weird but I haven’t found the house I’ll settle in. When I do, she’ll be buried.

    I’m telling you all of this because I’m sure you feel odd that you are so attached. They are our babies and your feelings are valid.

    I sincerely hope your news on Tuesday is positive. I’ll be saying a little pray for you Ruth. I’m the meantime, just let your feelings out.

    M xxx

  144. Dear Ruth,
    I have 3 cats now and have lost others over the years. Few things are as painful as losing one of them. The little noises, cuddles and the familiarity of the routines. So I wish you & Ted all the best & let’s hope that a little Christmas magic will reach him. Good luck x

  145. Ruth, I am so sorry to hear that little Ted is so unwell

    I really do hope you get some good news from your vet on Tuesday and wish you and Ted all the best until then. xx

  146. I am so sorry to hear this! I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you!


  147. Hi Ruth, I am so sorry to hear that Ted is not doing well. I have a little dog myself and I can’t imagine anything ever happening to him. I will keep Ted in my thoughts and hope he will only get better. xx

  148. I’m so sorry to hear about Ted. Über sad face :( it’s horrible to deal with and I really hope that Ted does pull through. Our beautiful cat was run over about 3 weeks ago and I’m still recovering from that emotional trauma. I really hope Ted does make it though!!!

  149. I am so sorry to read tha Ted is sick.. I have three cockers, one has 13 years, she has grown whit me because I’m 22. She is MY dog, she follows me around the house, she waits for me outside the bathroom dor, she sleeps near my feet when I study, she sits together whit me when I watch TV.. I am so afraid of losing her!! I completely understand your situation.. I cross my fingers and hope to hear Good news from you on Tuesday!!

  150. Oh Ruth, I am feeling for you. My girls – Harrie and Hattie – are 18 and I think the end is in sight for them. It’s a horrible feeling whether you’ve had them 18 days or 18 years. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Christmas miracle


  151. i’m terribly sorry ruth. i’m practically bawling as i write this! i know what it feels like to be in the deep end of the water and them saying they’ll only tell whether you get to be on the life boat on tues.

    been through it a couple of times, with my katz, some no longer with us….

    i’m not a pious person but i will send the biggest prayers and hugs to you and ted…

  152. Hi Ruth,

    Eva here (: Sending you a big comforting hug from the Netherlands. I’ll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you and Ted and will try to send him some good energy.


  153. So, so sorry for Ted. Fingers crossed for tuesday.

  154. Oh Ruth I am so sorry to read this. I hope your little Ted fights his way through this and is back home with you soon.

    You should get in touch with the breeder asap if you haven’t already done so.


  155. Jenny (love in a mist)

    Ruth I am so touched by your obviously heart felt post, I cannot believe this has happened to Ted, he is so gorgeous, I totally understand your feelings and cried when you said something died inside you, I felt the same when I had to leave my previous cat To Molly, Eric, of 11 years who was a adored member of our family, at the vets in similar circumstances, sadly he never came home and I too felt the same shattered with a gaping hole in my heart.
    I am keeping everything crossed for you and Ted and truly hope he will be ok, I am also sending you a virtual big bear hug, I will be thinking of you both all weekend, bless your heart Love and positive thought Jenny xxxx

  156. sorry to hear this, I have been through similar events. Will keep fingers, toes, legs and eyes crossed for Tuesday. *hugs*

  157. Fingers crossed all the way over here in Virginia. You and Ted are in my thoughts! He looks just like my old cat Thisbe, the rapscallion that he was. Hope everything turns out okay.

  158. Hoping for the best.. for Ted.. and you as well :(

  159. Aww, sending love & hugs your way Ruth! It’s always terrible to hear about animals suffering, and it’s even more upsetting to hear that he might have to be put down so soon after you got him.

  160. Oh Ruth, I’ll cross everything for you. It is heartbreaking when a pet is ill.