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Goodnight Ted…

british shorthair

So sorry to tell you that little Ted was put to sleep yesterday. If you follow on Twitter you probably already know this, but for those of you who don’t, I promised I’d keep you updated.

So that, (as they say), is that. Poor little Ted – I am waiting on autopsy results, but they think he almost definitely had FIP which is a deadly virus. It wasn’t fair on the poor little mite to keep him going any longer.

Thanks so much for all of your messages, it has been wonderful to have so many people rooting for Ted and hoping that he got better – unfortunately there was absolutely no amount of praying or hoping that would have made any difference… I will keep you updated about that once I know the definite facts and autopsy results.

In the meanwhile, anyone buying a kitten should definitely insist that all vaccinations are up-to-date (Ted’s were), that the breeder is registered or reputable (Ted’s was) and that the facilities are clean, and kittens bright and alert. If I had known all of the things that I know now, from researching online, I wouldn’t have taken Ted home. He wasn’t alert and there was one kitten in the litter that looked decidedly ill. The breeder said he was just ‘full’ after his feed. Somebody send me the Dunce’s hat…

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  1. Heartbreaking news. :( Poor Ted.

  2. Woah there. None of this is your fault – you did eveything you could have done and got stung by an unscrupulous, uncaring or just plain damn unobservant breeder. I’ve kept cats for years and still wouldn’t like my chances of spotting an illness in a cat I didn’t know well.

    What’s happened is really sad and you must be exhausted. But I fear it may be a bit harsh on yourself to presume that there was a point when, if you ‘d acted differently, this wouldn’t have happened. You did everything you could and it’s just really unfair that this happened. I guess things are quite bad right now, but do your best to take it easy.

    Ooh, I’m so bossy!

  3. Ruth, there’s not really much I can say that will help. Only that I’m thinking of you (and indeed of your husband, but especially you), and that I’m terribly, terribly sorry. Getting a tad pretentious here, particularly considering I’m barely 20 (hey, I’ve always had delusions of grandeur) but it’s always said that it’s one of the great tragedies of humanity that no matter how long or short our lives end up being, we never feel we’ve been given enough time. And since animals – even ones that live to a ripe old age – are around for so much shorter a span of time, their tragedy is that since we unwittingly measure everything by our own lifespan, they only ever feel as though they’ve been with us a heartbeat. Ted may only have been here for a little while, but y’know… they’re intuitive little f**kers. You loved him, and he knew. He may only have had a short stay, but he shuffled off from a world in which he was loved and cared for and wanted, and he could feel that. That means far more than a lengthy existence filled with loveless, dried-up old nothingness. I’m so sorry he was taken from you, and I’ll knock on some wood that the often-towering-arsehole that is Life chucks some bloody terrific things in your direction asap – if not by way of compensation then at least as some sort of apology. Have a big hug from me. xxx

  4. Ruth, I am sorry for Ted.
    The people that sold Ted to you are horrible persons.
    I juste hope this hard experience won’t discourage you to get a cat:they’re wonderfull animals !
    (Again, sorry for my bad english)
    Take care,

  5. Dear Ruth, I am so sorry to hear that little Ted didn’t make it. You were inexperienced, the breeder wasn’t so they should not have sold you a poorly kitten, very sad. I know it’s very soon, but don’t let this experience put you off a kitten, as your little snapshot with Ted will have shown you, they bring wonderful fun and love into your life. Take care x

  6. Poor beautiful little Ted. You did your best for him and he was lucky to have you in his short life because you fought for him. Hope you get some kind of refund/compensation from the breeders if they’re responsible for putting you through this massive anguish and no doubt expense. I know it’s not about money but it doesn’t seem right that they should be able to do this again. You’d be doing any future kitten buyers a favour. Condolences Ruth :-( X

  7. So sorry to hear this, Ruth. Poor little thing and poor you. I’m off to give my furballs a massive squeeze now. xx

  8. How a sad way to start the day, and for you to wait for Christmas …
    FIP is a f…. disease, I lost 3 cats because of it, many years ago and it was such a traumatic experience.

    You did the right thing, but I assume you know that, and people will tell you so. There’s nothing we can do against such a disease.

    I’m just questionning myself about his breeder: since how long is he doing breeding ? Was he lying to you when he said the other kitten was just “full” after he ate ?
    He should have proposed him to sell, and he should have known better about Ted, too, and get them to the vet immediatly.

    Ted was somehow lucky you found him and took care of him, with such a breeder.

    You get all my early thoughts, Ruth. May your sorrows heal with time.

    Please take care of you !

    xoxo, Moïra

  9. Of course, you’ve understood I meant the breeder shouldN’t have proposed him to sell ….

    Oh geez, just got up, I’m still sleepy LOL

    My deepest thoughts, Ruth ♥

  10. Oh Ruth, I am so so sorry. I have been in a similar situation and know how utterly heart wrenching it is. Ted was very lucky to have known you and been cared for by such a loving ‘mum’ for the short time that he was here x

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