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My New House (it’s tiny.)

brinca dada emerson house I want to buy this house. It’s an open-plan, six-room mid-century modern house and I would happily live in it. The trouble is, it’s only about twenty inches tall! Don’t you just love it? Here’s the rear elevation:

brinca dada emerson houseIt’s the Brinca Dada Emerson House and I am totally obsessed with it. I have spent three days trying to work out how to ship it from the US without bankrupting myself, but it’s proving to be a bit of a mission. As usual, Mr AMR thinks that I have flipped my lid again, probably – the last time I went through a dolls’ house phase I spent £100 on a 1/12th scale sofa and about three weeks crafting ornate chimney breasts! (That particular house came to a sticky end when we moved real house – all of the windows fell out and the beautiful pale paintwork got covered in engine oil!)

brinca dada emerson houseAnyway, I think that I’ve found somewhere that’ll ship for less than about three million dollars, BUT if anyone reading this has one that they want to sell (I know it’s a long shot!) or knows of someone who sells them, especially in the UK, then let me know super-quick! I don’t like to use this site as a ‘classifieds’ page, but in times of desperation…

Are there any other miniaturists or dolls’ house enthusiasts out there? I found some incredible blogs during my search for the Emerson (which Brinca Dada have actually discontinued) so let me know if you’d like me to do a links post. Sorry to everyone else who has absolutely no interest in miniature things!


  1. haha ruth! I’ve jst seen this. My canadian cousin loves minatures and my mum usually buys things she sees for her so will find out if she has recommendations One place i do know is Snooper Paradise in Brighton Laines. It stocks vintage and collectable second hands it has a cabinet of mini art deco type furniture which may suit your house!!

  2. Oh I love it!! How did I miss this post? So cute. I love all things miniature! But I try to just look not buy because I’d have no where to put it all. :)I hope you get the house. Heehee

  3. thebristolbeautyblog

    My boyfriend’s Granma died last year, leaving 12 dolls houses, each was really beautiful. In fact, she had to have an extension built on the back of her house to put them all in! They’ve been divided up between all the women in the family, I was offered one, but I simply don’t have any space for it :( I love this one though, really modern. x

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