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Diamonds and Rubies Festive Makeup Tutorial!

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 Ha! I look a little bit like I’m sticking my middle finger up at you don’t I? Not intentional. That’s just my lip-gloss-patting pose! A nice little makeup video to round off the pre-Christmas festivities. It makes a change from bloody gift guides and such! All of the products used are listed below the video [...]

Champagne Guide for Beginners

Champagne Ma’am?

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Many thanks to the indomitable Ruth Spivey of for this most excellent bubbles-buying guide. I don’t know about you lot, but I am at a total loss when it comes to choosing wine and champagne – hopefully Ruth will return on a semi-regular basis to give us some pointers. There’s nothing worse than going to [...]

NARS Beautiful Life

NARS Beautiful Life

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 You may/may not remember me harping on about a NARS bronzing trio over the summer – it came in an identical zip-up compact just like the one above. What an amazing idea! A zip-up compact! I honestly do not know why more people aren’t making them – there’s no chance of them flipping open and [...]

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Three Ways to Wear a Little Black Dress

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 I am over the moon with my little black dress from BA&SH at Monica & Joe! I think it’s really classy! I’ve made a little video of myself wearing it three different ways – a little chic ballet look, a Robert Palmer-esque glam look and a more grungey biker look. I think I’m most comfortable [...]

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Goodnight Ted…

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So sorry to tell you that little Ted was put to sleep yesterday. If you follow on Twitter you probably already know this, but for those of you who don’t, I promised I’d keep you updated. So that, (as they say), is that. Poor little Ted – I am waiting on autopsy results, but they [...]

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Gifts for Men

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Phew. The last gift guide. They have utterly exhausted me! Or I am just exhausted anyway – who knows? The men’s is the shortest because I always find it really difficult to buy for men – most of them don’t really seem that bothered what they get half the time! On the other hand, Mr [...]


Luxury Gift Ideas

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Once again, the gift guides feel as though they are never going to end! Next year I am just going to do one video – it’ll be like a feature-length movie. It’ll probably require a crew and a catering van. Luxury – always one of my favourites! Just a few ideas if you need to [...]


Gift Guide: Bath and Body Treats

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Bath and body sets must be the most commonly gifted item over Christmas, and some might say that they make for boring or predictable gifts. To that, I say good. I would rather have a predictable-yet-luxurious present than some random reindeer mug or a pair of socks that generate enough static electricity to power a [...]