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New Year’s Resolutions

I know that lots of people hate new year’s resolutions, but personally I find them quite useful. I rarely actually stick to them, but writing a list makes me evaluate the year that has passed and think about what I’d like to change for the forthcoming one. So here we go – some of the highly personal ones have been left out for obvious reasons, but I’ll give you the first one, just for a laugh.

1) Stop examining my face in the mirror to check for signs of ageing. It’s not going to actually stop me from ageing, so it’s pointless. We all do it, surely? (Please tell me we all do?) But it is pointless. I mean, I slather on just about every cream known to man, I don’t smoke, I try not to smile during daylight hours, I spend much of the day not moving my face at all… What more can I do? Have myself cryongenically frozen?

2) Stop browsing the internet for bargains. I get utterly, utterly obsessed with things on the internet. Some of them are useful (investment pieces, marvellous beauty buys) but many are things that I never end up purchasing and have wasted hours researching. I suppose to a certain extent I could call this browsing ‘work’, but only to a certain extent…and my browsing definitely crosses the ‘work’ line!

3) Stop being so hard on myself. I am ultra-critical. About everything. I always have been, so I can’t imagine it changing now, but I feel I can make an effort to relax a little. Can’t I? I have a panic attack if I watch television (should be doing something constructive) and – crikey – you should see inside my brain if I meet a friend for lunch! All my mind is chanting is: “why are you relaxing? You can relax when you’re dead!” Not good.

4) Stop Grinding Teeth. OK, this is the kind of thing that Mr AMR will no doubt find too personal for me to be posting on t’internet, but hey-ho. Teeth-grinding. I have taken it up as a sport, non-intentionally. Probably because of the stress induced by my high standards (see resolution 3) but also because I have weird teeth positioning that means they are always rubbing together. Do not fear, for I have a mouthguard! I had a mould made and it fits perfectly – I have yet to wear it, however, because I don’t want to scare Mr AMR. I tend to chatter away right up until the moment I fall asleep, and I can’t talk with it in, so….. Suggestions?!

5) Write more words! I don’t mean on here (although you know how much I love writing for you!) I mean for my MA. Some of you may not know that I’m currently doing a Masters’ degree in English (Creative Writing), but I am! My routine, however, is shoddy at best. Because I have to film videos and do bits and bobs for A Model RecommendsI, I never seem to schedule in enough time for my fiction writing. This must change – I need to get more organised! I have purchased three wall calendars and am currently writing various schedules and lists onto each one – it’s a list-maker’s dream chez moi at the moment!

OK, those are the main ones. This is actually the same list that I have written in my personal diary, so I hope you feel privileged! Ha. I’m sure I’ll think of more things as the week goes by (don’t spend so much on clothes, get up before 1pm, yadda yadda yadda) but for now this is good enough for me.

I feel as though I’ve achieved quite a lot in 2011 – A Model Recommends gets something in the region of 15,000 views a day now, and I like to think that it’s hard work that has got me there! Obviously there’s also intense enjoyment – that helps. I love writing and getting feedback, it’s the most satisfying feeling. So thanks to you all for your wonderful feedback! Here’s to 2012 – it is going to be a great year for everyone, I can feel it in my bones!





(P.S. I nicked the cartoon image from http://www.michellehenry.fr/newyear.htm – I do hope they don’t mind. A nice big link-back should soften the blow…)


  1. Happy New Year! My NYR is eat less sugar, do more yoga.

  2. Happy New Year!!Thanks for all your lovely recommendations-it totally changed my skin!!!

  3. I clench my teeth a bit too :( Great resolutions. Might steal a few of these! xx

  4. soap I have yet to try…it is serious business! I did give a go at a shampoo based on Castile soap and coconut oil…pretty good so far. I definitely recommend dabbling though… not a waste of time; it is research (heh heh)!

  5. I read a lot, some recipes mostly general mixology… I have always been a bit mad scientist in the kitchen, never able to follow anyone else’s recipe, so I ultimately followed my own nose and with not much ado, I had my lovely serums. It is not much different than making mayonaisse: you have your oil solubles and your water solubles, a little cappuccino foamer for a mixer, whizz it together patiently; et voila! There are some ph points to bear in mind, hence C being seperate.
    It is technically more affordable, but then you go buying a boatload of steam distilled essentials and start making it for friends & mums. I am never good at restaint when it comes to lovely scents, they whisper to me and I need them.

    • @Rebecca wow, I could really get into that! But I think I’d get obsessed and then I’d get even LESS work done! I used to have a book on natural beauty and try to make soaps, but I made SO much mess! xx

  6. Ruth, Abit late coming, but I want to chime in too and thank you for your wonderful work here. I have been reading for about a year now and have definitely been inspired by many things you have written about and just the way you present yourself in general (one of my resolutions to myself is to not actually TRY to make a bad face in pictures, maybe even attempt to show my pretty self for the record! I realize this was probably partially influenced by you!) I grind too, and worry about aging, but I will say my skin has improved over the past year. Late in the game I have tried Alpha-H, and am loving it, but even before that, I started making my own vitamin c serum for day, a super antioxidant serum with B3, glutathione, Hyaloronic acid (HA), glucosamine and other goodies for night, both layered with a blend of wonderful oils I concocted( including rose, and jasmine!) I also made a lovely spritzer with witch hazel, Various essential oils, aloe and HA. One or all serioulsy helped with pores, luminosity, fine lines, suppleness etcetera. And I made them! Not to say I do not love to purchase a goodie, oh, do I, but this has been extremely fun and empowering as well. Anyway, I babble on, but finally I shall add, that I think you are just fabulous, thanks for being around!

    • @Rebecca wow! That sounds amazing – did you follow some kind of recipe or did you have prior knowledge? So amazing to be able to make your own product – bet it was at a fraction of the cost of a ready-made, too! xx

  7. Lord, I often fall down the bottomless rabbit hole that is online sale surfing. Especially right after the holidays when there are endless tempting offers for deeply discounted, coveted goods. Love the list (and agreed with the first one too). I make them as well. It’s a natural break in the cycle of the year, a great time to reflect and realign goals and the like. Happy new year and best of luck with the list!

  8. Happy New Year Ruth!!!! Looking forward to all your 2012 posts. x

  9. I think you are right – new year always makes me feel full of hope and the prospect of new opportunities. I like your list because it is brutally honest and attainable. Things that you can change are great. I made a resolution this year not to type and be on my email/facebook/browse the internet when my husband is home with me. I think it detracts from our quality time. 2 days in and already he noticed the difference. Don’t get me wrong – he never complained or actually said anything about my computer compulsion, but I felt I was missing something and knew that it was simply time. Hope I stick to it because I already feel happier and as though I see him more!!!
    One suggestion with regard to your fiction course would be to timetable the day in the same way that you would if you had appointments for your agency or clients. Dedicate specific time to your degree and stick to it. You will be amazed at how much more disciplined you feel and how much of a sense of achievement you get. It definitely worked for me when I was revising for my degree.
    Happy New Year!

    • @K thanks – I should add that one to my list too! Poor Mr AMR sits watching TV and I’m always typing away at something – I should have a cut-off time when work stops! x

  10. Wow Ruth – i’m so glad (that’s not the right word but…) that you grind your teeth too!!! I’m really paranoid about it and I too have a mouth guard that I am yet to wear for fear of scaring my boyfriend…it’s really reassuring to read of someone else that I look up to suffering from it too. I have spent hours ‘researching’ it on the internet and upsetting myself that my teeth will be ruined, i’ll have to wear a mouth guard forever etc. If you ever find a miracle cure, be sure to post it. On a brighter note – Happy new year to you :) thank you for all your posts. xx

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