My New Tracksuit

adidas tracksuit gold and greyLet us all take a moment just to admire my new tracksuit. Yes, tracksuit. I’m not even wearing it ironically – I have turned into a proper, 100% genuine, house-slob. I was drawn to this particular Adidas ‘number’ when I saw it on a mannequin in JD Sports (please don’t make the mistake of assuming that I visit JD on a regular basis – I don’t. I was returning something.) It was the only one left, and I stood and waited whilst a team of disgruntled employees took apart the plastic dummy, almost side-swiping my face with one of its arms! This tracksuit should have been £110 – YES, £110! My how things have changed since I last purchased a tracksuit, which was in….er….1988. In fact, it wouldn’t have been me who even purchased it, it would have been my mum! (It was a shell suit. Turquoise, pink and navy. Ah, those were the days.) Tracksuits surely shouldn’t be priced at more than £30?

Anyway, I’m very much enjoying padding about in the new trackie (an apparent ‘steal’, according to the sales assistant, at £55) and my cashmere slippers. Mr AMR wants me to give myself a ‘Croydon Facelift’ to complete the look, but he’ll have to wait. There are only so many fashion faux pas one can achieve in a day!

In defence of my ‘trackie’, though, I do quite like the bottoms – they look a bit like ballet warm-up pants. They are supremely comfortable. But then so’s a sack, I suppose, or a duvet cover. I’m only one step away from that, I tell you..



  1. love a good pair of sweats :) i actually am a professional ballet dancer and yes, those would make great warm ups!! nothing to get tangled around the ankles…also, LOVE your apt ( house?) the wood looks really nice and the stairs are fun :)

  2. Haha, ‘Croydon Facelift’ :) That comment just made my day. I live in London, so I’m aware of the full meaning of that specific phenomenon. Thanks for making me chuckle, Ruth. Oh, and I like the tracksuit (I have to admit I had a pair of black Adidas tracksuit bottoms quite similar to yours which were only thrown away a year ago due to suspicious holes near the, erh, crotch area which couldn’t be mended anymore. Bless those pants, they lasted me almost ten years. I hope yours last as long!).

  3. Yes!! I just got a pair of black velour sweatpants from my mother-in-law and they are fabulous. I might even wear them in public.

  4. If anyone can, Ruth – you can! :)

  5. Lol everyone’s allowed a slump day here and there. ;) You look so comfy and still gorgeous!

  6. haha, i thought tracksuites were a regular thing for people just having a relaxing day at home.. i guess not haha. but im 16,does that make it more acceptable? i do like the tracksuite,but would never have paid 110 pound in a million years. xo

  7. Ha ha. Oh my, I’ve just had to explain to my boss why I’m giggling ‘whilst working’. Very funny story!

  8. It’s a matter of days until some postman or neighbour knocks on the door and…tcharraaaan!

  9. Yeah, but no, but yeah,but….Vicky Pollard stylee! haha. x

  10. I work at adidas performance womens training design in herzogenaurach and it was made for approx 18 dollars…thats indonesia factories for ya.

  11. Same here, I’d like to see what you wear on a regular basis whilst at home. I always tend to wear trackie bottoms when I don’t have work or uni. haha You’ve shamed me ;)

  12. your house is amazing. you should definitily do a house tour (although I would be satisfied with a vanity tour).

  13. I can get behind the tracksuit sentiment – why bother being at home if you can’t relax? Personally, I’m a pyjamaholic – also – there are such things as fluffy lavender smelling booties you can heat in the microwave. Just saying ;)

  14. This probably means I’m already deeply entrenched in house slob territory (I’m on the sofa in a robe w/ a hot water bottle on my feet as I write this. And it’s morning) but I think that’s quite a sharp getup!

    PS – your house is gorgeous – very 60s chic!

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  15. Love it! Especially with the glass of wine!!

  16. Oh I love those long cuffed pants! Very hard to find that style I think! I am also getting a little concerned with my enjoyment of tracksuits. Thanks for making me feel slightly more justified!

  17. Hehe, Ruth, this really made me chuckle. Shell suits? I had to wear one for work AFTER they were fashionable *shudders*

  18. Nothing wrong with a tracksuit for lounging in at home. Afterall, bet you wear leggings, or yoga pants? I think the time to be worried is when you own more tracksuits than other clothes.. No need for ultra expensive brand for lounging in at home though.. just something thats cosy for winter, and washes easily. You are funny though Ruth, and yes the thought of you at JD sports is quite odd, and had me laughing :P xx

  19. That’s the classiest chavette outfit I’ve ever seen!

  20. Exactly! What DO you wear at home, Ruth?? But you’re so beautiful you do look fabulous in everything!!

  21. And also you may Not intend to be ironic but I think the cashmere slippers do that for you. X

  22. Since in on maternity leave I need a good tracksuit on days like today when the weather makes it impossible to leave the house otherwise I’d just be in my pyjamas all day which is what I usually wear when I come home from work.

  23. It’s only one small step to the Slanket or the Onesie ;) . . .

  24. You have just made my day! You look fab, trackie accessorized perfectly with a glass of vino. I have been up since 4.53 am with small child bed wetting (again) so I look dreadful today – not even you or Lisa ELdridge could help me. And am so cold from school run I will have to do some form of excercise to warm up.
    I also dont frequent sports shops but did go into JD sports to return something for my Husband – imagine my embarrasment when the sales assistant informed me I was in the wrong shop! They all look the same to me.
    At least you dont wear your trackie with shoes! Not a good look for anyone, not even you supermodels. xxx

    • Hahaha!!!! Love your comments today, everyone! I’m freezing my ass off in Marrakech, wish I had the trackie with me and a massive pair of furry boots. As it goes, I managed to pack the worst set of clothes imaginable. I have lived in the same ones the whole time! xxx

  25. This post has made my morning! Hilarious and ghetto fabulous, indeed. x

  26. now i’m really curious what you normally wear at home!

  27. I do love a good tracksuit, particularly when they’re new. Such a relief to change into one at the end of the day!