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The Forum’s Demise

It is with great sadness that I declare The Forum closed. (OK, perhaps not great sadness – it’s not like we were all on there 24/7, was it?! But still, it’s kind of sad.) It was an absolute nightmare trying to keep track of spammers and remove their posts – even with every bit of anti-spam software I couldn’t beat the automated posts that were appearing. Sometimes there would be 5,000 posts uploaded in a few minutes! I tried everything to catch the users before they could register, but these spammers aren’t thick – they have their evil methods!

I promise that I’m working on a bigger and better idea, some kind of community that will be spam-free and will hopefully manage itself. But please bear with me on this – as usual, there’s only little old me sat here behind my iMac! You may also have noticed that Keep Calm and Shop has disappeared; again the result of unwanted internet attention, I had a bad virus that meant the site had to be shut down. SO ANNOYING! I am currently updating all of the bits and pieces for that site and a new, improved version will be with you over the course of the next month.

So, that’s that little bit of admin out of the way – it seems like the perfect opportunity to remind you to subscribe, either by email or GFC! You’ll never miss another post again…

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  1. I’m sorry to read about the evil spammers. I did notice that Keep Calm and Shop disappeared; I assumed it was due to you being super-busy. I’ll look forward to what you have planned. x

  2. Hi Ruth

    Such a shame u had to close the forum, I was following it on Blog lovin & I was getting 100’s of new posts every day, all advertising something so I thought something weird was going on. Sad about keep calm & shop, I went on there quite a bit to look at new things or ur thoughts on items before u bought them.

    Good luck with ur new projects

    Shelley x

  3. sorry to hear this Ruth, but you know that we’ll all jump in to whatever you set up next, so you can just take your time safe in the knowledge that you have an audience! x

  4. Oh no Ruth, :-( that’s awful for you, what a nightmare it must have been and stressful too, I enjoyed the forum it was the only one I’ve ever been on that there was no one being nasty to anyone, there’s usually a couple of ‘bad apples’ causing trouble, but not on yours thankfully :-).
    Anyway I look foreward to joining in on the new community when it arrives:-)
    Thanks for all your efforts xxxxx

  5. Sad to read this- I dipped in and out a few times. Spammers are evil! I did notice the shop had gone but assumed it was just closed for Christmas- glad its on it’s way back (especially after what I sent you ;) Thanks for all your hard work running them- I know how much time it takes to do things like that xx

  6. Hi, I’m new here so disappointed not to have been able to enjoy your forum. Have you thought of something like a yahoo group? I belong to a few of those and we don’t seem to have any spam. Just a thought! Anyway – keep up the good work – I love the vidoes and blog posts!

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