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New Kitten Mr Bear!

mr bearIf you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen me announce the arrival of Mr Bear. He’s my new kitten. A British Shorthair. I adopted him from a wonderful lady in Devon and he is now thirteen weeks old. He’s absolutely mental – he spends half the time trying to climb impossible surfaces and the other half falling into a coma-like sleep! I’ll do a little video of him very soon – I tried to record some hair videos last weekend and he kept on shinning his way up the tripod and biting the wires so it took absolutely ages!

mr bear

He looks extremely fat here, but he’s really not. (Honestly.) I’m kind of more worried about my face – what is that expression?! I must be about to speak. Just for a change.

british shorthair cream self

Here is Mr Bear unwittingly preventing me from doing any work whatsoever! How can I type with that little snoozy face pointing up at me? And those huge bear paws…it’s just a no-win situation, productivity wise.


  1. Oh my god, he’s just adorable.

  2. Just need to look at the pictures to fall with Mr Bear!!

  3. Darn it! Now I am dying for a huge pawed kitty!

  4. He is incredibly cute!!! Never seen a cat that looks so much like a bear before!!

  5. Congratulations. He’s gorgeous.

  6. Hi Ruth and Mr.Bear

    From Thailand

  7. He is so cute! He looks like Garfield :)

  8. Ruth, i’m sure Mr Bear will be cuter – may he bring you much love and hilarity – (all the videos of that cat are hilarious!) X

  9. http://www.youtube.com/user/mugumogu#p/u/0/hPzNl6NKAG0

    If you get a moment Ruth, please do watch this cat video. I literally cried with laughter. X

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