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My Haircare Routine

This video is pretty self-explanatory, I think – it describes my hair routine from washing to the end of drying.  If you’re reading this on your daily email you may have to click through to the website to watch the video – I didn’t realise this before, so sorry for all the past posts you may have missed videos in!  It’s well worth clicking through, though, if only to see me wearing my towel turban!

All of the products mentioned are listed below the video and there are links for prices and more information if your curiosity has been aroused. I just deal with hair maintenance here and not styling, but I’ll be doing some styling videos as soon as I get the chance. Nothing is easy when you have a kitten trying to hang itself from the venetian blinds!

Aveda Color Conserve: http://tidd.ly/dd8e2764

Naked Colour Range: http://tidd.ly/cb425fdb

Liz Earle Haircare: http://goo.gl/M46l3

SEAH Cashmere Mask: http://tidd.ly/30af5bb

Phyto Restructuring Mask: http://tidd.ly/71d9aa0a

Aveda Damage Remedy: http://tidd.ly/5dcdab5f

Moroccanoil: http://tidd.ly/2f557665

Lee Stafford Argan Oil: http://tidd.ly/1a86a8f0

Tresemme Argan Oil: http://tidd.ly/89d592bc

V05 Miracle Oil: http://tidd.ly/a1579769

Bonacure Miracle Oil: http://tidd.ly/9760839b

Mythic Oil: http://tidd.ly/3e4f26c9

Tangle Teezer: http://tidd.ly/60554617

Phyto Day Cream: http://tidd.ly/45b42231

Phyto Serum: http://tidd.ly/fa7def18

Philip Kingsley Scalp Mask: http://tidd.ly/3bb14d89

La Roche Posay Anti Dandruff: http://tidd.ly/508fdd97

Secret de Nuit, Phyto: OK, FeelUnique DID have this but now it’s gone again!

KMS Dry Touch up Spray: http://tidd.ly/ec17fe5d

Batiste: http://tidd.ly/99ebd1e4

Bedhead Sugar Dust: http://tidd.ly/a8310517

John Masters Cider Rinse: http://tidd.ly/73ea6242


  1. Have you tried any OroFluido products? Internet is filled with people that love the shampoo but I don’t personally know anyone!! Have you tried it??

  2. Seriously, Ruth..try some Wen! I LOVE it. Have used it exclusively since June and my hair is healthy and finally growing. It is sulfate free and doesn’t strip color out at all. Morrocan oil is more silicones than argan oil…an oil that actually helps is Wen’s Treatment oil… I know I’m like a broken record but it is the best thing I have tried in my 43 years. My hair is color treated and I abuse it with heat.

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