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My Interview in Teen Vogue

I was lucky enough to be interviewed for Teen Vogue in America just before Christmas, and the Q&A session has just been published! The accompanying images are rather random (and I sent so many lovely ones to pick from!) but hey – you can’t have it all! I am mid-word in every single one of them, which makes me look like I have some kind of mental deficiency.

Read all about it HERE! (My interview, not my deficiency!)



  1. OMG. Poor you, those pics really are random and pretty awful…and in teen vogue too…what a nightmare.

  2. Thank you so much! Do you have any tips for what to wear it with? I love your style :)

  3. You seem so sweet and still look gorgeous. I love how shiny your hair is in the pics!

  4. Hi Ruth, may I ask you for some fashion advice? What do you think of this sweater: http://www.revolveclothing.com/DisplayProduct.jsp?product=TBAG-WK3

    Thank you.

    • @Marie OMG I love it!!!!!!!!! They had these at The Dressing Room last season and I was going to get one in Black, but I love this more. I’m so jealous! xx

  5. Hi Ruth

    Good interview.

    What I like so much about you is you seem so down to earth….



  6. it depicts you as a Woman of Action ;-) xx

  7. Love your sunglasses, what brand are they?

  8. LOL, you really are midword in EVERY picture! you look still gorgeous of course, but there must have been a very jealous person at teen vogue picking out the pics of you ;) its too obvious to be random!

  9. what do you think about l’occitane lipbalm?

  10. Oh how I wish I could have your lifestyle! Encompasses everything I love: fashion, makeup, and travel ^.^ Officially jealous lol You’re amazing!

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