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Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask In a way, I wish that I had never discovered Sisley. You may remember how I was introduced to the brand (that fateful day in the Maldives) you may not  – here’s the little tale: How I Met Sisley. Life was a little easier when I lived in blissful ignorance, when I thought that ‘Sisley’ referred to that clothes shop that sometimes sells nice stuff and often sells tops that are a little slutty. Life was easier then. Now that I associate Sisley with amazing beauty products, life is not nearly so simple.

Take the Black Rose Cream Mask, for example. It’s incredible. It’s also £88. Do I slather it on every week for my instant youth effect? Smoothing, plumping, brightening? Or do I save it for very very special occasions? I had the same dilemma with the Express Flower Gel – to resign myself to regular use, knowing how great the results will be, or to save for rainy days? I’ll tell you this for free: if you have some cash floating about and you’re looking for great skincare, then make friends with Sisley. I have had rave reviews from every single person I have recommended it to – it’s an absolute blessing for dry, dull complexions and its hangover-fixing powers are unparalleled. If you don’t have loads of cash to spare, then on the rare occasion that you decide to have a splurge, make Sisley your first stop.

Lecture over! The Black Rose Cream Mask is the newest treatment from Sisley – they only release new products every once in a blue moon, so I was excited to give this a try. It’s kind of the opposite of the Express Flower Gel; whereas that one is refreshing, lifting, tightening, the Black Rose is plumping, moisturising, radiance-giving. It has the same method of application (a thin layer left on for about ten minutes, excess tissued off)  and the same kind of results (amazingly fresh-looking skin) but the experience is quite different. This one feels more soothing and pampering – more of a traditional skin treat. It smells divine and the texture is, as the name would suggest, creamy. I can’t think of anything that I don’t like about this mask, but I’d say that it’s best used an hour or so before makeup rather than in a rush immediately before! It’s good to give it some time to sink in – of course, if you’re pushed for time then you can tissue off any residue and continue with your routine, but as it costs £88 I think it’s nice to give it some breathing space!

Definitely one to add to the Hangover War Chest!

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask is £88 from Harrods.com

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  1. ha! Totally agree about Sisley, I’ve been addicted to it, their AllDay moisturizer is amazing, too. Thick, but not greasy. How do they do it! I’ve tried their mask with Linden Blossom and it’s nothing special. What I love is their Radiant Glow mask (the one in pink), it’s really amazing. You can literally see your skin glowing! I love Sisley. But I do hope someone can hack into their computer and steal their secret ingridients and maybe create a cheaper dupe?

  2. God, I knew I’d like the sound of this even before I read your review! Weleda also do a Wild Rose Face Masque – how would you say it compares to that? I use the Weleda one in the eves as an occasional treat and just massage in the excess and go to bed. I use it like an intensive moisturiser when I am especially exhausted and it shows on my face – and I swear I have the skin of a peach in the morning. I wonder if you can do the same with this product? I wouldn’t use it around the eyes, its probably too rich for that but everywhere else maybe? : )

    • @Yasmin yes, you could. I have never tissued of excess because I just let it sink in, so using it overnight would be perfect! I think that formula wise, I’d imagine it’s more advanced than Weleda’s mask (you’d hope so at this price!) One of the things I love about Sisley is that they hardly ever bring out something new, they spend forever perfecting things, and I think that it shows.. xx

  3. I’ve heard so many things about this face mask but for £88 I’m not sure I would buy it… I might try a sample to see if it’s worth the splurge!

  4. The Hangover War Chest. Teehee! Ruth, you would make such an excellent med student.

  5. I have been trying to resist, but after reading this, the sunscreen review and the mask reviews I simply MUST buy some Sisley to try it out.

  6. Hi Ruth,

    I am 26 (Asian skin) and would like to know if Sisley would be right for me. I have heard that I should stick to “simple” skincare until I am 30. Not sure this is proven
    My skin looks ok most of the time except that I want to get rid of those fine lines under the eyes and dark circles, blah !

    • @Fabienne hmmm, I’m always suspicious of the phrase ‘simple’ – it’s used right before you’re told to buy Clinique 3-Step! (Don’t get me started!) If your main problem is around the eyes then you need to find a good eye cream, the rest of your routine is obviously working for you? Type in eye creams into the search box and have a browse of some reviews, let me know what stands out! xx

  7. I take it that the ladies who work for Sisley have amazing skin? I’d love to try their whole system.. sounds like I need to work for them.. What is it about them that makes their products that much more expensive? Quality, and quantity of their ingredients or the research? OK my brain is whirling.. to get this brand and give it a try for myself. :D

  8. I have just joined the lottery syndicate at work and when we win next week I will be buying everything Sisley make – this mask sounds awesome!

  9. I’m putting my fingers in my ears (or covering my eyes?) through all this Sisley talk, because the products look SO lovely, and I know that if I ever try them I’ll fall in love, as I always do with outrageously expensive and/or difficult to obtain products!

  10. Heard so many good things about Sisley and every review just seems to rave even more. Sigh, I wish I could afford to make Sisley my skincare staple of choice . . ! Fantastic review x

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