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Satsuma Sparkle – Born Lippy!

the body shop satsuma shimmer lip balm

I just want to put it out there that I LOVE the Satsuma Shimmer lip balm from The Body Shop. It reminds me of being a teenager, when we all used to rock up to lessons with our little pots of Body Shop balm! Using the Satsuma Shimmer was just a total olfactory blast from the past and a very welcome one – it has transported me back in time to a less stressful place. I spent the day yesterday flicking ink cartridges at the ceiling and chewing the end of my plaits, picking ladders into my black opaque tights and reading an illicit copy of Forever by Judy Bloom.


Satsuma Shimmer is £2 at the moment on the Body Shop’s website, I’m not sure how much instore… I have the version shown in the photograph with the new packaging, but I’m pretty sure that the formula will be similar.


  1. The Body Shop lippies remind me of high school, too! I love it when scents transport you back to a certain time of your life…

  2. Lol…you sound exactly like the teen me! I used to love the Body Shop lip balms…ahh…those were the days! ;0)

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