What Do Models Use on their Hair

My Haircare Routine

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This video is pretty self-explanatory, I think – it describes my hair routine from washing to the end of drying.  If you’re reading this on your daily email you may have to click through to the website to watch the video – I didn’t realise this before, so sorry for all the past posts you [...]

The l'Occitane Sale

EEEK! l’Occitane NON Bargains!

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***UPDATE: You’d think it’d be safe to write a post a day in advance, but no! Apparently not! So the post below is now basically a teaser as to what you could have got had I posted this yesterday instead! Doh. Sorry. The Verbena offer still stands though…*** I have been trying to steer clear [...]

Cream British Shorthair Kitten

New Kitten Mr Bear!

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If you follow me on Twitter you’ll have seen me announce the arrival of Mr Bear. He’s my new kitten. A British Shorthair. I adopted him from a wonderful lady in Devon and he is now thirteen weeks old. He’s absolutely mental – he spends half the time trying to climb impossible surfaces and the [...]

cult beauty reviews

Cult Beauty Free Shipping on EVERYTHING!

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The gorgeous people at Cult Beauty have given me an exclusive free shipping code for A Model Recommends readers. Useful, because usually you have to spend over £100, which sometimes makes it annoying if you only want to buy something small! The code is valid for all customers wherever they are in the world, and [...]

Apple Earphone Warning

Apple Earphone UPDATE!

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After my big old rant about Apple earphones (see last Wednesday’s post) I decided to actually find one of the (many) pairs of them that I have stowed away in various boxes and drawers. (After owning four iPhones and three iPods in my time, I have quite a collection – none of them EVER used [...]

The Forum’s Demise

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It is with great sadness that I declare The Forum closed. (OK, perhaps not great sadness – it’s not like we were all on there 24/7, was it?! But still, it’s kind of sad.) It was an absolute nightmare trying to keep track of spammers and remove their posts – even with every bit of [...]

Dior Nude Glow

Getting Some Winter Glow!

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January is infinitely depressing, is it not? I often feel like being cryogenically frozen for January and being defrosted when it gets into the second week of February. Just in time for Valentine’s Day. Because obviously I wouldn’t want to miss that spectacular money-making swizz that is St Valentine’s Day – imagine all of the [...]

Antler Teklite Carry_on

Antler Teklite Carry-On

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The phrase “carry-on suitcase” makes me laugh because I always think of the Carry On film series – what a boring film Carry On the Suitcase would make! “Ooooh er missus! Would you like a hand with your zips? Can I help you stuff your bag?” Sorry. Over-active imagination. For those unaware of the British [...]