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January Beauty Round-Up

I’ve been very slack with my monthly beauty Round-Ups, sorry! Twitter followers will know that I’ve been in bed for a week (over a week, actually, now) with a bad chest infection, but I slapped on some makeup to film the video below because I thought you might be missing me. (Ha!) Enjoy – product links and a link to my new channel, Model Scrapbook, are below the video pane.

Model Scrapbook Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ModelScrapbook

Products Mentioned/Worn:

La Roche Posay Lipikar: http://tidd.ly/6b7725da

Liz Earle Haircare: Liz Earle Haircare: http://goo.gl/M46l3

Lierac DioptiCalm: http://tidd.ly/30ead38f

Monu Balm: http://tidd.ly/801dbad0

Barefoot Recovery Cream: http://tidd.ly/8cbf8b31

Heal Gel: http://goo.gl/KHl9p

Avon Cashmere Magic in Ivory: http://goo.gl/S10N4

NARS Pago Pago: http://tidd.ly/29aec561

Body Shop Satsuma Shimmer: http://goo.gl/aDQ3M

Givenchy Compact Powder in Peach Plumetis (83): http://tidd.ly/b627909d

Estee Lauder 5 Colour Eye Shadow in Bronze Dunes: http://tidd.ly/6a8d3621

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  1. Hi Ruth, thank you for getting up for us. Saw the body round up and was like Yay! :D

    Question, is the modelscrapbook thing to replace the anonymous model site? Otherwise I’ll just remove that from my bookmarks.

    • @Eva I have been slack with that site! I may close it as I simply don’t have time to write on that as well – I may as well just post random things on here? Something to think about I suppose! No, the Scrapbook is a new channel for more random vids! x

  2. Of course we missed you, but you should be in bed resting! take care! Following new channel. X

  3. Poor Ruth! Hope you feel better soon. If it’s any consolation you look super-healthy and glowing in that video. I almost don’t believe you’re ill, in fact :p

    Take care.

  4. Hey Ruth,

    Great video as always!

    Whenever I want to try out a new product or brand I like to look at your site to see if you have reviewed or tried it already because you have tried so much and I trust your opinion. There is however one brand I have recently discovered that I have never seen on your site, Herbal Elementolgy. I just wanted to ask if this was because you had not had the chance to try their brand or because you don’t like it?

    Kiki x

  5. Hi,
    I come from Poland and I would like to ask you about eyes. What do you do to have a fresh look. Your eyes always look very rested. I always have a problem because my eyes look tired and are red.

    p.s. Do you know very good eyelash conditioner?


    • @Ewa drink enough water, don’t smoke or drink too much alcohol and get plenty of sleep. Sadly, those are the boring things that seem to work! xx

  6. if that’s what you look like when you’re sick, i hate you!! no amount of products would make me look as good as you, if i had the flu!

  7. GET WELL SOON :-( X

  8. hey Ruth,
    im an Asian and i have terrible acne on my skin.
    any recommended products? and my skin is sensitive.
    please help! thanks

  9. Ruth.
    I sleep 9 hours a day. I know from the movies that you smoke and still have rested eyes. Do you use any eye drops?

    • @Ewa I haven’t smoked for over four years now, it definitely did make a difference when I did smoke – they were sore more often. I don’t use eye drops but I try to stay well hydrated and not spend too much time at the computer or staring at my iPhone! x

  10. Thank you Ruth xx

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