Polaroid Sunglasses, Heritage Collection

ruth crilly model

I can’t wait for you to see Polaroid’s new Heritage Collection when it comes out at the end of this month! To celebrate their 75 year anniversary, Polaroid have recreated some of their most iconic designs, and there are some really beautiful frames. Sometimes when people ‘re-hash’ vintage it looks cheesy or contrived, but I think that Polaroid have done a great job – I particularly love the designs from the 1970s.

Here I am wearing “Sophia” – what brilliant hangover shades!

I’ll update you again when this range launches into stores – it won’t be long. The frames are amazingly priced – I honestly thought that they would be £150 upwards (as all designer glasses seem to be now) and nearly fell off my chair when I heard they were from £69!

Some better images for you; Sophia is above and Donna below!

Ruth CrillyPolaroid Sunglasses, Heritage Collection

9 Comments on “Polaroid Sunglasses, Heritage Collection”

  1. sarahJ

    Polaroid what a great worldwide staple…thanks for the heads up….. you have them pushed too far up your nose….. makes them look oversided for your face…. but agree, good for lights out the next day after one two many chardies:)

    1. Ruth

      @liloo they do them in another shade too – I don’t think they have fully gone into stock yet, I’ll check with them. They might be slightly more that £69, these ones – most are £80 I think? x

  2. Marta

    I like big sunglasses I don’t know why but normally they are more comfotable than the others. The Sophia ones are lovely and they look so good on you x

  3. Moxie

    Love the photo of you wearing the sunglasses! The price is amazing! Thank you for letting your readers know about this Collection. This is the first that I’ve read about it! x

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