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Overnight Cellulite Treatments

I have been meaning to mention this for a while: be careful when using regular cellulite creams last thing at night. I find that they really keep me awake and then I sleep badly! It took me ages to realise that it’s probably the masses of caffeine that’s packed into many of the formulas. You wouldn’t have thought that topically applied caffeine would have any effect in this respect, but I certainly do notice a difference – perhaps it’s because I don’t actually consume any caffeine whatsoever, who knows! My Mum has the same problem and she mentioned it to me without me having said anything at all – so there you go. Something to think about!

 I know that many people think that cellulite creams are a load of old nonsense, but if anything, I find that using one regularly makes me spend more time pummelling and massaging the dimple-prone areas. Having a dedicated cream or gel or oil just reminds me that I need to take some extra time! I’m sure that the cumulative effect of the ingredients, over time, must also be noticeable. That’s just my opinion on the matter, and I have pretty smooth thighs and bottom. Body Brushing also works wonders for the circulation, and it’s a one-off investment that will last a lifetime. Or thereabouts.

Anyway, here are three cellulite treatments that I use overnight:

1) Fat Girl Sleep. This is probably the night treatment that I’ve used for longest, and I’ve repurchased twice, both times when I’ve spotted it in the sales, because it’s not cheap! Actually, none of these suggestions are – perhaps they hike the price up for the nighttime versions? I love the lavender, cushiony formula and my skin does feel smoother and better textured after a few weeks of use – it’s not instant, by any means, but I’m kind of addicted to using this one as my little bedtime ritual. At the time of writing, BlissWorld have this with a pot of the daytime version for just £28 – in John Lewis just the night cream is £37! So, makes it slightly more affordable; BlissWorld.co.uk

2) Biotherm Celluli Laser, Intensive Night. I find this one really very effective – a tightening and smoothing of the skin is apparent after just a few nights’ use. This could be a good one to try a month or so before your hols or an important event where your body will be on show, like, er, a bikini contest… It’s £37 for 200ml, or £49 for 400ml, which is a bit of a no-brainer. Find it at Boots.com

lubatti cellulite3) Lubatti Anti-Cellulite Oil. Possibly my favourite of the three, actually, because I love an oil texture. You can really spend time massaging it in – this one has a pleasant warming effect that weirdly sends me into a relaxed sleep once I lie down! It’s £38.50 at Lookfantastic.com



    Hi Ruth,

    Sorry my english it is not so good but I have the same problem like you……….I don t drink caffeine and when I start to use cellulite cream( because I have 32 years old and I start to have a little bit because I am skinny but I am lazy with sports ) I was very anxious , I could t sleep and I my heart rate was higher:(((( Love love your channel and the blog……XOXO Roxy

  2. Romina Elorrieta

    Hi Ruth!!. After reading your reviews and recommendations, I started using the Biotherm Celluli Laser night treatment. It does seem to be really effective as you stated, as I have noticed a nice improvement on my skin. After the very first night, my skin felt very silky, and after a couple weeks of use, I have found that it is firmer and smoother. Not a miracle, though, but really works wonders! (I actually think it might be more effective when I get back into my indoor-cycling classes after summer). I just find the same problems that you and your mom do: I can’t, for the life of me, sleep whenever that i apply this treatment for the night time. It gets very annoying, ’cause it has already been several days of bad rest, and I suppose it is the treatment. I only apply it from my hips down towards my knees, and I always feel a very uncomfortable tingly feeling which wakes me up during the night, and I have to stretch my legs A LOT to get rid of the feeling… It is terrible!. Really keeps me awake, this awkward sensation during the night time. Out of the three treatments, is this the only one that keeps you awake?, because I’d love to try another one which is just as effective as this one… *huggles*

  3. Hi Ruth, do you use a night treatment every single night? And if so do you mix between those 3 products or do you just use up on bottle at a time? And do you still use a day formula in the mornings? (with the bliss massager like in one of your videos? Sorry too many questions :)

  4. @Ruth I’ve not been particularly energetic due to being a bit unwell, so I am mindful of the state of my arse as summer approaches(!!!). I may have to resort to medical hosiery …

    @Ali I’ve cut out caffeine and alcohol and will have a go at your massage blend!

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