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Sunday Tittle Tattle

Sunday Tittle Tattle (noun?): everything from the week that I have forgotten to post about, in easy brunch-sized chunks…

1) I went to Paris this week for the launch of twelve new Dior Addict lipstick shades. The trip was ultra-glam and I was looked after very well! I shall be posting some pics next week and I might even edit a video for the Model Scrapbook channel! The new lipsticks are gorgeous, the nude shade and the Riviera red will most definitely be winging their way into a video in the near future…

2) The name ‘Sunday Tittle Tattle’ really is crap, but I’m sticking with it just to annoy myself. Thank goodness it’s only going to be used once a week!

3) Beauty blogs Beaut.ie and British Beauty Blogger are holding a beauty magazine awards! It’s your chance to really show your appreciation for the magazines you love – the ones that provide useful information and the oh-so-important entertainment value. My picks would probably be Stylist and Grazia, but I’m mulling it over before I vote! Cast yours here: Beautie/BBB Awards

4) A serious amount of love this week goes to the Givenchy Powder in Peach Plumetis (whatever Plumetis means!): http://tidd.ly/b627909d It has stopped me from looking dead on three separate occasions and for that I am eternally grateful. I can’t swatch it because it doesn’t show up, but believe me when I say that it does impart a brilliant superfine powder-mist of peachy illumination. Subtle but effective.

**UPDATE: Just seen the Givenchy discounted and with free delivery at Escentual.com**

5) Finally, I loved this video posted by Wayne Goss last night. Wayne is a professional makeup artist who makes very frank and to-the-point Youtube videos – he’s simply brilliant. This video is all about ‘haters’ – people who leave mean and sometimes threatening comments on Youtube channels. The ending, with his lovely little dog, really made me laugh!

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  1. Morning gorgeous! Wayne’s video was the funniest part of my evening! I even managed to wake up my daughter, cos when I saw those eyes I just bursted laughing!
    Gonna go check that Givenchy life saviour with my espresso, now. baci! x

  2. This is really out of topic but I wanted to thank you for your posts because they not only give me info beautywise (new word???) but they also teach me new words and English expressions…I’m from Italy and I’m learning English with you!!!!!!

  3. I’m also using the Givenchy prisme in peach plumetis and it’s fabulous. I wear it over Boots new BB cream (which I can highly recommend) and it makes my uber pale washed out winter skin look as through I’ve just come back from three days at Champneys! Worth every penny! Oh, and I bought mine at Escentual and couldn’t believe how quickly it arrived – within 24 hours of ordering!

  4. Wayne’s video was lovely. I think he approached it in just the right way. Also what he said about God appreciating a good shimmery cheek made me laugh :) haha.

  5. Wayne said nothing but the t-r-u-th!

  6. I read Jane’s post on BBB about the Dior Paris weekend. You girls have all the fun. It’s gone cold and snowy here this morning. Don’t know what it’s like in London.


  7. haha thanx Ruth! Love that blush…could do with a nice shimmery cheek. Really lovely guy in that video. whatever to the h……s what a waste of energy/life/love/happiness.

    Hope Pareeee was fabulous xxxxxxxxx

  8. LOVED his video ruth, so true and it really does put things into perspective! and honestly? i kinda like the name of the post.. its catchy ;)


  9. Hey Ruth, have you tested the darker shades of bronze? My Guerlain has just run out and I am not sure whether to try this in the toffee taffeta or amber organza instead – any views?
    P.s. In your old “goody spin pins” video where are your glasses from? They really suit you. Don’t ask why I’m looking at such old videos just a boring browsing session on youtube! x

    • @Chloe I haven’t! I tend to just go for the ones that suit my colouring, in general! They all look lovely though – very finely milled and easy to use! Are the glasses thin-rimmed or chunky? I can’t remember what I was wearing! xx

  10. Hello Ruth!!!
    Lovely post as allways!!! I seriously need that life saviour of Givenchy!! When do you apply it?? It will be very nice if you include it in a video!!!

    Thanks!!! You are the best!!


  11. That powder looks great:) Cant wait to read/see PAris! And yes, love Goss’ video :) xx

  12. Thanks for sharing the video Ruth! Seriously though Hater’s just need to move on and get a life – except that their life includes being a hater : Don’t ever listen to them <3

    Really wish I could find that powder! Look beautiful :)

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