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Cheeky Springtime Scents

Just quickly, a couple of cute scents for Spring – I’ve been meaning to post these up for a while!

1) Vivienne Westwood’s Cheeky Alice, from £32 at Debenhams.com. This is a fresher, flirtier and slightly more floral scent than ‘Naughty Alice’ and I love the coral-and-gold packaging. There’s a patent red bracelet wrapped around the bottle, which I think is a nice touch – you could use it as a handbag charm or…er…leave it wrapped around the bottle. This fragrance didn’t immediately appeal to me, probably because I’m still in dark and gloomy winter mode and it just seemed so inappropriate. Now that springtime is mere weeks (?) away, I’m allowing Cheeky Alice to fizzle and sparkle into my life!

2) l’Occitane’s Cherry Princess, £29 from L’OCCITANE.COM is fruity and floral at the same time and perfect for ‘lifting the spirits’. (Different to raising the spirits, which I’m pretty sure means ‘talking to dead people’.) This perky little number will appeal to a younger audience than l’Occitane’s existing scents, I feel – it has that gorgeous sweetness that lingers all day. L’Occitane have a few different offers on for free shower gels with purchase and so on –  check out their homepage: http://goo.gl/5rJXe

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