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New Dior Campaign Models!

new dior campaign modelsI jest, of course; ’tis only me. And beautiful Charlotte from the Dior press office. I’d just like to make it clear, though, that we are both available to shoot the next campaign if we’re needed. I mean, I’ll have to check my schedule and everything, but if I’m not at uni or trying to train the cat not to jump up onto the kitchen units, then I’ll be right there!

 These were all taken when I went to the Dior Addict Extreme launch last week in Paris – there was a photographer and a mountain of props so that we could create our own little beauty shoot! Kind of a busman’s holiday in my case…and for Charlotte who is an ex-model…but buckets of fun nonetheless!

 I am wearing the “Riviera” lipstick and polish, which is a gorgeous corally-orangey-red. (Colour description is obviously my strong point.) My eyes have been defined with a navy liner and a blue-toned smokey lid – it could have turned out very eighties, but it looked lovely – definitely something I’ll be re-creating.

Keep an eye out for the new Addict Extreme lipsticks and polishes in upcoming videos – the shades don’t launch until April, but I’ll probably do a little “Riviera” look like the one above in the next month!

new dior campaign models


  1. Ruth you look utterly stunning x

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