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Klorane Cornflower Eye Makeup Remover

klorane cornflower eye makeup remover

I just love this Klorane makeup remover. They discontinued it last year, or so I thought, but here it is again and thank GOD for that! It’s so soothing and gentle and it does a pretty nice job of getting off all but the most stubborn eye makeup. I squirt some onto damp cotton wool pads and then place over my eyes whilst I have a bath – by the time I’m done, most of my makeup is dislodged and then I just do a quick sweep!

Anyway, it’s six quid. Six quid! Bargain. Or, just in case you needed it any cheaper, it’s £5.15 at Escentual.com with free delivery!


  1. I managed to get 2 x 200ml bottles of this in City Pharma for an incredible 11.90 euros.

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