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Ahava Mineral Botanic Velvet Cream Wash

ahava body wash


Is what I said, when I used this body wash last night. I would have said more, but I’m not in the habit of talking aloud to myself (much) and so I thought it instead.

Why, I thought, this is a splendid little shower gel! Not really a shower gel, of course, because it’s creamy, and I’m using it in the bath! What will I call it? Body wash. Body cream. Cream wash. 

10 minutes later…

Cream wash, for that’s what it is called on the label. 

God, it’s boring inside my head! Sorry. Let’s move onto more considered statements, shall we?

This is the ‘Lotus Flower & Chestnut’ wash, formulated for sensitive skins. It really is soothing and moisturising, and it smells absolutely amazing. I only have a little bottle that I got as part of a gift set, but I shall definitely be purchasing the full 500ml at some point. I also like the look of the Hibiscus & Fig version for very dry skin and the Micro Peeling wash with added exfoliants – has anybody tried these?

Ahava Lotus Flower & Chestnut Cream Wash is £15 for 500ml with free delivery on BeautyBay.com


  1. You may want to be aware that AHAVA products are manufactured with agricultural goods illegally obtained from Palestinian land in the West Bank. I don’t comment about this to be overly political, but I have decided (with many others) not to purchase AHAVA products because the families whose land has been occupied do not receive compensation at all. It’s good to have all the information before making a choice for yourself.

  2. Sounds interesting….. Hav you tried the exfoliating wash yet?

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