I know I promised a lengthy, wordy post today, but let me tell you why it hasn’t appeared.

1) I was doing “Website Admin”.

2) I was doing “Website Admin” again.

3) I “popped” to Forever21 in Westfield Stratford. (Don’t even ask how much I spent, and in a place where it’s hard to actually spend a lot!)

4) I then had to have a nap, which lasted for about four hours. I have been very ill over the last few weeks (see video below) and am still supposed to be taking it easy. So naps are allowed.

Sorry! I have loads of posts drafted, but I need to re-read them to make sure that they’re not the rantings of a madwoman. I like to leave at least a few days for my edits, to make sure that THEIR are no spellign misteaks and THEY’RE are no grammatical errors… I was also supposed to hand in my MA workshop submission today and haven’t even edited that, so don’t feel too sore – everything is suffering at the moment!

I did manage, though, to take a few minutes to record a video. It’s a bit like some kind of royal announcement or something, sorry about that, but I had to remind the Youtube viewers that I was still alive! I want to post it on here to show you exactly how you can create a video that is entirely beige. My face is beige, my hair is beige, my jumper is beige, the background is beige. Enjoy!

Oh yes, PS: had my hair done a few days ago. Colour, cut and blow-dry at Trevor Sorbie. I shall be doing a bigger post on this because I want to tell you more about the shades that I have put in. I also did a “before and after” photo so that you can see what a difference having my roots done makes to my overall appearance!


  1. Lovely to see you back and looking so well, Ruth. Hope you manage to fit in some rest in between all the mayhem. Take care. xxx

  2. Hi Ruth – pleased to hear that you’re feeling much better! Beige looks lovely on you. Hope the lingerie casting went well and I look forward to reading and watching the exciting updates from AMR :)

  3. The hair looks great, but I think the jumper color doesn’t quite do it justice. It makes you look kind of under the weather.
    Lucky for you mr bear wasn’t there or it would have been a beige overload for sure :)

  4. Ruth – the hair looks fab and you look really well. x

  5. You look gorgeous, glad you are on the mend and seriously the biggest thank you ever for the tmi leg shaving info – if gorgeous models have hairy legs then the rest of us mere mortals are allowed to as well, huge relief! xx

  6. So sorry about the website problems. Take care of yourself and take your time. I look forward to all the new things coming.

  7. Hope you feel better soon! It’s also wonderful to see AMR back online! Your hair looks fab and it’ll suit the gorgeous brights for SS :)

  8. Great to see you looking so happy again Ruth, glad you are feeling better, you look well, looking foreward all your up and coming posts :-) xx

  9. Your hair looks fab. I’d love to hear about the shades you had put in as I’m almost the same color as you but I like your shades much better! Please post details! xx

  10. Yes, it’s so great to know that models also skip shaving their legs for more than a week or more!
    Can I please shamelessly put my blogsite info here for anyone who wants to take a look? Before your site crashed, I saw quite a few people were coming to me from you, for which I thank you with all my heart and bow down to you! And your mum might like it too.
    Thanks. Your site is so very inspirational!

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